Crokinole 2017 New York Final – Conrad v Walsh

Crokinole 2017 New York Final – Conrad v Walsh

Thanks for tuning into CrokinoleCentre, it’s down to the final as Nathan Walsh and John Conrad are here to contest the Turtle Island Championship match for 2017. John Conrad gets the match started off with that open 20 Nathan Walsh’s response bounces just out and Conrad now will likely look to roll away, and he does right to the edge of the board great shot from Conrad there Walsh tried to roll in there just caught a peg Conrad drags that one makes a nice contact. Walsh is gonna have to really work to get back into the middle Conrad sticks another one Walsh I think he’s tried to Hide his last couple discs. Just hit him too hard and that one he went for the 20 and couldn’t get it Conrad sticks that one nicely, let’s see if Walsh can pull it back off a peg he resets And he scores the 20. A fabulous shot from Nathan Walsh to level the 20 count at one apiece Conrad’s shot there comes up short Walsh sliding to the right to take this, and he gets a really strong roll out there Conrad peels so Nathan Walsh left with an open shot. He has the hammer He scores the 20 to guarantee a point, last shots each Conrad makes his. Walsh in the house for two and He scores the 20 so a strong come-from-behind two points there Nathan Walsh starts out the match strong with a hold on his hammer As we see this excellent shot that got Walsh back into the round. Coming off a peg it looked almost too far back. Fantastic shot Walsh sets up to start round 2 and leaves a hanger Conrad Scores the 20 and gets the take out as well, critical Walsh responds in turn Conrad setting up his defensive shot, and he may have let that one roll a little long Let’s see what Walsh can do with this Oh he nearly got it to go off a peg, great shot from Nathan Walsh Conrad tried to score off the hanger, but he couldn’t get it to go So Nathan Walsh without the hammer is facing two opponent disks. It’s a tall order He tried to score a 20 there, but lost his shooter, so Conrad’s gonna slide to the left here to try to hide his disk That one ran a little away from him, but I think it’s still in a decent spot Walsh trying a tough follow through here He hit that with altogether too much pace Conrad gets a long take out to stick. Walsh could see a double perhaps, but he jammed it John Conrad is in a solid position as he makes that takeout stick Don’t really see a double off of this so it’s just Trying to hide a shot for Nathan Walsh as he played that pretty well, Conrad through the pegs gets the peel great shot Nathan Walsh Doesn’t really matter much here. He just tries to put it in a tough spot And it looks like he has, he got Conrad to fake at that a couple times And Conrad with that take out has secured two points. He matches Walsh’s feat and levels the match at two points Both players had a strong start to this crokinole season as Nathan Walsh opened up the year with a World doubles victory with Clare Kuepfer and John Conrad made it all the way to the world final, but unfortunately Lost an excellent match in three sets to Robert Bonnett but both players now are looking to claim that first singles title of 2017 And the round is underway here, Walsh on the hammer is going to have a couple discs on the board But this isn’t a nice spot for Conrad. He could score a slider 20, and it goes just over the hole Walsh . . . I believe to hit and stick and it jams off a peg, an unforced error there by Nathan Walsh Conrad brings his disk into the 15 Shot! Nathan Walsh scores a great follow through 20 to get onto the board first in this round Conrad with an open shot, and it skips over the hole so Walsh Despite two opponent discs on the board has the 20 and a big advantage there as he pulls that disc disc back off the peg Conrad floats that little takeout shot Walsh gets rid of that disc in 15 Conrad tried to push it off a peg But he lost it to the outside Walsh could double these off if he wants to but he’s not going for it And that’s another unforced error for Nathan Walsh, John Conrad has another open shot here. Oh he’s blown it right past the hole So Walsh does a little mental math and then makes an easy take out to claim a 4-2 advantage in this final match We see this fantastic follow through 20 from Nathan Walsh that give him the advantage in the round that was all he needed and he held on for the rest Walsh starts off round four against the hammer he opens with a 20 Conrad the response and he gets it to go Walsh scores for 2-1, Conrad’s response, and strong twenty shooting to open this fourth round Walsh goes 3-2 in front and Conrad missed that one, but it’s on the good side the board Walsh pushed that to the right it’s a decent shot, but Conrad makes an excellent slider 20 to level the round at three halfway through and Nathan Walsh scores to make it 4-3 Conrad blows that one and past the hole again so if Nathan Walsh can pull this one back, he’ll be in a strong position No, he’s given a 20 back to John Conrad and now it is all to Conrad as he makes a strong take out there Walsh could see a ricochet 20 off of this one Nearly got it, but he’s left a hanger for Conrad, and he’d convert to take a lead He doesn’t get it to go As the round winds down Walsh could see another 20, here he takes the trickier route, and it bounces out, unlucky for Nathan Walsh. Conrad the take out for the win, and he gets it to go Great shooting there as John Conrad levels this match 4 points apiece Today’s match is in a race format as opposed to the world final which consists of a best of three games format The first player to reach 11 points will be crowned the Turtle Island champion this year John Conrad has started out this fifth round with a 20 Nathan Walsh’s response comes up just shy Conrad Looking for a take out 20, and he gets it to go for a 2 20 advantage, Walsh reduces it to 1 Conrad playing with the lead now will go for his patented defensive shot Comes off a couple pegs, and he’s left in a bit close Walsh could see a slider, and he gets it to go great shot Conrad now to keep the pressure on just long John Conrad looks to be having some trouble finding his range Walsh there lost his shooter and gave Conrad another opportunity. He won’t miss two in a row, it’s three to two John Conrad Walsh scores another one to level the
round Conrad blasts one in Walsh keeps up pace, 4-4 in the 20s. Conrad makes another one Walsh is level to the task, last shots each in this round and Conrad scores a point guaranteed, Walsh to steal one He gets it Six six in the 20s an excellent round of shots there, as this championship match remains tied five points apiece Walsh opens up round six scoring at twenty, Conrad responds in turn Walsh now Sees that one skip just beyond the hole Conrad tries to roll away, but he’s left it on Walsh’s side Walsh tried to force that one in couldn’t get it to go Conrad sticks that one back, it could see a ricochet off a peg here. It’s not enough weight on that one Conrad holds it back nicely Walsh perhaps Brings it off a peg and scores a beautiful twenty to take it to two one advantage Conrad is gonna need this one. He gets the open shot to go to. 2-2 Walsh gets his open shot to drop and so does John Conrad. It’s three three Nathan Walsh with this, and he’s left that one well short of the hole Barely into the 15 even Conrad sticks that one Walsh is gonna need a follow through shot. Last shows each. Oh, and he gets it to go off a peg Fantastic shot can’t call it intentional, but it’s won him two points against the hammer. Nathan Walsh goes 7 to 5 in front And Nathan Walsh was very impressive in that round as we see him score that tricky 20 off the peg and then this one He hit it with enough pace that it came off a far peg and sailed straight back into the hole fantastic shot Conrad now just trying to get back into a rhythm. He scores a 20 to open up this this round and Walsh has gone long So Conrad with an early advantage See if he can hold on to it even may have left that a little bit close This is doable and it’s bounced out of the hole for Nathan Walsh unlucky. Conrad slides all the way over to the left to this Can’t get the 20 to go so another tricky follow through shot for Nathan Walsh if he wants to get back into this round He chooses just to stick that one. Well his . . . his facial expressions didn’t make it seem like that was intentional. Oh and Walsh makes another excellent follow through 20 to level the round at one apiece Conrad his response bounces out So the advantage swinging hard to Nathan Walsh in this round and in this match But that one’s left a bit close Conrad could see a little touch 20 Right down to it three shots left in for each player and Conrad gets the 20 to go a great shot. Walsh is going to need this one to drop and It does! 2-2 This would be a big round for Walsh to win with the hammer Conrad seeing his options run a little bit dry here Perhaps looking to hide the disk, try to force an error I think he played the follow through, it didn’t quite go. I don’t think it was really there Walsh has left that one there. There is an angle. It’s a tough shot and Conrad gets it to go fantastic slider Walsh though needing this open 20 to secure a point And it doesn’t drop so after stealing two points against the hammer Walsh’s let it come right back as this match is level at seven points apiece Four points is all that separates these two men now from a Turtle Island championship and Nathan Walsh scores the 20 Conrad responds in turn Walsh just left that one well short of the hole Conrad makes a good strong take out Walsh lining up another follow through and he gets it to go Nathan Walsh is really just absolutely nailing these follow-through shots John Conrad scores the 20 though to keep the pressure on Walsh sent that one just long Conrad is gonna need a follow through of his own He’s rolled it away a bit. It’s well stuck on that peg, but Nathan Walsh gets it to go Well Conrad loses that disk onto Walsh’s side of the board so Walsh could try to force him into making some tricky shots here Tried to cozy one up to a peg, he hit the peg he was looking for and bounces it back This one Walsh could see a long slider 20, and he gets it to go great shot for 3-2 Conrad scores his Walsh Last shots each to secure a point he gets it 4-3. Conrad to tie, and it’s just long three straight steals of two points have put, Nathan Walsh nine seven ahead Now this is a big round John Conrad needs to win or tie here to extend the match He started it off by going just long Walsh Just protect the lead Stick it back, and he does Really well placed shot there right up against that back peg hard to move that disk even Conrad went for the touch 20 and didn’t get it to go. Didn’t move the red disk either Walsh’s take out sticks there. Oh oh Conrad gives a 20 to Nathan Walsh and that could be critical If Walsh can get rid of that black disc without moving his red one on the board. He’s gonna. Have a big big swing The two players Having a bit of a laugh. They’re showing that even at the tensest of moments there can still be some Some laughter in this game. Oh no, and Conrad gives another one to Walsh. It’s 2-0 where he could have seen 20s either way on both of those shots Walsh moves his one peg disc, but it’s a 2 20 advantage for him, and this is a very enviable position Conrad loses a shooter there, and this is all but over even halfway through the round Conrad is gonna try to make the best of it though as he jams another disc, goodness Walsh scores the open 20 It’s not gonna matter very much and this, this round is over and a match is won the last shots go away and Nathan Walsh’s ended the drought, he has won the 2017 Turtle Island title beating John Conrad 11 to 7 in a thrilling final match With two wins on the season Nathan Walsh sits atop the NCA standings 8 points clear of John Conrad and Ray Beierling in second For CrokinoleCentre. I am Connor Reinman signing off

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