Confessions of a Russian Spy

Well, I have to spend the next 15 years in
prison. Do I feel ok? You should answer yourself. My name is Deniss Metsavas and for the last
20 years I was the officer in Estonian Defense Forces. For so many years, two persons were inside
of me. ‘The Baltic people of Estonia have declared
their independence.’ ‘And are moving now to control their own
national territories and their own destinies.’ I grew up in a Russian enclave here in Estonia. My mother is Russian, my father is Russian, And I knew nothing about Estonia. I didn’t know the words of the Estonian
anthem. For me, joining the military service was a
very huge step. I got integrated into Estonian society. I cannot say that I became an Estonian, because
you cannot become, but you can fall in love. Deniss Metsavas… I was a hero. There was an incident. We went to see relatives in Russia. We went to a discotheque Friday night. I spend the time with one girl there. She was happy, I was happy. And the next morning I woke up and I had to
go to the downtown. When I stepped out of the house, a couple
of guys approached me, show their ID. They accused me that I raped the girl. There is a document, which is signed by her. They had a camera with a display. They show me a couple of very short clip. I said to them that I didn’t do that. I didn’t do anything bad or wrong. They actually agreed. They asked me, ‘would you in the future cooperate
with us?’ ‘We have everything against you, but we can
help you out with that.’ “What would you prefer?” There was a bomb in my head, exploding. I can get 10-15 years of prison in Russia, When I came back from Estonia after that,
whole year passed. I really hoped. Now I’m here in Estonia and it’s just gone. I got approached by the person. Hey, are you Deniss? Yeah, I am. Do you remember? He arranged a meeting. They told me they glad to see me there, I don’t have to worry anything about that
rape stuff. They really showed the initiative to help me. I told them a little information and I got
a little money for that, so it’s not a big deal. So are we done? And then they answered, no. They are very interested in my information
and they would like to continue cooperation. Denis Metsavas’s unfortunate career in spying
started in 2007 when he was recruited by Russian military
intelligence service called GRU. They try to recruit people when they are physically
on Russian soil, creating a situation where he would feel that
he was in trouble, and the only one that could help him was the
Russian intelligence service. Dennis passed on details about Estonian international
cooperation. We’re talking about treason. Russia is one of the few countries who sees
its neighbors as their enemies. Russia claims bombing Georgian targets this
morning. It is the 4th day of battling over Georgia
disputed province of south of Ossetia. Putin rules in Crimea now, his army controls
the road, borders, and military bases. Estonians started to worry that they may be next. It happened in Ukraine. It happened in Georgia. Why not here. For so many years, two persons were inside
of me. I married. I have a very beautiful wife. The child came also fastly. I started to live a normal person’s life. I was happy in every dimension. Life is perfect. I told them that I would like to cancel the
cooperation. They were very professional by keeping me
on hook. When I was promoted to General Headquarters, I started to send them good information, and become more valuable. I think they started to look for additional
means to keep me in. We have talked to your father, your father is ok to cooperate with us. He’s an old guy, and he also needs some additional
money. You understand that it’s not only you anymore. They got me on this second hook. Since 2014, Metsavas father was used more
or less as a courier to deliver the secret material physically
from Estonia to Russia. Somehow, I was ready for being arrested, because I thought about it like thousands
of times. It was a very strange morning actually. I’ve never seen that tight fog before. You cannot see your hand. That day was a big day. My son went to the new Kindergarten for the
first time and we had a lot of plans. When I was 200 meters away from Kindergarten,
I got stopped and arrested, and that’s how the new period in my life
started. The court decision is 15 years and 6 months. I already spent 6 months and 2 days in prison
already, so now I have 14 years, 353 days. They are at home. Well, disappointment will be a very gentle
word for that. There is a… a small guy… who is growing day after day, and if we’re talking about the 3rd of
September when I got arrested, he managed to put together two, three words, fifteen years later, the guy’s graduating
high school. Yeah, that’s it, next question please. I cannot blame Russia. They were lucky because of my personality. I still was a good officer, a good citizen. But of course, I understood very clearly what
I’m doing. It is still hard explain to myself even. Why? Why? I don’t know why.

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