Create a Subway in Blender in 20 minutes

Create a Subway in Blender in 20 minutes

100 thoughts on “Create a Subway in Blender in 20 minutes

  1. Honestly Bangladeshi animators can't even made a perfect 2d animation properly!And you talking about realisticness and 3d?

  2. Love the format.
    In the past, I used a node that replaced the materials with a diffuse material of the same color for all bounced rays. It was fast, but the main purpose was to avoid losing light energy with caustics off.

    Caustics include all the light that glossy materials reflect. When it is off, all energy that hits a glossy shader is lost. Since PBR shaders contain a glossy component, it still make a difference. The effect was amazing. That AO bounce feature seems to use am AO shader instead of a diffuse shader, which reduces the brightness rather than increases it.

  3. Good tutorial video, currently i am trying to reproduce this entire process in Blender 2.8, however i couldn't find a way to adjust the camera frame size that fits the background image, also i am also not able to match the plane to the image in camera perspective, is there any existing tutorial on how to do that?

  4. I like the fact that Blender is litelarilly a pandora's box, full of all kinds of different features that most people can't even find, much less actually figure out what it's supposed to do and how it works.

  5. You made me want to try doing something similar in blender, I've always been interested in 3D modelling seems like your channel is a good place to start!

  6. This is amazing! I'm just an student who only used Maya por 6 months but I feel I learned stuff, or at least I understood it enough to keep watching. Thank you for this format!

  7. Brilliant built! This reminds me of the atmosphere and brilliant graphics (as I have them in my mind) from the very first Max Payne game. I am sure it looked that good and I won't check on it 😀

  8. Esto es una contradicción: título en cristiano, explicación en protestante 🙂 Muy meritorio, pero cuando veo los cablecitos y recuadros del minuto 5:44 me pongo malo. No estoy interesado en subterráneos pero sí en interiores de naves espaciales. Igual un día me animo y lo veo de nuevo con atención. Bye.

  9. another photo reference App that i like a bit more is Kuadro and what I like about it is that you can set it to always be on top.

  10. Guru forgot about us and the tutorial in blender 2.8.
    Saw him enjoying his vacation with the Corredor crew lol

  11. great video presentation. i understand all your steps, even as a beginner, and i love urban spelunking and dark creepy subways. liked and subbed.

  12. Please for future video set a HighPass effect on your mic. My woofer shaking my house every time you move the mic and pop it :/

  13. I personally think the full 40min heavy delicious tutorial is much better than this shortened version. Still amazing tho.

  14. Okay, I liked this format… but now I'd like to start doing this so Ima need a whole tutorial. This format is cool for seeing what you (yourself AND the program) can do, but not for replicating it.

  15. Amazing approach, today attention spans is really low….
    But you are analyzing and updating, it is a cool thing. And also shows the inner connectivity of yours to the viewer, much appreciate. The way you describe thought process and also give insights on how the viewer's common problem can be solved and at last you are awesome.

  16. I've had to watch this for 2 WHOLE MINUTES AND 16 SECONDS before you mentioned the first tip 😂😂

    Just kidding, love your channel man!

  17. Amazing way of record tutorial video! Cutting out the unuseful parts of a video speeds up the learning process incredibly! I discovered your channel 2 days ago and I am definitely addicted!! thank you for your work!

  18. I haven't seen a lot of animation videos, but I am interested in it and would be able to sit through more of this rather than the two hour ones.

  19. Hi there:

    1) I just started learning blender and you’re my new best friend.
    2) What you were saying about the AO render makes sense. Essentially it stops bouncing the light after the # of times you specify. This would cut down on render time and also make it darker. (This video is pretty old, so you probably figured that out by now)
    3) The format is fan-fucking-tasting. Please do another 400 of them. Thank you!

  20. Have you tried to create the same scene in game engines like Cryengine, Unreal, Unity etc along with their postprocessing capabilities for a fast realtime rendering to see how it looks? I bet you wouldn't see much of a difference yet you wouldn't have to wait 11 minutes for each frame!
    Houdini has those modular capabilities for Unreal engine

  21. Great way to structure a tutorial. Lots of excellent information, but minimal wasted time watching somebody push vertices around. Efficient and informative. Thank you!

  22. hmm im pretty sure it took him longer than 20 minutes, i'd say 40 minutes at least from the perspective of a professional 3d modeler

  23. THAT SCENE WAS MADE FROM A SINGLE PHOTO?!?$ Wow WOW #YoureTheMAN I've never heard of this program or add on as #TheWebStylist but NOW I WILL GO TO #THELAB!!

  24. 11 minutes for this empty scene? This is silly to say the least. Stop teaching people how to do something you dont know how to do, please. It's full of real professionals working for the vfx industry here on YouTube laughing at these videos.

  25. 한국어 자막 너무너무 감사합니다! 덕분에 지난번 궁금했던 부분들 다시금 알게되어 도움이 많이 되었습니다

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