Crokinole Skills Tip 1 of 52 The Hanger Twenty

Crokinole Skills Tip 1 of 52 The Hanger Twenty

– It’s not a 20’s game,
Jeremy, it’s not a 20’s game. I have heard that so many times and I have to respectfully disagree. Now, will agree that Crokinole
isn’t just a 20’s game, but there’s no question
that you will notice that the player who is
stronger at dropping 20’s has a definite advantage. What we’re going to look at today is a simple trick that you can use that will help you if you’re new get used to and
comfortable with open 20’s, and if you’re more experienced, this will help you quickly break a slump if you ever find yourself struggling with this critical shot. Let’s take a look. (upbeat music) What you’re going to
want to do for this drill is set yourself up with what
we call a hanger 20 situation. You’re going to take a disc and put it on the far side of the 20 hole from yourself and have it just slightly overhanging into that hole. Basically you’re setting
it up like a backboard. From there what it’s gonna do is it creates a fair bit of forgiveness. If your weight isn’t quite perfect or even if your angle’s a little bit off, you’ll still see your
disc drop in for a 20. One of the greatest things that
comes from doing this drill is it’s fantastic for
boosting your confidence. It just feels good to see your
discs drop in for 20 points. If you’re more advanced, or
even an intermediate player, you may be sitting there thinking, “Oh Jeremy this drill is
silly. I’m too good for this.” If that’s what you’re thinking, I’d invite you to consider this. It was a few years ago I
listened to a fantastic interview with a man by the name
of Coach John Wooden. Coach John Wooden is
considered the winning-est basketball coach in university history. One of the philosophies that he worked really hard to instill in
his team, in his players, was the importance of the fundamentals, the most basic shots. One of the examples he gave
is he would have his players in practice do hundreds of
lay-ups from three feet away, a simple shot. These advanced, university
level basketball players are doing 100 lay-ups
from three feet away. A hanger 20 is basically the equivalent of a three foot lay-up. It is a simple shot that
any player with experience should be able to make, but have you ever been
in a match and missed a super simple shot like that, that cost you points, cost you a round, and it may have even cost
you moving on in a tournament that was really important to you. Take a page out of
Coach John Wooden’s book and practice the basics, whether you’re beginner,
intermediate, or advanced, this drill is gonna
help you drop more 20’s and increase your confidence. What I’m going to do for the next week, and I invite you to come along with me, is every day I’m going
to sit down at the board and I’m going to set myself
up with 20 hanger 20’s and see how many out
of that 20 I can drop. I’d invite you to comment below what is your score out of 20, how many of these hanger
20’s were you able to drop. I’m curious if you will see,
what I think you’ll see, is an improvement in
your score over the week. So come on back and repost. Let me know how you’re doing, how you’re improving
with your hanger 20’s. To build on this next week
tip is going to be all about improving the open 20s. We’re going to take this backboard away and see just how good you are. I’ll introduce you what
I feel is the best drill to see you consistently
get better and better at the critical open 20 shot. Make it a great day. (upbeat music) If your weight isn’t quite perfect, if you shoot a little strong, it’s still gonna stay in that 20 hole. This… the, the… Even if your angle isn’t quite perfect, you’re still gonna have a 20 and it probably still is the… Still gonna stay in that 20 hole.

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  1. Excellent first Skills Tip. Hanger 20's have been an issue for me since I have started playing. After watching this video I set up my board with a hanger 20 and followed your instructions. First shot went in effortlessly. I had a few more misses (I think I may be hitting too hard), but then after I settled down and followed your plan I started dropping them. Thanks for the video and for helping to train me to beat you when I play you next year. =)

  2. 14/20 on the Willard, going to try both the Tracey and Willard tomorrow. This is my most practiced shot though. I know the next drills will kill me

  3. tip #1 addendum -Better hit that backstop hard enough to clear it or soft enough to keep it in the 15 because if you line it up back there behind the hole in the 10/5 area you will, possibly/probably, have shot your game in the foot if your opponent can nail his free shot 20 in reply. (Congratulations on starting a great series – keen to follow the rest.)

  4. Thanks for these videos. I’m just learning about the game (just ordered a new board). I think the SUSD review will bring a lot of new players such as myself. Would love to see some videos for beginners such as myself (tips for the flick, basic strategy, history of the game, etc). Really appreciate the new video series!

  5. Just found these vids. Great series, Jeremy, thank you. Will be very helpful to a n00b like me. Ordered my Tracey board and can't wait to flick some buttons!

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