CORNER SHOP | EPISODE 6 – “Become The Carrom Board” – [1080p HD]

CORNER SHOP | EPISODE 6 – “Become The Carrom Board” – [1080p HD]

Corner Shop Show is sponsored by Merchiston Solicitors Previously, on Corner Shop, the fate of the high street lies in the hands of one man. Malik! Why you do this voice? Just say it properly! But, this is the voice they do in the movies, you… *sigh* Nevermind Previously on the Corner Shop Show… *Rewinding sound* I… won the high street competition, but… there was a video of me online… that went viral You could be on page 1 one day maybe not too far away, because of the scandal! What?! And everyone on the high street knew who I was. I know you! I saw a video of him online You’re having a fight with some African guy We are only making profit of twenty pound! We are in trouble, we are running out of time You guys do deliveries right? I’ll pay you obviously Hello Oh my gosh you made it! Just about The customers are happy yes, but we are still not making money What? Hey, what you do? What do you mean man, it’s Carrom Board man! It’s like Pool and Snooker, but with your hands You guys should do some sort of competition with this because I would pay to play this again. So I gave the high street hustler a call He organised a Carrom Board competition for me But… I forgot my wallet. But don’t worry~ I had a plan I legged it What? I didn’t say it was a good plan, did I? (Cantonese) This idiot, I’ve been waiting ages for him! Where has he gone?! Let me just call him… What’s he ringing me for? *Call answered* (Indian accent) Hello? Hey… Malik? You are calling the internet service providings, would you like to upgrade your providings to a new providings that is better than your current providings? No! I don’t want upgrading for providings. Where is Malik? Everybody likes upgradings I don’t care if it’s 5 time faster, mine twenty time faster! Okay? I don’t care. Where is Malik? What about downgradings? You are not Malik, I have wrong number okay. Bye-bye You make me upsettings… Maybe I have wrong number… I just… I try again *laughing* Ooh… erhh (Australian accent) G’day mate, what’s your name? My name is Tony… Tony-o? How can I help ya? I want to know where Malik is? Well that’s the thing about find your friends mate… it’s like, finding Wally… you just don’t know where he is You should add him on Facebook see if he checked into any locations, or type his name in Google even! Haha, you know what I mean mate? You see, there’s two things about life you need to understand; there’s a life you really have, and there’s the life you show the whole world on Instagram Now Hudson, that’s my favourite filter Sounds like you’re in a bit of a pickle mate but anyway, this Malik guy you’re so concerned about sounds like an amazing guy I think, you should treat him with a lot of respect, and feed him grapes from time to time, maybe, you know? Just uh… I call you back mate… So this is what you have been doing huh? When we have business trouble, you are here making… prank calls! No look… I found our solution Carrom Board competition? Yeah, look… the invites are gonna get sent around all the shops on the high street, all they gotta do is pay an entry fee, we’re sorted Look… we only need to make a little bit more money, maybe if we work a little be more harder, then we be okay? *sigh* Do you want to be just okay? Do you want to just exist? Or do you want to live? Are you always gonna be mediocre? It says, winner get’s a special prize… What is prize? Didn’t think of that… Aiyah~ Alright, look… I’ll win… I’ll beat everyone, that way don’t have to give a prize. But you are not good at anything! Maybe next time I’m upgrading your providing! That was funny though, innit? Tony… Tony? What do you mean late delivery? Mate! I am so sorry, it’s so much traffic…? You listen to me now, I need my bag of potatoes or else I can’t run my business. POTATOES!~ Yes, potatoes! I’ll try to get there as quick as I can Ah shut up! Hold on for a second Well I’ll be damned, Malik, that little chancer. All right I better go, I’ll call you as soon as I get there Wait, don’t you dare hang up on me, you little weasel! How can I help? Yes mate, what’s on your menu? Oh my gosh This chapter here, is so true. Trust me, Shanteliqua knows. Shanteliqua KNOWS! Everything… like… makes like so much more sense now All my girls… they told me that I could do better. So like… I did it and then… all that eyelash glue… went like… all over the place. Babe, it’s all right, trust me it happens to all of us Claudia, back me up please (Spanish) Of course she knows, what she’s talking about See, trust me Shanteliqua knows, Shanteliqua knows! Chica look, you need to see this! Look, Malik’s doing a Carrom Board competition That Malik thinks he runs this high street Oh I know Malik, from the Corner Shop oh he’s a really cool guy, I like him *Kisses her teeth* Sorry mami, but we’re closing the shop now What about my nails? It’s fine… new fashion… trust me babe, Shanteliqua knows Come on let’s go Vamos mami Okay! Haha ~! Yes! Yes You saw me on TV isn’t it? on TV Ya~ Superstar~ “Fabiloso” Come on… of course! Of course I own the Barber Shop now You know, you know Dr. Drake, he signed me isn’t it? Dr. Drake! Oh my days, this guy is still on the phone fam Still on the phone fam?! Oh my goodness Come on man, I need a trim I’ve been waiting for this trim all day Fam, you man want a trim? Erh… I’m… Bruv I can do fades, patterns, everything blood Nah, I’m trying to get a bus, I’m going to get the bus I left my wallet at home… Yeah… Um.. You man ain’t serious Nah, I’m… the bus… the bus… Okay okay, Uncle? yeah yeah, I call you Okay, bye bye bye-bye, bye bye bye bye Yo What’s that? Okay… Malik has grown wings yeah? Mhh, okay Are you gonna RSVP that now? Hey, that’s that thing I’m training Malik for Eddy Eddy Okay, look after the shop yeah? Okay, ya, ya, ya, bye What? What about my trim? Wait, slow down *sound of clippers* Black people always die first in the movies I’m light skin, I’ll see you Oi Troy! Oi Oi Troy! Oi Troy! Troy *muffled* *wind howls* Boss? Boss Boss, boss, boss, boss, boss? Boss Boss Boss Boss Boss The Corner Shop Carrom Board Competition Okay… So Malik thinks by defeatiung me in the last competition he can start his own one now? Tonight, he will find out that he who is a winner even after losing is not only known as a ‘gambler’ But…The Off License Today, the Off License will take its revenge on Malik You and your Corner Shop… finished! *Sound of thunder* Let’s go Amil “Sound of thunder* Why is it thundering for? *singing Off License theme* While the invites were getting handed out I needed to train but I can’t afford a gym membership so, erm… *Rocky theme tune* Oi Malik Come on! Do it faster! Do it harder! Hey! I’m, I’m sorry man I’m sorry I’m sorry! *Malik hums Rocky theme tune* Hey Malik, I am going to shut the shop, it’s time for Carrom board competition All right, I am just going to throw the rubbish out Hurry up! All right *continues humming theme* *Ominous music* “Do you see the boy?” Yeah boss, I see him “I need to know everything about him” Do not worry boss I follow him on Instagram Halal English breakfast yeah? What ever you do Do not engage Do not worry boss, do not worry *Up beat music* All right who is first? Malik, I hope you brought your four leaf clover Because you are going to lose mate. You need do not need luck when you got tekkers mate! You would know this game is Asian If we were playing with potatoes I would win. Potatoes! And that is how you play Carrom board my friend You are a talented one aren’t you? Who is next? Are you sure your nails can handle this? Listen yeah Malik… Shut up innit! No, no, no, no, no, not like that, like this, look I thought you were good at this This is a Man’s game A Man! I do not know how to play This is going to ruin my nails Next! I paint nails, I haven’t got time for this This games dumb, like you Malik Let’s go mami, let’s go Can I get some paracetamol? Who invited you? Why you here? Paracetamol! Why you come?! Ah, not you again Eh?! Is that how you great me yeah? I am celebrity! What you mean? Haha, come on You are so gassed What do you mean?! Rocky Balboa on the Carrom board mate *Celebratory chanting* Oooh in your face! Eh eh eh, one two one two one two Ahhhh What do you mean?! Hey! What do you mean? Ah, ah, with your coconut head Stupid and dumb, ah! What do you mean?! Come on This is too easy *Off license theme tune* *cross-fade to Ominous music* I know it is you Shaving your beards and turning your hats the other way does not make a difference I ain’t gonna lie Malik You’re a smart guy Intellectual I don’t remember inviting you Yeah that was kind of rude you know? I know we got beef but… You were doing a game innit And you didn’t come knock for us to come play And even though we’re called Off License and you are Corner Shop Like, we’re only across the road and that… Shut up! Malik Best out of three I beat you twice all ready The High Street Competition and the Bag Packing Battle I can’t count How do you put up with him? He gives me Skittles some times *Sigh* *Cheering for Malik* Focus! You keep spitting! Focus! Go on Malik! Well done! Whatever! That is the luck of the Irish there! Be like boric powder Go and paint some nails now! Become the Carrom board Tariq I am really scared man Do not worry man All he has to do is get the Red one in, and then the White one, and he wins It is all over Malik It is over Just give up Give up! I got a bet on this you know? What…? I flew out here because my little brother needed a kick up the backside Who did Dad choose to run the shop?! Obviously the wrong one Eh!? So you have grown wings isn’t it? You have grown wings! But you are not good at anything! Oi Malik Don’t cry! Awh, man’s getting emotional Where were you when I needed you hey? I ain’t gonna lie Malik He ain’t gonna lie fam You are putting up a good fight Yeah well I am different now Your Dad did it all by himself and so can you

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  2. i swear down!! you guys are amazing!! but ma lil brother loves this episode made me watch it about a 1000 tyms now hahha – keepp up the fab love – #Nuff Β  #Love Β 

  3. I have to praise your camerawork mate! So amazing script and off-licence guys are more than hilarious πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  4. Asalahmualaikum I am a British Bangladeshi as well and malik u give a very strong message btw your awesome and I would love to see more from the corner shop and do u have Skype or Kik my Skype is Lol,man1

  5. The ending was so powerful!! Thank you guys for allowing me to contribute on the journey of this wonderful series.


    As you all know, the bigger the episodes get the tougher it is to film, especially with no budget. We have crazy creative ideas and it involves a lot of cast and crew. Not everyone has the right availability for us to make it happen, we don't want to rush anything and make a rubbish Season Finale…so bear with us, we just need your support! Episode 9 & 10 will be an epic ending! x

  7. malik u really are so sweet and nice showing helping needy children YOUR THE BEST keep going 😊😊😊

  8. The Feels Oh God The Feels :'( You Guys Are Doing Such An Amazing Job, An Amazing Series Guys Keep It Up. Watching Behind The Scenes I Had No Clue How Much Time And Effort This Takes With An Incredible Cast. Honestly I Can Speak For Some We Should All Be Greatful For Every Minute Of Each Episode And All The Hard Work Every Single One Of You Guys Put In #ShowAppreciation #Thankful #KeepItUp (:

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    Salamualaikum may Allah send us jannah inshallah

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