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  1. This thumbnail is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

      \\ _
       \( •_•) C
        < ⌒ヽ L
       /   へ\ I
       /  / \\ C
       レ ノ   ヽ_つ K
      / / B
      / / A
     ( (ヽ I
     | |、\T
     | 丿 \ ⌒)
     | |  ) /
    ノ )  Lノ__

  2. The thing is you dont teach us anything . The code is there and u just give us the option to change it but not teach us anything. The only thing im getting teached is "Take people's projects and claim them as your own just by changing whatever floats your boat or nothing"

  3. Here is the code!
    @echo off
    if "%~1" == "startGame" goto :game
    if "%~1" == "startController" goto :controller

    :: verify existence of CHOICE command
    :: set up a macro appropriately depending on available version

    set "choice="
    2>nul >nul choice /c:yn /t 0 /d y
    if errorlevel 1 if not errorlevel 2 set "choice=choice /cs"
    if not defined choice (
    2>nul >nul choice /c:yn /t:y,1
    if errorlevel 1 if not errorlevel 2 set "choice=choice /s"
    if not defined choice (
    echo ERROR: This game requires the CHOICE command, but it is missing.
    echo Game aborted. 🙁
    echo A 16 bit port of CHOICE.EXE from FREEDOS is available at
    echo http://winsupport.org/utilities/freedos-choice.html
    echo A 32 bit version from ??? suitable for 64 bit machines is available at
    echo http://hp.vector.co.jp/authors/VA007219/dkclonesup/choice.html
    exit /b

    :: setup some global variables used by both the game and the controller

    set "keys=ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789"
    set "keyFile=key.txt"
    set "cmdFile=cmd.txt"

    :: launch the game and the controller

    copy nul "%keyFile%" >nul
    start "" /b "%~f0" startController 9^>^>%keyFile% 2^>nul ^>nul
    cmd /c "%~f0" startGame 9^<%keyFile% ^<nul

    :: Upon exit, wait for the controller to close before deleting the temp input file

    2>nul (>>"%keyFile%" call )||goto :close
    del "%keyFile%"
    exit /b

    setlocal disableDelayedExpansion
    title %~nx0

    :: user configurable options

    set "up=W"
    set "down=S"
    set "left=A"
    set "right=D"

    set "width=40" max=99
    set "height=25" max=99
    :: max playing field: (width-2)*(height-2) <= 1365

    :: resize the console window

    set /a cols=width+1, lines=height+10, area=(width-2)*(height-2)
    if %area% gtr 1365 (
    echo ERROR: Playfield area too large
    >"%cmdFile%" (echo quit)
    if %lines% lss 14 set lines=14
    if %cols% lss 46 set cols=46
    mode con: cols=%cols% lines=%lines%

    :: define variables

    set "spinner1=-"
    set "spinner2="
    set "spinner3=|"
    set "spinner4=/"
    set "spinner= spinner1 spinner2 spinner3 spinner4 "

    set "space= "
    set "bound=#"
    set "food=+"
    set "[email protected]"
    set "body=O"
    set "death=X"
    set "playerSpace=%space%%food%"

    set "xDiff%up%=+0"
    set "xDiff%down%=+0"
    set "xDiff%left%=-1"
    set "xDiff%right%=+1"

    set "yDiff%up%=-1"
    set "yDiff%down%=+1"
    set "yDiff%left%=+0"
    set "yDiff%right%=+0"

    set "%up%Axis=Y"
    set "%down%Axis=Y"
    set "%left%Axis=X"
    set "%right%Axis=X"

    set "delay1=20"
    set "delay2=15"
    set "delay3=10"
    set "delay4=7"
    set "delay5=5"
    set "delay6=3"
    set "delay0=0"

    set "desc1=Sluggard"
    set "desc2=Crawl"
    set "desc3=Slow"
    set "desc4=Normal"
    set "desc5=Fast"
    set "desc6=Insane"
    set "desc0=Unplayable"

    set "spinnerDelay=3"

    set /a "width-=1, height-=1"

    :: define macros

    ::define a Line Feed (newline) string (normally only used as !LF!)
    set LF=^

    ::Above 2 blank lines are required – do not remove

    ::define a newline with line continuation
    set ^"n=^^^%LF%%LF%^%LF%%LF%^^"

    :: setErr
    ::: Sets the ERRORLEVEL to 1
    set "setErr=(call)"

    :: clrErr
    ::: Sets the ERRORLEVEL to 0
    set "clrErr=(call )"

    :: getKey ValidKeys
    ::: Check for keypress. Only accept keys listed in ValidKeys
    ::: Return result in Key variable. Key is undefined if no valid keypress.
    set getKey=%n%
    for %%# in (1 2) do if %%#==2 (for /f "eol= delims= " %%1 in ("!args!") do (%n%
    set "validKeys=%%1"%n%
    set "key="%n%
    ^<^&9 set /p "key="%n%
    if defined key if "!key!" neq ":" (%n%
    set /a key-=1%n%
    for %%K in (!key!) do set "key=!keys:~%%K,1!"%n%
    for %%K in (!key!) do if "!validKeys:%%K=!" equ "!validKeys!" set "key="%n%
    )) else set args=

    :: draw
    ::: draws the board
    set draw=%n%
    for /l %%Y in (0,1,%height%) do echo(!line%%Y!%n%
    echo Speed=!Difficulty!%n%
    echo Score=!score!

    :: test X Y ValueListVar
    ::: tests if value at coordinates X,Y is within contents of ValueListVar
    set test=%n%
    for %%# in (1 2) do if %%#==2 (for /f "tokens=1-3" %%1 in ("!args!") do (%n%
    for %%A in ("!line%%2:~%%1,1!") do if "!%%3:%%~A=!" neq "!%%3!" %clrErr% else %setErr%%n%
    )) else set args=

    :: plot X Y ValueVar
    ::: places contents of ValueVar at coordinates X,Y
    set plot=%n%
    for %%# in (1 2) do if %%#==2 (for /f "tokens=1-3" %%1 in ("!args!") do (%n%
    set "part2=!line%%2:~%%1!"%n%
    set "line%%2=!line%%2:~0,%%1!!%%3!!part2:~1!"%n%
    )) else set args=

    :: start the game
    setlocal enableDelayedExpansion
    call :initialize

    :: main loop (infinite loop)
    for /l %%. in (1 0 1) do (

    %=== compute time since last move ===%
    for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=:.," %%a in ("!time: =0!") do set /a "t2=(((1%%a*60)+1%%b)*60+1%%c)*100+1%%d-36610100, tDiff=t2-t1"
    if !tDiff! lss 0 set /a tDiff+=24*60*60*100

    if !tDiff! geq !delay! (
    %=== delay has expired, so time for movement ===%

    %=== establish direction ===%
    %getKey% ASDW
    for %%K in (!key!) do if "!%%KAxis!" neq "!axis!" (
    set /a "xDiff=xDiff%%K, yDiff=yDiff%%K"
    set "axis=!%%KAxis!"

    %=== erase the tail ===%
    set "TX=!snakeX:~-2!"
    set "TY=!snakeY:~-2!"
    set "snakeX=!snakeX:~0,-2!"
    set "snakeY=!snakeY:~0,-2!"
    %plot% !TX! !TY! space

    %=== compute new head location and attempt to move ===%
    set /a "X=PX+xDiff, Y=PY+yDiff"
    set "X= !X!"
    set "Y= !Y!"
    set "X=!X:~-2!"
    set "Y=!Y:~-2!"
    (%test% !X! !Y! playerSpace) && (

    %=== move successful ===%

    %=== remove the new head location from the empty list ===%
    for %%X in ("!X!") do for %%Y in ("!Y!") do set "empty=!empty:#%%~X %%~Y=!"

    (%test% !X! !Y! food) && (
    %=== moving to food – eat it ===%

    %=== restore the tail ===%
    %plot% !TX! !TY! body
    set "snakeX=!snakeX!!TX!"
    set "snakeY=!snakeY!!TY!"

    %=== increment score and locate and draw new food ===%
    set /a "score+=1, F=(!random!%%(emptyCnt-=1))*6+1"
    for %%F in (!F!) do (%plot% !empty:~%%F,5! food)

    ) || (
    %=== moving to empty space ===%

    %=== add the former tail position to the empty list ===%
    set "empty=!empty!#!TX! !TY!"

    %=== draw the new head ===%
    if defined snakeX (%plot% !PX! !PY! body)
    %plot% !X! !Y! head

    %=== Add the new head position to the snake strings ===%
    set "snakeX=!X!!snakeX!"
    set "snakeY=!Y!!snakeY!"
    set "PX=!X!"
    set "PY=!Y!"


    ) || (

    %=== failed move – game over ===%
    %plot% !TX! !TY! body
    call :spinner !PX! !PY! death
    call :ask "Would you like to play again? (Y/N)" YN
    if /i "!key!" equ "N" (
    >"%cmdFile%" (echo quit)
    ) else (
    call :initialize

    set /a t1=t2

    :ask Prompt ValidKeys
    :: Prompt for a keypress. ValidKeys is a list of acceptable keys
    :: Wait until a valid key is pressed and return result in Key variable
    >"%cmdFile%" (echo prompt)
    <nul set /p "=%~1 "
    (%getKey% 🙂
    if not defined key goto :purge
    (%getKey% %2)
    if not defined key (
    >"%cmdFile%" (echo one)
    goto :getResponse
    exit /b

    :spinner X Y ValueVar
    set /a d1=-1000000
    for /l %%N in (1 1 5) do for %%C in (%spinner%) do (
    call :spinnerDelay
    %plot% %1 %2 %%C
    call :spinnerDelay
    (%plot% %1 %2 %3)
    exit /b

    for /f "tokens=1-4 delims=:.," %%a in ("!time: =0!") do set /a "d2=(((1%%a*60)+1%%b)*60+1%%c)*100+1%%d-36610100, dDiff=d2-d1"
    if %dDiff% lss 0 set /a dDiff+=24*60*60*100
    if %dDiff% lss %spinnerDelay% goto :spinnerDelay
    set /a d1=d2
    exit /b


    echo Speed Options:
    echo delay
    echo # Description (seconds)
    echo — ———– ———
    echo 1 Sluggard 0.20
    echo 2 Crawl 0.15
    echo 3 Slow 0.10
    echo 4 Normal 0.07
    echo 5 Fast 0.05
    echo 6 Insane 0.03
    echo 0 Unplayable none
    call :ask "Pick a speed (1-6, 0):" 1234560
    set "difficulty=!desc%key%!"
    set "delay=!delay%key%!"
    echo %key% – %difficulty%
    <nul set /p "=Initializing."
    set "axis=X"
    set "xDiff=+1"
    set "yDiff=+0"
    set "empty="
    set /a "PX=1, PY=height/2, FX=width/2+1, FY=PY, score=0, emptyCnt=0, t1=-1000000"
    set "snakeX= %PX%"
    set "snakeY= %PY%"
    set "snakeX=%snakeX:~-2%"
    set "snakeY=%snakeY:~-2%"
    for /l %%Y in (0 1 %height%) do (
    <nul set /p "=."
    set "line%%Y="
    for /l %%X in (0,1,%width%) do (
    set "cell="
    if %%Y equ 0 set "cell=%bound%"
    if %%Y equ %height% set "cell=%bound%"
    if %%X equ 0 set "cell=%bound%"
    if %%X equ %width% set "cell=%bound%"
    if %%X equ %PX% if %%Y equ %PY% set "cell=%head%"
    if not defined cell (
    set "cell=%space%"
    set "eX= %%X"
    set "eY= %%Y"
    set "empty=!empty!#!eX:~-2! !eY:~-2!"
    set /a emptyCnt+=1
    if %%X equ %FX% if %%Y equ %FY% set "cell=%food%"
    set "line%%Y=!line%%Y!!cell!"
    echo Movement keys: %up%=up %down%=down %left%=left %right%=right
    echo Avoid running into yourself (%body%%body%%head%) or wall (%bound%)
    echo Eat food (%food%) to grow.
    call :ask "Press any alpha-numeric key to start…" %keys%
    >"%cmdFile%" (echo go)
    exit /b


    setlocal enableDelayedExpansion
    set "cmd=hold"
    set "key="
    for /l %%. in (1 0 1) do (
    if "!cmd!" neq "hold" (
    %choice% /n /c:

  4. bro this isnt opening when ever i tried to enter the level it says it doesnt considered as internal or external command
    please tel me

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