CRASHING OUR HELICOPTER INTO A LAKE – Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Duos | Pungence

– I’m comin’! This is gonna be the
closest call of all time. No! Oh he’s in the house! Dude, there’s a helicopter. Look at this, we’re flying. (laughs) Um, you need to turn left, uh oh. Alright, here we go. Are you on a truck? – [Skyzm] I am! Where are you? – I’m on a truck! I can’t see you, hey,
– Are you on a different truck?
– I’m on a different truck! When do we shoot, do you see windmills? – [Skyzm] Yes! – Okay, we won’t go for the windmills. You see windmills, avoid ’em. (laughing) I see your name! – [Skyzm] Avoid ’em, at all costs. – Dude these trucks, this reminds me of Cluster Truck, which is another game that Landfall made. – [Skyzm] Oh they made it? – Yeah, they made Cluster Truck as well.
– [Skyzm] I didn’t know that. Alright, we gotta pick a spot. – We gotta pick a spot! Are there multiple maps or somethin’? – [Skyzm] We’re goin’ to the windmills. – We’re goin’ to the windmills? – [Skyzm] The windmills to the left? – Did you fire?
– [Skyzm] No. – I fired at windmills.
– [Skyzm] I fired, I fired. I’m right behind you,
there’s a house here. – Yeah, there’s a house, ow! So this is my first game. You didn’t play a game, in all fairness. – [Skyzm] Yeah, I did play
a game, I came in third. – You got third place? – [Skyzm] I got third place. Hey, gear up buddy! – Dude, I got a helmet, I got body armor. – [Skyzm] Are you serious?
– Yeah! – [Skyzm] You have a gun? – I got nothin’. – [Skyzm] I got a pistol, a pistolero. You want this? – You take it.
– [Skyzm] Okay. – Watch out for that vehicle. – [Skyzm] I see it over
there, I see the car. Okay, we’re in the circle right now. – Is there like a map? Oh there is a map! – [Skyzm] Yeah, you hit M. Dude we gotta get you,
we gotta get gear though. – Where do we go, Crappy Castle? Dodskurvan? – [Skyzm] I think if we go to
Dodskur, d, d, durlerville. It looks like a lot of houses. – Yeah. – [Skyzm] I think we can get some stuff. – Okay. Dude, there’s people over there. They’re all fightin’. – [Skyzm] You wanna go kill ’em? – No, I got nothin’.
(laughs) So we’re goin’ to Dodsker? – [Skyzm] We can do it;
they’re comin’ towards us. – Uh oh, there’s a ladder that
goes into these windmills! – [Skyzm] Oh dude!
– I bet there’s things at these windmills! – [Skyzm] There might be.
– For me. For me, for me. – [Skyzm] Yeah those guys alright, those guys are at the
houses we were just at, they’re like guards,
definitely following us. Hey, you gonna get somethin’? – I’m gonna, dude there’s
a ladder in this windmill. – [Skyzm] Yes!
– Okay, do you have a helmet? Oh my goodness.
– [Skyzm] Uh, no. – Dude, I found a decoy. I’m gonna throw this
decoy grenade out here. – [Skyzm] Okay, oh you got a gun. – I got a gun? – [Skyzm] Yeah, you have a gun. – I’m gonna throw this dummy grenade and there we go! Let’s see what pops up. Dude, it looks just
like you with the thing. – [Skyzm] You look like
you, in a bathrobe. – Okay, I’m goin’ up this ladder. (laughs) And by go up, I mean, not go up! – [Skyzm] Those guys
are going away from us. You can’t get up the ladder? – No, can you? – [Skyzm] Nope, no sir! – Okay, we still goin’ to Dodskersnaz? – [Skyzm] Yeah, snaz, snarlersville. – We’re goin’ to snarlersnaz? – [Skyzm] Where do you
wanna go fight though, you don’t have a gun yet. – I gotta a gun, I got 30 bullets. – [Skyzm] Let’s go kick, c’mon. – We’ll get those guys? – [Skyzm] I guess.
– I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I’m like a loot meister. I just wanna get a lot of stuff and just see what I get.
– [Skyzm] What’d you say? A loot oyster? – I’m a loot meister. – [Skyzm] Meister, okay. – Yeah, a loot oyster as well. – [Skyzm] A loot oyster. (laughing) I just like to collect
the loot and clam up. – Is a level four helmet,
what’s your level? There’s a car.
– [Skyzm] I got level three. – There’s a car. – [Skyzm] Is someone in
it, or we can take it? – We can take it, it’s our car! No, someone just took it! – [Skyzm] Do you have your permit? – No, they took our car. – [Skyzm] Are they driving this way, because I’m gonna shoot their faces. – There’s a piano I’m gonna play. What was that explosion,
did you hear that? – [Skyzm] Yeah, probably somebody crashin’ the stupid car.
– Probably, that’s our car! Okay, it should be
illegal for these houses to be completely empty. – [Skyzm] Yeah, c’mon! – What’s that all about. Dude, there’s a guy here. – [Skyzm] Uh, what? – There’s a guy here. Like this way, where I’m lookin’. We’ll kill him. – [Skyzm] Let’s go kill him! – Should we kill? – [Skyzm] Yeah, no mercy! – I got, I hit him at least once. – [Skyzm] Seriously? – Yeah, he just past this rock. – [Skyzm] Watch me. – Oh! Wow. What kind of grenade was that? Um, wait, he was just past this rock. You gotta believe me. – [Skyzm] I did not see him. I’m zero percent convinced
that this person ever existed. – I even got the thing! (laughing) It makes a sound, it makes a
sound when you hit someone. I got that sound!
– [Skyzm] Yeah, okay, sure. – You gotta believe me.
– [Skyzm] Good job, buddy. – You gotta believe me. – I promise!
– [Skyzm] Good job. – I promise I, I promise
I saw him and I shot him. – [Skyzm] Whoa whoa, we got company. – Okay! Um, are you ready for killin’? – [Skyzm] He shot me. – They shot you?
– They shot me. – Are you dead?
– [Skyzm] No. – Where are they? – [Skyzm] They are on their way. (Bullets Firing)
– Oh no! Oh, he’s in the house. – [Skyzm] Oh no!
– I’m downed. I hurt. I think I might’ve hit him. (Bullet Firing)
– [Skyzm] Oh, I’m done. – So, you know, there were 15 people. You dead. (laughing)
– [Skyzm] Bye bye. – You know, we were 15 people left. I’d say that’s a win, personally. – [Skyzm] Of course,
that’s one win for us. – One win, we’re a hundred
percent, at all wins. So far.
(laughs) – [Skyzm] And, edit.
– And, edit. (laughs) – [Skyzm] Okay, here we go.
– Here we go! So we can see our pathway. We can go to Doskurvan
again, we got Ruins, Harbor, you lookin’ at the map? – [Skyzm] Yeah I’m lookin’ baby. – We got big work, we got small work, we can go to the gym! – [Skyzm] Big work. (laughing) – Dude, there’s a military place! Military place is gonna
have all the best stuff. – [Skyzm] That sounds like it’s gonna have better guns than we had the last time. – Right, wanna try it? – [Skyzm] Yeah. – No, it’d be impossible. Big work? – [Skyzm] Big work. – Big work.
– [Skyzm] Which we means we gotta nice little enjoyable
ride out of his here. – Dude, I marked it. Right click to mark it on the map. – [Skyzm] Oh, I see your mark! – You see the mark? – [Skyzm] What game is this? – What a fantastic game, whoa, is it that big thing? – [Skyzm] Yeah.
– Wow. – [Skyzm] It’s like a huge arrow. – That’s awesome. – [Skyzm] They goin’ get work. (singing) – I’m ready for the work, big style. Dude, I just landed in this thing. Are you here? – [Skyzm] Yeah. Oh thank goodness. – ‘Bout to find out if
you take fall damage. You don’t. Ooh, I see somethin’ red, oh my goodness. I got a M-14. – [Skyzm] Yeah, baby.
– Baby. – [Skyzm] Oh, it’s time. – It’s time for killin’. – [Skyzm] So that red, if
you see a red glowy ball, it’s like an impulse thing, like it a, – Oh, impulse grenade. – [Skyzm] It glows back, yeah. – I like that, and you know you can change the fire raid on your guns? So far, I like big work. – [Skyzm] Mm hm, nice calm here. – Yeah, nice and calm. – [Skyzm] A guy could really sit down and, you know, make somethin’. – Get a lot of thinkin’ done.
(laughs) How we doin’ on circle? We’re doin’ great on circle! – [Skyzm] You killin’ someone?
– No, but I have a red dot, and I’m ready for killin’! – [Skyzm] You feel like you might! – I could! – [Skyzm] I gotta rifle. – A Kar 98, dude. – [Skyzm] Yeah, boy! – Oh my goodness, give me that red dot. – [Skyzm] Dude, I’m all
level foured up here. – What? – [Skyzm] Can’t wait to die immediately. – Oh my goodness dude,
I got a wall grenade, I can make a wall. – [Skyzm] I got body armor if you need it. – You got body odor? – [Skyzm] (laughing) Dude,
I was so worried about that when I started high school,
I would wear so much cologne. Disgusting. – You wouldn’t wear
deodorant, just cologne? – [Skyzm] Tons of deodorant. I put deodorant in my
butt crack, for real. I was that worried. (laughing) Like, I wiped it.
(laughing) Like I wiped it on my
cheeks I was so worried. – Well you probably smelled great! – [Skyzm] I would hope! Body armor’s right here,
now that I told you that horribly embarrassing
story about myself. – Wow, like, I think I could
edit everything else out in this video, and just keep that in. – [Skyzm] Oh, we’re not in
the circle anymore buddy! – Okay, where do we go! Military place! Okay, we goin’ to the city? – [Skyzm] Uh, yeah. That’s where the action’s gonna be. It’s where we gotta be. – We could go to military
place, it’s gotta be. Okay, in all these games,
if there’s a military place, it’s the busiest place on Earth. – [Skyzm] Uh, yeah, we need to move at least 20 seconds until it rings. – Whoops, here I come. I’m a comin’! I decided to stay. – [Skyzm] I feel good about this, 17, look at that, 17 alive. – 17 alive, ring progress, 10%. There’s the bridge, right there. – [Skyzm] I think we can
count this as a win already. – Yeah, should we back out? – [Skyzm] Yeah, it’s another win. – Another win, it’s just that easy. It kinda stinks that
that guy stole our car, remember that? – [Skyzm] Oh, that would’ve been helpful. – Yeah, I think, this is not confirmed. I have a feeling there
are planes in this game. Or air vehicles. – [Skyzm] I love a good air vehicle. – Mm hm, fly boys. – [Skyzm] We can check these houses. – Yeah, we have time for this? You get that, – [Skyzm] They’re in the circle. – Okay, you get that I’ll get this. – [Skyzm] Fantastic. – Thanks for creating these empty houses. – [Skyzm] Fantastic. – Loaded. – [Skyzm] I have a
feeling we’re walking into a death trap on this bridge dude. – Oh yeah. People are probably gonna be waiting. That’s what they do. – [Skyzm] Yeah, pedestrian walk lane. – Oh, we should probably
do that under the radar. I’m gonna crouch. – [Skyzm] I’m gonna run right
down the middle of the street. – Okay. – [Skyzm] Gun fire behind us. – Oh really? – [Skyzm] Yeah. – That’s not good. What’s that noise? – [Skyzm] That’s the,
– Helicopter! – [Skyzm] No, no, no ,no
– There’s a drop. – It’s the obolisk. – Oh, it is the obolisk. – [Skyzm] You see them dude? Isn’t that cool? – That’s really cool. Oh my goodness it’s goin’ up and oh, oh my goodness! – [Skyzm] Right? – This is the best ring ever. – [Skyzm] And then it
starts separating out and forms a wall. – Dude that is sick! – [Skyzm] Pretty much
the coolest thing ever. – This is the coolest thing ever. So I think it’s safe to
say this game’s better than Player Unknown
Battlegrounds and Fortnite? – [Skyzm] Yeah, a billion time. Pretty safe. – Alright, I already
see two people up there. They’re on that hill. There’s three people up there! – [Skyzm] Or down. – Are you shootin’ em? – [Skyzm] No. What is that? – I don’t know. I see like an apple? No! Dude I just got the voller grenade! Yes, yes! I need to be close enough
to someone to use it. Last time I tried it though it shot me. (laughs) – [Skyzm] Dude, I actually that’s awesome. – Yeah, alright we got 11 alive. 11 alive. – [Skyzm] Can you take these guys? – Should we? – [Skyzm] Oh, yeah. – Dude, if I can get close
enough I can volley grenade those freaks. – [Skyzm] You could throw
that thing pretty far dude. – Yeah? We can sneak up on ’em do you see ’em? – [Skyzm] Not yet, I think
they may have moved on. Wait, they’re very close. – Your gun’s very close. Oh oh! There might be people behind us. – [Skyzm] I hear that on the bridge. – Oh yeah! – [Skyzm] They get a, – We should wait for them! – [Skyzm] Wait, I got a guy, I got a guy! – Oh my goodness, I opened the map. Okay where’s he at? I’ll volume. Oh no I’m dead! I hurt. – [Skyzm] Where are they? – I don’t know. Behind us. – [Skyzm] Dude. We got lit. – They came out of nowhere! – [Skyzm] That was like an ambush. – We got ambushed. I didn’t even get to
use the volley grenade. – [Skyzm] Top ten though we won. – Top ten. That’s another win! (laughs) Undefeated. – [Skyzm] Edit. – Edit. You know what they say,
third time’s the charm. Military place. – [Skyzm] We’re on military, you wanna. – We’re on military, we’re gonna launch and we’re gonna have a lot of action here. I don’t see it. – [Skyzm] Just fired dude. Just fired, did you fire? – I fired. I’m going to the brown
things with the round, what do you call it? Round,
– [Skyzm] Yeah I see it. – Hangars! I meant the hangars. It’s gonna get dangerous. There’s already people, lots
of people, coming to you. – [Skyzm] I got a flashback. There’s nothing over here dude. Stay inside if you can. – We’re dead meat. There’s so many people. There’s someone in every building. – [Skyzm] Here’s an oozey. – Okay. – [Skyzm] Another flash band. – Okay. – [Skyzm] Pan. – Okay. – [Skyzm] Here’s a gun
for you, here’s a gun. – Oh! – [Skyzm] P90, right on the ground. – P90 x I’ll take it. (laughs) – [Skyzm] Okay. A pterodactyl, backing out of struggle. (laughs) – I know what you’re talking about. Dude, look at that banal ax. You want that? – [Skyzm] No. – Oh, that replaced my AK. – [Skyzm] Wait, you have an AK? – I have an AK! – [Skyzm] Hey, look at you fancy. – Look at me I’m fancy. I’ll take the P90. – [Skyzm] There’s no bullets! – Uh oh. Are they shooting you? – [Skyzm] No. – Ladders are hard to go up. I’m gonna kill this guy. – [Skyzm] I see him, I see him. You see him? – Yep. Whoa! – [Skyzm] He’s firing at you. – And he’s got a taser thing. Dude! No, I’m down! You get him? What, I shot him so many times! – [Skyzm] So did I! – You dead! (laughs) I didn’t see him! I didn’t see how many people
were left, did you see? – [Skyzm] No, but I’m pretty sure we won. – I think there were only
like three people left. (laughs) So, three for three! – [Skyzm] Dude that guy was
holding his gun over his head. – I hit him a lot of
times, did you hit him? – [Skyzm] I hit him so many times man. – Huh. – [Skyzm] I don’t like that,
I don’t like that one bit. – I don’t like when people cheat. How do you feel when people cheat? – [Skyzm] I don’t like it. – Me neither. (Skyzm burps) Yeah. Edit. – [Skyzm] Okay, here we go. – Here we go. So for this one maybe
at the military place. How about chaos? That sounds fun. Chaos sounds nice and friendly. – [Skyzm] I’m launching. – You’re launching now? – [Skyzm] I’m launching. – Okay, I’ll launch. – [Skyzm] Dead ahead. – Whoa! – [Skyzm] Oh wow.
– Wow! That is chaos isn’t it? – [Skyzm] Yeah. – These houses are on top of each other. Dude! – [Skyzm] I regret, – You can climb very well and very easily. Not easily, but, you can
climb pretty much anything. I just wanna get this out of the house. What did I just find? I got the hand cannon. It’s an actual cannon. I have it. – [Skyzm] Do it.
– And it shoots cannon balls. – [Skyzm] Dude, – I’ll kill him. Oh, you see someone? – [Skyzm] Me? – Yeah. – [Skyzm] Yeah I saw him he came in and he shot me in the head. – Oh, you’re dead? – [Skyzm] I’m dying. – I’ll help you. I’ll shoot him with the cannon. – [Skyzm] I’m down. Can you see me with the pan? – Really? – [Skyzm] (laughs) Yeah. I’m dead, you’re dead. – Yeah, bye bye. – [Skyzm] How’d you die? – Well, I went in there
with you and he musta hit me with a pan? I don’t know I just went in
there with you and I died. – [Skyzm] Good thing we won that game. – Right. Four in a row. Edit. – [Skyzm] Military? – (squeals) Really? Okay, let’s do it, let’s do it. – [Skyzm] Yeah? – Yeah, we’ll die. – [Skyzm] Okay. – Everybody’s goin’. Where’d we go? – [Skyzm] Where’d you go? Did you launch? – I didn’t launch. I just launched it. And these houses, is this military? – [Skyzm] I’m following you. – I’m in city. Oh no, there’s a puncher! Puncher’s here. – [Skyzm] Yeah, go get the puncher! – Okay, he’s got green. He’s a green guy. He’s punchin’ me, I’m running. He can’t catch me when I run. I’m leadin’ him to you. – [Skyzm] Too fast for him – I’m leading him to you so you can help me punch him to death. – [Skyzm] Bring him. – Do you have any weapons? – [Skyzm] Nope. – Do you see me? – [Skyzm] Lookin’ for one. I see your knee. I have knife. – You have knife. – [Skyzm] Where is he? – He’s gone, ha. Syke. – [Skyzm] I came down
I was so ready though. – Hey if we find any bandages
or stuff I’ll take ’em. – [Skyzm] You hurt already? – Yeah, he was punching me in the face. He was like face punching me. – [Skyzm] Wait, do I have bandages? I do. – Do you know how to drop? You dropped? – [Skyzm] I dropped. – Oh, what a great guy. – [Skyzm] Mhmm. – And I’m healing. Wow. – [Skyzm] Jumping. – What a great game. – [Skyzm] Out the window. – Better than Fortnite. – [Skyzm] Dude you can do
cool stuff in this game. – Like what, parcor? – [Skyzm] Yeah. – How did you get there? Huh. (laughs) Obviously not like that. – [Skyzm] There’s a vector right here. (mumbles in foreign language) What? – The arrow, bundle of arrows. Yes! – [Skyzm] Oh, for real? – Oh, the volley grenade, yes. Oh, vector! I love vector. Dude there’s two cars right
there we can have both of them. – [Skyzm] Oh, you wanna joy ride? – Joy ride. We are right in the center of the circle. Yeah, we don’t really
need to drive anywhere. It’s just gonna be a joyride. Maybe we can run someone over. Pretty nice. – [Skyzm] (laughs) You’re
gonna drive and fire? – No way! Ouch!
– [Skyzm] Sorry. (laughs) – This is pretty amazing! – [Skyzm] Dude, this is good. – This is very good. I’m gonna find someone and kill ’em. – [Skyzm] Yep, top 19, that’s a win. – Time 19, another win. 100%, uh oh. – [Skyzm] Fantastic, five out of five. – People are shooting. I wonder if they’re shooting at me. Or are you shooting? – [Skyzm] I thought that was you. – Nope, not me. – [Skyzm] There’s a guy. So you not see the guy? – Where? – [Skyzm] Right behind you! – No. – [Skyzm] I was down by the manager. – Oh! No! – [Skyzm] Yeah, kill that guy. – There’s two guys! – [Skyzm] Yeah! – The manager! I didn’t use the volley grenade! – [Skyzm] No! Dude, I destroyed a guy in the car. – You did? – [Skyzm] I ran straight into him and he was sandwiched
between me and a rock. And he just shot me. – What? The manager? – [Skyzm] Yeah, I don’t know, just friend, assistant manager. (laughs) – I was about to run into him too. And I hit a rock or something. I was going right for
him and I hit a rock. We’re heading straight
for this techno forest. – [Skyzm] Yeah, forest? – Forest. – [Skyzm] Alright. I’ve got one of the 50 call machine guns. – What? – [Skyzm] I don’t see anyone. – I don’t see anybody, this is our place. – [Skyzm] This you? – Yeah, hi.
– [Skyzm] Here, here. – Oh! Oh my goodness. – [Skyzm] We need to leave now. – Yeah, I hear something. Is that ablas? – [Skyzm] Yeah, it’s the, – Yeah, there they go. – [Skyzm] It’s their huge manager, – That is so stinkin’ cool. And they’re comin’ in! They’re comin’ in faster than I expected. – [Skyzm] Mhmm. – Oh oh, what happens
if you’re outside of it? – [Skyzm] Oh boy. Don’t wanna be that. – Yeah I think that’s gonna happen! They’re too fast, they’re faster than me! – [Skyzm] Just run. – Oh no. – [Skyzm] They take a minute.
– They’re passed me. – [Skyzm] Make sure you
be in between two of ’em. – Okay. – [Skyzm] ‘Cause it takes them a minute to close their walls. – Oh my goodness we’re dead meat. Now would be a good time for a car. – [Skyzm] Good thing
we have all this gear. Oh my goodness we’re so far. – What happens if you’re outside the wall? – [Skyzm] You gotta run dude. – I’m running as fast as I can. I wonder, I think I’m slower
with this machine gun. Yeah I shoulda done that a long time ago. I’ve been running with a light
machine gun this whole time. Can you make it? Is it 89%? – [Skyzm] I think we can both make it. – Dude this is gonna be the
closest call of all time. – [Skyzm] Oh that one came up fast. – Oh my goodness dude is that 93%? – [Skyzm] 95? – There’s something on the ground. I wanted it. No, no! – [Skyzm] Joe come on! – I’m coming! – [Skyzm] Run! – No, no! No way! I just made it through. Oh my goodness. – [Skyzm] Holy crap. (laughs) That was incredible. – I raised the walls. – [Skyzm] That was incredible. – That was insane. – [Skyzm] There is not a single chance you could’ve been any
farther back and make it. This is a win already. – This is a win. We won. Total kills is zero. That’s good. (laughs) We’re still alive. – [Skyzm] Where’s that circle? I don’t want to do that again. – Oh, we gotta run. – [Skyzm] Look how far it is. – Oh my, we’re dead meat! Oh, there’s a car! – [Skyzm] Joe, where? – We’re saved, just follow me. – [Skyzm] We got no time to waste. I’m in, I’m in go go go. – Here we go. You tell me left or right. – [Skyzm] Take us, I’ll put a marker down. – We’re gonna hit a ramp here. Everything’s going according to plan. – [Skyzm] Just follow this road man. If you follow this road we’re in. – We’re doin’ it. – [Skyzm] We’re in the circle. – Okay, in the circle. So we go in these houses right? – [Skyzm] I guess, yeah, let’s do it. – Yeah it’s good to be towards
the outside of the circle. Work our way in. Oh, dude, people, people shootin’. Do you know from where? – [Skyzm] I think I see them. Downed them. – No way. Is there another guy? – [Skyzm] Man, he’s durable! He don’t wanna die. – No he doesn’t. [Skyzm] Are you shooting him? – I’m shooting him I hit him four times, five times, six times. There’s another guy to the left! – [Skyzm] I see him, I see him. – I hit him. – [Skyzm] He’s doing something, watch out dude. – What’s with this guy being so durable? – [Skyzm] Man that was rough. – Oh, is he down? – [Skyzm] He’s not down. I didn’t down him. I see him. – Dude what weapon is that? – [Skyzm] Downed him. – Nice. You got him. Dude, are we in the circle? – [Skyzm] We are, – We’re just in. – [Skyzm] We’re moving. – Okay, I’m gonna get
our car in the circle. – [Skyzm] Can you get to moving in? Holy crap, it moved this guy. – Wow, oh my goodness. Okay, did you get any loot off him? – [Skyzm] Dude, that was exciting. – That was nice, single digits. This is our best game ever. – [Skyzm] Oh yeah. – I can’t even see my gun is in the way. There we go. – [Skyzm] Alright, follow this road. – Okay, car’s about to explode. And we run. (laughs) Okay. – [Skyzm] Okay, well I guess
it’s on foot from here. I think we can, you know,
on foot we can probably hit the mountain? – I hit the road and it
started being on fire, okay? – [Skyzm] You hit the road. – It was dead on, ate alive. – [Skyzm] Behind you and to your left. Oh man! – That’s beautiful. – [Skyzm] It is beautiful, it’s so good. – Remember when we had that car? (laughs) That was nice. Oh, there’s another car. Oh perfect. – [Skyzm] Is that the car we just heard? – Probably. – [Skyzm] Yep, there’s a guy there. – Okay, get ready for killing. – [Skyzm] There he is, you see him? – Yep, dude there’s a helicopter! – [Skyzm] Holy crap! – Is he going in the helicopter? – [Skyzm] What? He’s tryin’? – He’s trying we gotta
steal that from him. – [Skyzm] It’s a police helicopter. I don’t think he knows how to fly it. – 18 just came out, whoa! There’s tow guys, there’s two guys. – [Skyzm] Yep, I see them. – Running a little low on ammo. – [Skyzm] Alright, I downed one. I’m almost dead, I’m almost dead. – I’m trying to get this guy dude. There’s three of ’em! – [Skyzm] I downed the other one. – I’m down. – [Skyzm] Okay. I gotta try to use a vantage. I’m getting hit, I’m
getting hit, I’m down. – Ah! Six alive, there were three guys together! – [Skyzm] Dude that’s crazy. – They had a helicopter! – [Skyzm] We took down two of ’em. – Oh my goodness. – [Skyzm] What a game! – That was our best game. – [Skyzm] You wanna drop ruins this time? – Yes. – [Skyzm] Right, it’s dead
center, gives us good access. – Yeah, oh this is a castle. – [Skyzm] Yeah. – Oh yeah. There’s a guy here. There’s a guy here. I’m gonna shoot him with a car 98. – [Skyzm] Yeah do that. – Maybe not. – [Skyzm] Scar is gonna be better. – Scar’s gonna be better. He’s driving away in our car. He’s wearing a chicken head. I’m killing him. – [Skyzm] Oh, you’re killin’ him. – I think I hit him once. – [Skyzm] I think he’s sorry. – He’s sorry. Yes. – [Skyzm] Car is very strong. – Got him! – [Skyzm] Yes dude! – I downed him. So he’s still alive? – [Skyzm] Yeah. – I can resurrect him? That’s weird. So he has a teammate. How do you kill these people? Okay, I know how you do it. Car 90H should do it. That didn’t do it. A sniper to the head. – [Skyzm] Alright, I guess
we just leave him to die. – Okay, yeah, that’s good. Hey we got our car back. – [Skyzm] Alright, let’s go man. – Yeah, let’s go. Car’s on fire. – [Skyzm] Let’s get out. Did you see that? – Dude I’m hurtin’! Let’s get out. – [Skyzm] You gotta get a bandaid. – That was a good car while it lasted. (laughs) – [Skyzm] Let’s roll. Let’s get out. – And let’s get out. – [Skyzm] The next
circle is very far away. – You know what would be nice? – [Skyzm] Pray there’s a car here. – Yep, if not we gotta run. – [Skyzm] How about the helicopter? Right in front of us.
– What? Are you serious? – [Skyzm] Yes. – Yes! Helicopter. You see it? – [Skyzm] (singing) All of
our dreams have come true. – Where is it? Where’s the helicopter? – [Skyzm] Right through the woods. – No way. How did you see that? – [Skyzm] Yeah we’re goin’ this way. Right here. Dead center dude.
– Oh my goodness. Let’s do it. Dude, do you think it has guns? – [Skyzm] I hope so but
I don’t think so though. – I bet we could shoot out of it though. You can shoot out of cars. – [Skyzm] Yeah man. – You want me to fly? I hear a car coming we gotta get in now. Are you in? Okay. – [Skyzm] I’m in. Go, go, go, go! – Um, how do you drive you think? – [Skyzm] Fly, fly now! – I’m flying! Okay. – [Skyzm] Commence fly, higher! – I’m flying! – [Skyzm] Up in the air! – I gotta look at the controls. Vehicle of E or left control. – [Skyzm] E or left control. – Okay. – [Skyzm] Down is space. – Oh, left control. – [Skyzm] Yes, yes. – Yes, we’re flying. It’s not working, it’s not going up. – [Skyzm] It’s not. – I need to, I need to, – [Skyzm] Opposite direction. – Okay, let’s at least go the right way and then I tried E. – [Skyzm] Okay, there’s a building. Go right, go right, you need to go right. – Okay, that’s kind of flying. Look at this, we’re flying! – [Skyzm] We just need
a little bit of ramp. – Just need a little bit of ramp. – [Skyzm] And we’re goin’ down. – Okay we’re still alive. Okay dude I gotta change, I gotta revibe. Alright, how about a random button. Vehicle up is gonna be I. Okay. – [Skyzm] I’ll get my gun out. – Can’t go up. Can’t. – [Skyzm] Vehicle up. – Can’t go up. – [Skyzm] Okay we need to go to the right. – Okay. Big ‘ol rock! (laughs) You know what we should do? – [Skyzm] This person has
to get out, keep popping up and it’s pretty tempting. – Maybe you should try flying. I’m getting out, I’m getting out. You try driving. Okay I’m in. Ready for flying? I set the market. – [Skyzm] Fly! – Fly! Going up!
– [Skyzm] Fly! Fly! – And flying! – [Skyzm] We’re flying! – We’re flying! – [Skyzm] Which way do I need to go? – You need to turn left. – [Skyzm] Okay, I’m going. – In the water. You need to, oh oh. – [Skyzm] Jet ski. – Okay, and swim! Swim! – [Skyzm] I’m getting
shot, I’m getting shot. – You’re getting shot at? You’re dead! – [Skyzm] Wait, I’m still swimming. – You’re still swimming? – [Skyzm] I’m down. – You’re down. I’m going to save you. They’ll probably shoot
me too but I’ll save ya. – [Skyzm] I’m kinda surprised they’re not already shooting you. – Helping a friend out. Come on. – [Skyzm] Good friend. – Gotcha! – [Skyzm] I’m down. – Okay, I gotcha! Yes! Here come the obelisks. We’re in the circle, 13 alive. Do you got any bandages? – [Skyzm] I have four bandages. – Okay. We’ll win. You lost all your guns? – [Skyzm] Guns are gone. I got a lotta heart, you know? – Wanna car 98? – [Skyzm] I mean, – I actually kinda prefer having two guns. I just feel more
comfortable having two guns. – [Skyzm] I understand. – Okay, and there you go.
– [Skyzm] Alright. It’s got some ammo in it too. – Nice. Eight alive, dude this is it! We about to win. – [Skyzm] Practically guarantee. – Basically guarantee. How about that helicopter? – [Skyzm] (laughs) Dude that
helicopter was ridiculous. – Straight to the water. Why couldn’t we go up? There’s seven alive. – [Skyzm] Pretty much a guarantee. – Pretty much a guarantee. Okay, okay, if we stay close to the edge no one can sneak up on us. – [Skyzm] I see a car. I see a guy, single. – Oh yeah, the car and the guy. – [Skyzm] No, there’s a guy
he just went off to the left. – There’s a guy who just went in a car. – [Skyzm] Different guy. – And he’s coming this way. Do you think he sees us? Okay, they’re in a
fight with someone else. – [Skyzm] Well, we got two
coming in off the bridge. – Okay. – [Skyzm] The open bridge behind us. – Should we attack them? – [Skyzm] Looks like
they’re coming our way. See ’em? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe we’ll wait a little
bit or what do you think? – [Skyzm] Give it a sec, give ’em a sec. – Give a sec. Six alive. So it’s us two, – [Skyzm] We’re going to
the house across the way. – So it’s us two, those two,
and the guys in the car. That’s it. – [Skyzm] Yeah, that’s it. – Maybe they’ll find each other. I still see ’em. Dude if we had a scope
we could take ’em out. – [Skyzm] Oh, he shot
at me, he shot at me. – Form the thing? – [Skyzm] Yeah, from across
the two guys down over there. Oh he shot me. – I wonder if they have scopes. Dude I can’t hit a darn
thing at this distance. – [Skyzm] Freakin’ reload, come on. – What do you say we reposition? (explosion) What? What was that? – [Skyzm] The guy from the center window. – Okay. There’s a guy down here. – [Skyzm] Rocket launcher downed me. Downed me. – Okay, I’m coming. I’m helping ya. – [Skyzm] Thank you. – Okay your guns are over
there by the entrance. – [Skyzm] Yep, got ’em. – Everyone’s going for us. – [Skyzm] Are we in the
middle of two battles here? – We’re in the middle of two battles. They’re all goin’ for us! – [Skyzm] Guy’s in the house, right here. Downed me. Do it Joe, do it! You downed him. – I got one of ’em. Okay, oh! Oh dude, he got me! He got me! You dead. – [Skyzm] Bye bye. – Okay that was our best game. – [Skyzm] Yeah man! – Oh! Dude that was so cool! Great white shark can’t
see me here, can he? Oh my goodness this thing is so big! We’re gonna get really big. It looks like I’m flappin’
wings or something. There he is, dude let’s go for it! Let’s go for it! Oh my goodness!

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