Cream by David Firth

Cream by David Firth

After six years of splitting, stretching, and firing distorted particles at one another, we finally have a product. Cream. Facial blemishes will be a thing of the past. How about this botched nose job? This amputated stub isn’t a challenge for Cream. Hold on! How’s that possible? Using our smart awareness system, Cream detects the most likely problem and attempts to solve it by correcting the molecular structure. Even quite vague problems, such as general ugliness. Instant fixes for: Any kind of aging. Fractures and lacerations. The recently deceased. What the hell?! But Cream isn’t just limited to the human body. Everything broken can and will be fixed, Broken is no longer an issue. I don’t understand, Mom. What’s happening? Ah, yes. The implicit formulation of dynamic wave computational elements allowed time step size to be selected according to accuracy requirements. Awww A damaged mind is no longer a life obstacle If treated with a Cream brain injection, worries, doubts, mental conditions and general stupidity are all now curable. What is your name? I have yet to be assigned a name. Well? Choose one. Arnold Billington Smythe. It’s a bit silly that name though isn’t it? I have to agree with you there, Steve. I wasn’t thinking straight. I don’t feel very well, daddy. Not only do I feel better, but I am also a better person. Feeling empty and bored now all your problems can simply be Creamed away? Yes, Cream has taken the magic out of life. Well, Cream it back! Hooray, my enthusiasm came back. Cream yourself happy! Cream the world beautiful. Cream, the everything fixer. Because Cream is the fix-all cream, it is constantly fixing and improving itself To be submerged in Cream is to continuously improve yourself in every way possible. Is he dead? No, he exponentially improved himself physically and mentally to a zenith of absolute perfection, subsequently evolving into a being of pure light energy. Is it uh, possible that you will eventually run out of the raw material to make the Cream? Yes, we are about six months from running out completely. which Is why the new version of Cream will have self-duplicating properties. Cream is now potentially infinite. Cream could bring an end to all war, famine, and suffering. Rendering money essentially obsolete. No… No. No! No… Cream causes AIDS and is made from dead babies by pedophiles, a shocking new report confirms. Here is some terrifying footage That was a huge explosion! Loads of people died and it was all caused by Cream. People are being urged to throw out all Cream immediately. Food piracy is a crime. You wouldn’t duplicate a life-threatening disease. You wouldn’t duplicate a kestrel. So don’t duplicate food. If you eat duplicated food, you’ll get AIDS. But what do the public think, are they angry about Cream? Yes, I am angry about Cream! I don’t want three different types of AIDS! how do I know what’s safe to eat now? My neighbor Creamed himself to become a god-like being of pure light energy. Now I’m pretty sure he is just watching me in the shower! New Cream, the wonder cream that fixes all spots and blemishes. Simply massage it into the face and within a week your skin will be clear and smooth.

100 thoughts on “Cream by David Firth

  1. I have opened a merch shop for my stuff. I think you'd better buy something before we all die together.

  2. I wonder whether this is actually political or informing of the human condition. Is it possible that if we made something that could fix EVERYTHING theoretically would we shun it in favour of hatred and greed? Fascinating!

  3. 2:16 the kid’s eyes went ↙️↙️⬆️↕️⬇️↩️⬇️◀️⤵️⤴️⬇️↩️🔼◀️↕️⤴️⤵️⤴️↩️⬆️↕️⤴️↖️

  4. Que caralho é isso?
    Porque estava no recomendado do yt?
    Eu tenho perguntas

  5. This reminds people that we cant change our fate and the world will never be perfect no matter how hard we try, but we can always try to be at our best at any possible situations.

    (P.s let us pray for mother earth 💜)

  6. i see this in another perspective, this is a clip about hujman nature, nature to control, of ignorance and most of all. we like to suffer

    Using fake news!

    Edit:They also make all people suffer and destroying Man kind!

  8. Means…
    1. Anyone can become rich..
    2. Any work can be done in a second
    3. We don't need to study because we will be born intelligent
    4. And very beautiful formula for ladies as they will look beautiful all the time
    5. And the very nice property that death will not affect us we will become alive again
    Means if NASA & ISRO put this cream in engine they can go anywhere in the world

    I wish it was real 😔
    like below and let me know who agrees….!

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  10. This video actually broke me and made me think about reality ;c how could you make a video like thiss its terrifying

  11. Wow I loved this so much if this ever happens I would never trust it you can't fix the past it sounds to good to be true and it looks like something with the texture of glue…

  12. wow… crazy how the media was used to spread lies and false stories in an effort to persuade the public… that's the craziest thing ive ever heard of.

  13. the film shows how close and open minded we are… it also shows that we humans are just good when they need something. However, if you are not capable of doing something anymore they will get rid of you.. they will do anything just to get rid of us

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