Crokinole Board Safety in Shipping

Crokinole Board Safety in Shipping

– I can’t honestly say that this is a frequently asked question, but I’m wondering if it is a
frequently thought question. Wasn’t very long ago I
was having a Facebook chat with a guy and he said, Jeremy, honestly the only thing that stops me from ordering a board is I’m worried about it arriving safely in one piece when you ship it. One of the many things that
I’m grateful to have learned from my board building mentor is a fantastic system
for packaging your board so it arrives on your
doorstep just as beautiful as it was when it left ours. You see, in essence, I build a shipping box each
time that a board gets shipped. I start with some OSB
boards, some cardboard, some carpet underlay, and I build that box that’s
going to keep your board safe. Once the box is built, you’ll see in the corners, I staple the playing wax, your rule book, the little
baggie to hold your buttons, and the buttons that automatically
come with your board, as well as any of the extras. If there’s extra things like 20 holders, or extra buttons that someone wants, those get stapled into the corners, that way they can’t rattle
around and do any damage to your board or the playing surface, or anything about it. Once that’s done, you can see we take
another piece of cardboard and we complete the box so
it’s completely enclosed. And with that carpet underlay
that protects the rail, wherever the circle touches the square, the board is nice and safe. And then, these custom-made
boards that we have, they’re the perfect size
for the shipping box to then slide into, that way your board is
safe, it’s protected, it’s good to go. Now, my board building
mentor has shipped hundreds, hundreds of boards over the years, before he retired, and I’ve been using that same system. Of all the boards I’ve
shipped, I don’t know, it’s well over a hundred
now and I can honestly say that only one in all that
time has been damaged. And you may go, oh crap,
Jeremy, what if that’s my board? Well, I’ll tell you exactly what happened with this gentleman. He sent me pictures, showed
me where it had been damaged, the postal system does do a
fantastic job moving our boards, ’cause there is just this one. But the one that was damaged,
I said, you know what? Here’s what we’re gonna do. I’m sending you a new board,
free, it’s on its way to you. You’re going to send that
damaged one back to me, at my expense. So, I bore all of the inconvenience. The only inconvenience to the customer was he had to wait a little bit longer before he had that high
quality board to play on. But I take all the risk. I do guarantee that either
it’s gonna show up safe or at my expense, it will be replaced. So, if that’s the one
thing that’s stopping you from getting yourself a high
quality Tracey Tour Board, then worry no longer. Because you know it’s gonna
arrive safe and sound, anywhere in the world. I’m in conversation with a guy
right now in the Netherlands who’s trying to sweet talk, he told me he’s going to
put on his charming face and talk his girlfriend
into letting him get a fantastic crokinole board. So anywhere in the world that you are, you don’t need to be local, we can get a board in your hands. Make it a great day.

7 thoughts on “Crokinole Board Safety in Shipping

  1. Hey great job for winning somewhat of the tournament yesterday I love all your videos could you do a video on how to shoot a proper 20 could you do some North more videos on how to do certain shots I appreciate them a lot I love all your videos also how long does it take you to edit a video

  2. Check out my YouTube channel it's called good leftovers some of the videos from yesterday are posted on there

  3. Hahaha, well…. here is the Dutch guy from the Netherlands you mention…. I am almost there…but I’ll have final master move, I’ll tell her I will order the pink buttons additionally 🙂

  4. I ordered one of the Tour boards and had the same fear. I was hoping it wouldn't be damaged in shipping. I can say that the board arrived and it was in perfect condition. Not even a single scratch or anything. Now i have one of the BEST boards on the market and I am happy I took the chance.

  5. It took a while from Canada to The Netherlands but my board arrived yesterday… And in excellent condition, so all set to start my Crokinole journey :-)…

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