CRAZY Streetball Crossover – Streetball Ankle Breakers | Snake

CRAZY Streetball Crossover – Streetball Ankle Breakers | Snake

Crazy Streetball Crossover – Streetball Ankle Breakers Jesse Muench here with Get Handles .com. Today i got a crazy streetball crossover it’s completely legal if you do it the right way and it’s called the stop step real quick before we jump into the video leave a comment down below let me know what else you guys want to see from the channel to get a ton of ideas from you guys the things i’m getting the most comments on how things are going to bring you guys so thanks for all the comments you guys have been leaving and leave me a bunch more so I know what else to bring you and if you haven’t yet and you’re new to the channel make sure you click that subscribe button and get on that notification squad so you can catch the news tips tutorials drills moves all that stuff and bring it for you guys let’s jump into the stop step alright so this movie is a little bit more of a flashy time with more to get losing oz so if you are doing this you don’t think about doing this in front of your coach for an organized basketball team you’re probably gonna want to think twice isn’t something you probably want to do for that situation again it’s more for entertainment more pickup basketball rec leagues maybe but make sure you pay attention to the testing this to keep it legal if you do want to do it and pickup basketball as well as you get some people calling you four carries and whatnot so the first thing we’re gonna start off with is a 360 rap behind the back and basically what that’s going to look like is this ok now to do that without caring is very top and I know even myself sometimes when i do what i do tend to carry with it just because it’s it feels more comfortable easy to do it so you want you don’t keep in mind your positioning on the basketball if your hand goes over halfway under the ball on this side or this side for any move you do that is technically a carry so when you’re doing this rap you want to try to keep your hand over halfway on top of the ball wrap it around and then push it back to the same side okay so whichever hand as the body trying to wrap it all the way behind the back and then back in front of the body back to that same hand so what you want to do that is when you’re wrapping the ball around bring this hand all the way to the opposite side and try to get in front of your waist notice on my palm I talked about this a lot of my fundamental break down the next level breakdowns that I do as far as paying attention which direction your palms facing its Kate facing that way so the ball is probably going to travel that way okay so coming here and then adding a little bit of a wrist flick at the end there to get the ball to push that way a little more and if you get a little finger curl at the last second to kind of close fingers and you can kind of get the ball to push back even tighter this way ok little tip for you keep it tighter to your body you don’t have that in there the vault ends up coming up further in front of the body okay so what you want to try to get it tight back to this side and you want to land kind of right in front of this foot now instead of catching it back with the same hand you’re going to bring this leg up ok so once the ball gets here you left the slide off that timing is important to make sure you do it after the ball come to you because if you do it too soon you hit the basketball ok so you want to make sure that timing is so it’s after the ball has bones then you’re going to lift that leg up the opposite hand is going to come over the top of the basketball and a sham . motion tap it under that way ok so like this this ok keep i can give you on that is when the hand comes on the basketball try to keep it real tight and close to the knee and then tap the outside of the neat that’s going to share the basketball comes to him with every single time it’ll make it a lot easier for you so here here all right now this is where the stop step comes into it so so far we’ve been doing some crazy stuff and we just started lifting this leg this lifting the leg is what the stop step is because you’re stopping and going to keep this like in the air and you’re going to sham got it between the lights ok so we did a sham got from once I don’t cross the leg then the other hand is going to get the basketball and sham got it through that way again good key tip on that tap the leg on the inside this time with that hand so tap on the outside step on the inside alright then from there all you want to do is you’re going to have this like lifted right so when you come between the legs with this what you’re going to want to do is kind of really drop down onto this step and put your weight into it allow you to explode to the basket quickly because you’re gonna be kind of more upright for this so you want to use this like being lifted to your advantage because normally trying to move from a position like this and holding it’s going to be hard right but if you allow it to kind of drop down and forward like that it’s going to kind of put you into a nice you know propelled motion forward right away so altogether gonna be like this this this and notice that timing when I pull the ball through here as the balls hitting the ground I’m trying to get my foot onto the ground at the same time at the balls hitting the ground so that way when his foot comes down this hand can get on the basketball and I can start pushing forward right away there’s no pause in there anything like that because I’m coming here stopping and then going that difference in timing is going to be huge now a couple things to keep in mind like you might think we’ll call my going to get all this off with a finger on me well you don’t want to probably do this with your finger real tight you to begin with is you are going to though you want to make sure you really sell this behind-the-back that you’re either gonna come this way but like doing it like a crossover or that you’re going to do it almost like a path that you’re trying to pass to a teammate to kind of freeze them up or at least put the sweet so that way that gives you the timing in the space to bring the ball all the way back to this hand or to the side it should say because going to come with the other hand and then go into that next dribble sort of you the time to do that and that ok then from there you can get those first two dribbles off you should be good to go because when you pull it back with a sham . between the legs are pulling away from the defender protecting the basketball your light here and that’s one final key tip want to give you is focusing on pulling the ball back and getting into the ball behind your hip here because if you do that sham got between the legs more forward it can allow you to go forward a little more quickly but you’re also putting the ball out here words are protected in the defender to get after if it’s back here it’s gonna be a lot harder for the defender get the hand on the basketball so they break down three dribble moves fairly complex gonna take a little while to accomplish with the repetitions and I can guarantee you can let’s take a look at the full speed from different angles if you thought this movie was crazy and you want some more crazy ankle-breaking moves make sure you click this link in the top right hand corner screen i’ll send you $MONEY for more crazy street ball moves that are completely legal as well as email you some secrets to breaking on the fenders that a typical basketball player would know about these are kind of street ball type secrets to legally be two defenders this isn’t like stuff you can’t actually do it again you can actually do this stuff in a game just click that link in the top right hand corner screen otherwise you can click the top link in the description down below its get handles that calm / dragon dash bones just pop in your email and i’ll send that you instantly for free and if you found this video helpful make sure you click that like button leave a comment down below let me know if you got this move off in a game and let me know if there’s anything else you want to see from the channel the things i’m getting the most common type of the things I’m going to bring you guys the videos for and if you haven’t yet make sure you click that subscribe button and get on that notification squat to catch the news tutorials and drills and bringing for you guys as always thanks for watching stay tuned for more and break some ankles today Crazy Streetball Crossover – Streetball Ankle Breakers

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  1. Jesse can U teach us how to shoot the ball how to be accurate at shooting the ball and how to shoot from beyond the 3 point line

  2. Please share the link of Doing 360° behind the back .. I am not getting any good video for this. I am sure you must have that

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