Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Lucknow Double Murder Case – Ep 567 – 7th August, 2017

Crime Patrol Dial 100 – क्राइम पेट्रोल – Lucknow Double Murder Case – Ep 567 – 7th August, 2017

‘If you clear
the exam this time’ ‘I’ll certainly
get you a motorbike.’ ‘I will definitely
clear the exam this time.’ ‘Dad, has Basheer
reached home? – Not yet.’ ‘Kids often run
away from home in fear’ ‘when their exam results
are to be announced.’ ‘But once they know that they have cleared it,
they return home.’ ‘The matter
has gone to the police.’ ‘We’ll have
to do something fast.’ ‘Yes, sir.
I run coaching classes.’ ‘Students of my tutorials
score the highest marks’ ‘in their
12th grade exam.’ Hello.
Greetings. I welcome you all
to ‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’. Maths is such a subject which is easy if you
get it, or else it’s tough. This is a subject
whose name makes many kids tense. But what we need
to think here is will the marks
we score in the exams ensure success
in our life? Javed. I know that you wish to see
your son’s name on this board. Anyway,
don’t worry. If Basheer
clears the exam this year then I’ll make sure
that he gets a job. I’ll talk
to the management and get him
the peon’s job for sure. After that,
all your problems will end. Basheer it’s the board exam.
Write properly. Okay, Brother. Basheer, have you
made all the preparations? Yes, Dad. This time, don’t seek
anyone’s help or help them. Write the exam properly,
sincerely. Yes, answer the paper
with full attention. God,
help him this time. He won’t work hard. We need a miracle. Since three years, you’ve
failed to clear this exam. Guys of your age
have already started earning. Do you know..
– Ruqayya! Hello, Mr. Akram.
How are you doing? It won’t be possible
today, Mr. Akram. Kindly excuse me today. I’ll definitely meet you
and spend time with you. I’ll get your work
done as well. I am getting late
for my exam now, okay? Bye. Basheer,
are you ready? See, it’s already time.
Don’t be late. Write your exam,
properly. Okay? Bye. Bye. Listen, if you clear
the exam this year then I’ll somehow
get you a motorbike. Mr. Javed,
if you are so sure then shall I get sweets while
returning home in the evening to celebrate him
getting a new bike? You are my
distant relative. So, you better
maintain distance. Look at your age
and that of Basheer’s. You are 25 years old and
still haven’t cleared the exams after so many attempts. Don’t you even dare
to come near my Basheer! Basheer, where are you?
We are getting late, hurry up. Basheer.
– Late! I’ve already
attempted this exam twice. It’s already too late!
– Come on, let’s go. Brother, I am unable
to clear this math paper. After all, how will
it help in our day to day life? I always get stuck
with that algebra and I fail
to clear the exam. Why are you thinking
about your previous attempts when you are going
to make a fresh attempt? Isn’t there any other way
to become successful in life? Will only the marks we score
in exams show our competence? Our children are
burdened with the pressure from the system
we have created because of which their dreams
and aspirations go unfulfilled and they are lost. Children who study hard
and reach till 10th or 12 grade often fail
in this subject. How long
will our nation emphasise on quantity education
rather than quality education? ‘Dear, I spent my entire life on
the street side hearing this.’ ‘Even I had a dream..’ ‘I wanted
to become an engineer’ ‘but couldn’t.’ ‘But, Son,
you are my pride.’ ‘I’ll proudly
tell the world..’ – Ruqayya switch off the TV! If you can’t
share my anguish then at least, don’t
create more problems for me. You need not
be so stressed. I’m not the reason for
your anguish but your son is. But you keep
yelling at me all the time. I wonder for what
I am being punished that I got married
into this family. Yes..
Yes, Fardeen. Dad,
had Basheer returned home? Dad, I checked
everywhere in our colony but there is
no sign of him anywhere. No,
he isn’t here yet. But he never
stays out this late. I think
something is wrong. Dad, did he run away fearing
that he might fail again? I am afraid
that he might harm himself. Have your food. I’ve
already warmed the food twice. I won’t do it again. I am going to bed. We have such a big
problem at hand. There is no news
of Basheer and you are concerned
about food. You are feeling sleepy, right?
Go, have your food and sleep. Mr. Fardeen,
what is the matter? Why are you
yelling at Ms. Ruqayya? It’s nothing, Aslam. It’s almost midnight and
there is no news of Basheer yet. In such a situation, this
woman is concerned about food. Is that all? Mr. Fardeen,
Basheer is 20 years old. He is not a baby. He might’ve gone
with his friends to have fun. He will return home.
Moreover, he is a decent guy. At his age, I used to be
at home only during festivals. Not everyone
is shameless like you. For God’s sake, stop interfering
in our family matters. Mr. Javed, I am not interested to interfere in your
family matters. Okay, see you. Bye. Fardeen,
it’s already quite late. We should
inform the police. Look, Mr. Javed.
I think we should wait for 24 hours to get over. Perhaps Basheer
will return home on his own. Sir, our son
never stays out so late. And.. And even
if he had any work then he would have
definitely informed us. We had even been
to his friend, Sadiq’s house and enquired
about Basheer. Hello, sir. Hello. Sir,
is Sadiq at home? No, he hasn’t
returned home since morning. Mr. Wasim, it is already
11 o’clock in the night aren’t you concerned
about Sadiq? What is there
to worry about? He is a young chap. He might’ve gone
somewhere for an outing. You guys
should also stop worrying. Go home and relax.
They will return home. My young son
hasn’t returned home yet and you are asking me
to relax! Mr. Wasim,
you are too much! Fardeen, let’s go
and search somewhere else. Sir..
Sir, I think something is wrong. Look, I can understand
your concern for your son. but we have often seen that kids run away
from home in fear when the board exam
results are to be announced. But once they know that they have cleared it,
they return home. I sense this possibility
in Basheer’s case as well. You people don’t worry. We’ll start our investigation
at the crack of dawn. Yes,
listen to me carefully. The matter
has gone to the police. We need
to do something fast. I had told you earlier also,
but you never heeded my words. Now, act fast. Please! Okay?
Okay. The entire family
was in panic when Basheer
disappeared suddenly. The cops had suggested
to wait for Basheer till 24 hours got over. On one hand,
Javed and Fardeen were in panic when Basheer
had gone missing but on the other hand,
Basheer’s sister-in-law, Ruqayya was secretly
talking to someone. Whom was she talking to? What problem did she have with this case
being reported to the cops? Sir, we enquired
in Basheer’s colony. Everyone said that he didn’t
have any enmity with anyone. Well, sir, Basheer’s
family also said the same thing. One more thing, sir Basheer has a friend
by the name Sadiq. He too has failed
twice in 12th grade. Both hangout
and study together. Go and meet Sadiq
immediately. He is his friend. I’m sure, Basheer
would’ve told him something. Listen,
go and meet Basheer’s family. It’s possible
that Basheer’s family might’ve pressurised
him to study well because of which he
might’ve run away from home. Yes, sir. Yes, sir? Who is it, dear? Dad.. What happened, sir? Sir, Sadiq has not returned
home since yesterday afternoon. Even Basheer has not
returned home since yesterday. I know, sir. Yesterday, his father,
Javed and his brother, Fardeen had come here. They were
asking about Basheer. Your son, Sadiq,
has not returned home since yesterday afternoon. Why didn’t you
file a police complaint? He has always
been like that. He often comes home
late at night. He has failed twice
in 12th class. Sir, she is my youngest
daughter, Nafeesa. Sir,
we spoke to Sadiq’s family. Even Sadiq has not
returned home since yesterday. Mishra, it’s possible
that both are together. Check their call records
and location. Find out where they
have been since yesterday. Okay, sir. Basheer and Sadiq had
failed in the board earlier too. And this time, the exam
pressure was mounting on them. Where did they disappear exactly
three days before the results? Did they go somewhere
fearing the failure in exams? Or was there another story
behind their disappearance? Sir, we checked Sadiq and
Basheer’s phone’s last location but we didn’t
find anything. Sir, according
to the call records most of their chats have
been with Usman and Aslam. One more thing, sir. In Basheer’s call records Aslam’s number
has been dialled 80 times. Mishra, find out
from Basheer’s dad, Javed who Aslam and Usman are. Yes, sir! Do you know
Aslam and Usman? I don’t know
who Usman is but Aslam is my nephew. However, we are not
in touch with him. Any specific reason? He is a useless
and hopeless guy. He calls
himself a teacher. Just think, a person
who would fail in studies.. How can he
teach other children? What do you mean
by that? He tutors kids. Basheer was in contact with
Aslam before he disappeared. It seems like you may
not have any concern with Aslam but your son was
definitely in touch with him. Were you pressurising
Wasim for studies? Maybe that’s why,
he left the house. No, sir..
We never did that. Where does Aslam stay? Sir, he stays
in this very neighbourhood. Sir,
Basheer is my brother. But I don’t know much
about Sadiq. I just know that Sadiq
and Basheer are good friends. So, you tutor students. Yes, sir.
I run a coaching class. These sweets
are brought by my students. The students
of our coaching classes score highest marks
in 12th class. When you flunked
the 12th class exams how do you
help them pass? Come on, kids. Carry on!
I’ll call you later. Sir, actually.. Exams are similar
to a sport. It’s not important that
every coach is a good player. Why would Basheer
make so many calls to you? There were 80 calls on
your number in his call record. Sir, he is my brother.
Of course, he would call me up. So many times? He had an exam. He would call me up
for this exams. I run a coaching class so if he had anything
to ask related to studies he would ask me. Sir, Wasim doesn’t know
anything about Usman and Aslam. And Aslam
is Javed’s distant relative. I spoke to Aslam,
he runs a tuition classes. I’ve enquired
about Usman also. He is a history sheeter.
He a money lender. Right now,
he is out of town. His phone
is also switched off. Ask someone
to keep an eye on him. Yes, sir! Hello. All right. Sir, a dead body has
been found near the old ruins. Move aside. Check him. Sir, it seems the corpse
is of a 20 or 21 year old man. Check his pockets. Sir, there is nothing
on the body for identification. And it seems that the
corpse had been attacked by the animals
in many places. Sir,
we can’t be sure but this could
either be Sadiq or Basheer. Send the body
for the post mortem. Dubey, search the area. Check upstairs too.
Possibly we’ll find something. Sir! Call Basheer and Sadiq’s
family to identify the body. Yes, sir! Basheer! Yes, Dad. Dear, I don’t want you
to get full marks in the exams. Even if you get passing
marks, it’s enough for me. Just clear the exams
somehow. God will take care
of the rest. Dad, I won’t
disappoint you this time. Don’t worry at all. Do as much as you can. I’m with you, right? Thank you, Dad! Thank you
for giving me confidence. I will surely clear
the exams for you this time. Mr. Javed!
Where are you lost? Your phone is ringing. H-Hello.. What? We have the clothes
that he was wearing. Sir, these are
not Basheer’s clothes. Sir! Dear!
Dear.. Get up, Sadiq! Sadiq, dear! The body found by the police
was badly ruined by the animals. Wasim identified
the body as Sadiq’s with the help
of the clothes. Sir, Sadiq’s
post mortem report is here. Sir,
Sadiq was murdered. Sir, Sadiq didn’t die
due to falling from a height but because he was hit
on the head with a heavy object. And yes, the body
also has marks of being pulled. That means,
Sadiq was first murdered and then his body was
pulled to the top of the ruins and then he was pushed down so
that it looks like an accident. But, sir,
who would kill Sadiq? Basheer. Because Basheer
is still missing. It’s possible
that Basheer killed Sadiq and escaped due
to the fear of getting caught. But Sadiq and Basheer
were really good friends. Why would
Basheer kill Sadiq? Have it.
Why did you stop? Enough, Dad.
I have completed it. Have it, Basheer. Have it properly. Look at how lovingly
your father is serving you. I have got
all this for you. Finish everything. You must surely be enjoying
everything earned by them. Yes, Sister-in-law.
I am enjoying it but next year, I will
get everything with my money. Even you will change
a little then. Well done, dear.
Well done. I-I feel suffocated
here now. Please take me with you
as soon as possible. We should be happy
that he is missing now. If he comes back,
our entire plan will be ruined! How much
will you work, Mr. Javed? You should
get some rest too. Give it to me.
I will do it. Give it to me.
– No! It’s my work
and I will do it. I will do it. Let it be.. Once I find Basheer I will make him work
and I’ll rest. Don’t worry, Mr. Javed. Basheer
will come back soon. Sir.. Sir,
we haven’t found anything from Basheer’s
last location. But we have checked
his call records once again. We have come across
a number to which he spoke. When we called up
that number, we came to know that it belongs
to a recruitment office. Yes, sir! A guy
named Basheer came to us. Here is his form. He came to us
to get a good job in Kuwait. He deposited Rs. 40,000
as an advance. I remember telling him
that it is important to pass 12th grade
to get a job in Kuwait. How is that so? How would Basheer
get all that money from? We would give him
pocket money as well. Yes, sir. Rs. 40,000
is a really big amount. We’ve never managed
to get that much money. Then, how did Basheer
get the money? Who could
give it to Basheer? Sir,
we don’t know anything. Tell me.. I’ll talk to you later. Sir, I found Ruqayya’s
behaviour a little strange. Keep a guard outside her house.
Keep an eye on her as well. Basheer. Y-Yes, Dad. Sit down.
Come on. Look,
never hide anything from me. Just study well. Try harder. It’s because hard work
never gets wasted. Do let us know
whenever you need us. Don’t keep
it to yourself. We are here for you,
silly! Keep this book aside.
Go to bed. You can get up early
in the morning and study. Only three days were left
for the exam results and Sadiq and Basheer
went missing. But why? One was dead
and the other was missing. After finding Sadiq’s
dead body the police was now
looking for Basheer. Why was Basheer wandering
away from his house? What had happened
with him? How did Basheer
arrange Rs. 40,000 for his job? Was Basheer doing something
wrong to fulfil his dream? Where and with whom
was Ruqayya planning to elope? Did she have any
connection with Sadiq’s death and Basheer’s
disappearance? Where did Usman vanish
all of a sudden? Did he have anything
to do with all this? Dad! Fardeen!
Fardeen! What happened?
What happened? Is everything all right?
Why are you panting? Dad,
Basheer has passed. What? Did.. Did Basheer pass? Yes.
He did, Dad. Dad.. Dad.
– Sir. Sir.
– Dad! Sir,
please handle yourself. Dad..
– Sir. Don’t cry. I will
surely clear the exam. Just wait and watch. Dad, calm down.
Basheer will come back. Sir, Basheer
deposited Rs. 40,000 at a recruitment agency and that too, without
a family member’s help. And Usman was constantly in contact with Sadiq
and Basheer. What if Usman was paying
them for an illegal work? Only Usman can tell us
about that. Mishra, did you find
any news about Usman yet? No, sir,
but I am trying my best. They will let us know
as soon as they find something. Mishra, it is important
to catch Usman. Perhaps Usman is that link we need to solve the case. Hello.
Okay. Are you fine? Yes, I know
that you are worried. Please don’t worry
about anything. I will meet you
tomorrow. Give me a cup of tea. What’s the news,
Shakeel? Sir, you will
get to know in some time. Are you sure about it? He is going
to come here in some time. I will let you know. Shyam,
give me a good cup of tea. Hey, Usman.
– Yes? Will you have it alone? Who are you?
– Police. Come on!
Arrest him. Come on.. Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait!
Hey! Come on,
tell us the truth now or else I’ll thrash
you badly! Come on! Speak up! Sir, I lend money
to people on interest. I run
this illegal business. Sir, I know Sadiq. Sadiq brought Basheer
to me a few months ago. Tell me, Sadiq. He is my friend,
Basheer. He needs Rs. 1 lakh. I will give it, but
how will I be assured about it? What does he do? Mr. Usman,
I have got a job in Kuwait. I want money
to go there. I can arrange
this amount but I want some guarantee
for such a huge amount. I’ll stand
as a guarantor for him. He is a very good boy. He is my close friend.
He’ll never cheat you. In my business,
anybody who cheats me will lose his life. Mushtaq.
– Yes, Mr. Usman. Mr. Usman. I should get
the instalment every month. Okay.
– Thank you, Mr. Usman. Sir, Basheer had promised to
pay the instalment every month. But he has not returned
a single penny from the time
he took the loan. I started calling them up
and threatening them. Once, I even
threatened to kill him. Basheer switched off
his phone after that. After that,
with great difficulty I got Basheer’s
secret number from Sadiq which was not known
to anybody. Another number? Yes, sir. But trust me.
I have not done anything. Why did you disappear
if you have not done anything? Sir, I got to know
about Sadiq’s murder. So, I thought
you would arrest me. But trust me.
I have not done anything. I am ready to swear
on the Quran. Sir,
we knew about Rs. 40,000. However, Basheer
had borrowed Rs. 1 lakh. What about
the remaining Rs. 60,000? Mishra, I think
the answer to this question is the last clue
of this case. Get the details
of Basheer’s private number. Yes, sir. Sir,
I’ve received the details of Basheer’s
private number. He was in constant touch
with two numbers. One number
is Usman’s and the second number
is Sadiq’s sister, Nafeesa’s. Bring Nafeesa. Yes, sir. Nafeesa, we checked the call records
of Basheer’s private number. He has spoken to you
the most from that number. What is the matter? Sir, Basheer and I
love each other. Nobody at home
is aware of this. Basheer was worried
about his result because he had already
failed in maths twice. He wouldn’t get a job
if he failed again. How would he talk
to my dad about our wedding if he wouldn’t
get a job? Brother Sadiq
is dead now. I don’t know
where Basheer is. Please find him. Don’t inform my dad about my relationship
with Basheer. Otherwise, dad will
hit me and oust me from home. Okay. This
is your personal life. We won’t disclose it
to anybody. You may go. Listen.
Inform us immediately if he calls up
or tries to meet you. Mishra,
get a search warrant for Basheer’s house. Let’s see whether
we’ll find something. Yes, sir. Sir,
what are you doing? We have a search warrant. A search warrant? Sir. Basheer had transferred
the remaining Rs. 60,000 to Aslam’s account
as per this slip. Aslam.. Tell me. We know the truth
about your coaching class. How much do you charge
for the question papers? Rs. 60,000. Am I right? You make use
of dummy students. Even I was wondering
what magic you do due to which
students who fail top the exam after
attending your coaching classes. Sir..
– Will you tell me the truth or shall I hang
you upside down? – Sir.. Sir,
I’ll tell you the truth. Yes, sir. I have
a network of dummy students. I have made
many students pass like this from the past few years. Did you take
Rs. 60,000 from Basheer too to make him pass
the exam? We have checked
your account details. He had deposited
Rs. 60,000 in your account. Yes, sir. Basheer had failed twice
in maths. I informed him
about my network. He borrowed money
from Usman and gave it to me. I myself had gone
to answer his paper. Why did you kill Sadiq
and where is Basheer? Sir, I didn’t kill Sadiq and I don’t know
where Basheer is. The truth is,
Basheer was blackmailing me. Why was he
blackmailing you? Sir, he demanded
money from me to hide my secret. Secret?
Which secret? About the dummy students? No, sir. Sir, Basheer’s
sister-in-law, Ruqayya and I had started
liking each other. She was not happy
with Brother Fardeen. Our initial meetings
had turned into love. Both of us
loved each other a lot. Basheer returned
home early one day and.. I tried a lot
to convince Basheer but he was not ready
to pay heed to me. He asked me for money
to hide this truth from Uncle Javed
and Brother Fardeen. Brother Aslam,
I want Rs. 2 lakh to keep my mouth shut. You do my work. I won’t disclose
the truth to anybody. Sir, he had to return
Usman’s money. But even I
didn’t have any money. Did you kidnap Basheer
for this? Sir, I have
not kidnapped anybody. Neither have I killed
anybody. Trust me, sir. Sir, I had last
seen Basheer with Nafeesa. I knew
that they had an affair but Sadiq
was not aware of this. And I.. You have been thinking
too much. Why are you thinking
so much? You have answered
the exam, right? God will help you. Sadiq, have you decided
to get your sister married to your friend? What are you saying,
Mr. Aslam? Come and check near the
river if you don’t trust me. Sir, I don’t know
what happened after that. I just got to know
that Sadiq has been murdered and Basheer is missing. Hello. Okay,
we will be there soon. Basheer. Basheer! Basheer, my son. Basheer! Dad, I won’t
disappoint you this time. I will clear the exam
for you this time. Dad,
Basheer has passed the exam. Basheer,
you have passed. Get up.
Get up. Listen to your dad,
Basheer. Get up, dear. It is very sweet. But I’ll buy sweets
from my earnings next year. Basheer.. Get up, Basheer. Get up.. Get up, Basheer! My son.. Basheer had chosen
a wrong path to pass in maths because he was aware that he cannot
fulfil his dreams till he clears
his maths exam. But somebody had
not just shattered his dreams but killed him too. Who killed Basheer? Was Aslam’s
statement true? Sir,
I have not killed Sadiq and I don’t know
where Basheer is. The police sped up
the investigation to find out the truth. You told us
about your affair with Basheer but you forgot
to tell us something. Basheer was with you
before he went missing. Aslam has told us
everything. We already had a doubt
that you were lying. But we want to know
the truth now. What happened
on that evening? You are thinking
too much. Why are you thinking
so much? You have answered
the exam. God will help you. What happened,
Basheer? Nothing
has happened yet but something
will definitely happen if we don’t leave
from here immediately. We’ll have
to get out of here. Y-Yes, Sadiq. Where are you,
Basheer? Whom are you with? I-I.. Look behind you. Brother! Brother..
– Sadiq, listen to me. I tried to make him
understand, I tried to stop him. Brother
started hitting him. Are you trying
to ruin my sister’s respect? You betrayed me
despite being my friend. Basheer did not
hit brother intentionally. He was trying
to save himself and brother
got killed accidentally. Both of us
were very scared. We dragged brother’s
dead body to a deserted place and pushed it
from the terrace. Basheer asked me
to leave immediately and then
both of us left that place. We did all this so that
nobody suspects us and it looks
like an accident. Who killed Basheer then? Basheer.. Is Basheer dead? The police couldn’t
understand who killed Basheer. The police once again
enquired in the area where Basheer’s
dead body was found and they got
an important information which changed
the direction of this case. Sir, a man had come here
two days ago. He was wearing the clothes
of a school peon. Sir, his car tyre
was punctured so, he had come
to get it repaired. He was in a hurry
and looked worried. Sir, he was even ready
to pay me Rs. 100 instead of Rs. 50. Do you remember
his face? Yes, sir.
I do. Can you get
the sketch done? Yes, sir. Stop! Tell me. Sir.. Mishra. Tell us the truth. Yes, sir. I am the one
who killed Basheer. All the teachers
in the school had promised Mr. Javed to give the peon’s job
to Basheer. Basheer
will definitely get the job if he clears his
12th standard exam this time. I’ll talk
to the management and get him the job
of a peon. Sir, I’ve been
working there from three years. I have been working
honestly. But I was not made
a permanent employee yet. I had to get rid
of Basheer to become
a permanent employee. My worries increased
when I got to know that Basheer
has cleared his exams. Dad,
Basheer has passed. It was almost confirmed that Basheer
would be hired for my post. My job
was at stake, sir. I didn’t have
any other option to earn my daily bread. Basheer came to school
one day. Basheer,
w-what are you doing here? Your dad
is worried about you. Yes.
Where is my dad? I want to talk
to him. – Are you crazy? The police
is looking for you. Did anybody see you
coming here? No.
– I’ll tell you what. Come to the deserted
road behind the school. Nobody goes there. I’ll bring
your dad there. Okay? Will you bring him there?
– Yes, I’ll surely bring him. Go there.
I’ll meet you in a bit. Mr. Nadeem,
where is dad? He is coming.
– Where is he? Sir, I made a mistake. I had become selfish. I had the fear
of losing my job. Your greed and fear
made you do this! Basheer never wanted
to take up this job. He had big dreams. He wanted
to go to Kuwait. Now,
rot in jail forever! I’ll purchase
a motorcycle for you somehow if you pass
in the exam this time. I’ll surely clear
the exam for you this time. Dad,
Basheer has passed. On one side, maths had
become a problem for Basheer and he took a wrong step
to solve this problem. On the other hand,
fear made Nadeem commit a crime. No matter
what the reason is both these steps
cannot be considered right. Studies is important
for children but we need to make sure that they don’t get
so burdened by it which will make them
take a wrong step. I request the students to recognise their talent
and share their problems so that it can be solved. With time, we have
made a lot of changes in our society
and our lifestyle. We started schools
and education On that note, I,
Anup Soni, will take your leave. We will meet again
in the next episode with another
shocking case of crime. Till then, take care
of yourself and your family and keep watching
‘Crime Patrol Dial 100’. Punishment to a criminal
serves as a lesson to all. ‘Jai Hind!’

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  1. 19:54 min episode me yeh Pakistan ka flag q aa rha hai…yeh galat baat hai lucknow ka kand hai aur pak k flag why???

  2. Quvet jane ke liye 8vi pass hona jaruri hai bs chutiya dalal hi glt pakd liya…. bhabhi ko jel nhi hyi vo to abhi chudva rhi hogi

  3. The man playing bashir's father is good actor and always play best role of strict N caring father I like his acting skills 🤗

  4. Killing for a job insecurity, that's why they say even the walls have ears, don't talk anything in front of everyone.

  5. साली ऐसी kutti बहिन हो ही नहीं सकती

  6. Ghanta ni krti hmare desh ki police is tra kaam…. Actually police cahti hi ni desh s crime km ho kyuki… Police ki uppar ki kmai khtm ho jaogi….

  7. Like the way this senior cop shouts and grills the accused. He is one of the best cops in dial 100.

  8. har koi apne kam me pagal h koi apni ijat k liye koi pyar k liye koi or kuchh k liye life samajh me nahi aata

  9. /(ò.ó)┛彡┻━┻(ノ*>∀<)ノ♡😱😱😱😱✨✨😱✨

  10. "audio muted to avoid copyright infringement"! Agar copyright infringement ka darr hain toh, dialogues aur music chori kartey hi kyun hoh!

  11. Itni alertness or honesty se investigate police Bina kisi political pressure ya Bina bribe k kar hi nhi sakti ye police walo ki acchi chhavi sirf crime petrol me hi dekh sakte ho jisne kabhi police station k chakkar lagaye ho vo hi Jaanta hai ki police kya cheez hai chahe vo victim ho ya criminal

  12. मुझे ऐसी भाभी से दोस्ती करनी है जिसे पैसो का लालच ना हो बातें दोनों के बिच ही रहेगी 9079556850

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