Hello, What’s up. My name is Marcos Carretero. I’m a first year marketing student I’m a first year marketing student And today Im here to tell you about how to make your brand go viral with an investment of 0 the example is the T-shirt that I am wearing on right now. The brand is called Blue Banana Brand and is a brand very similar to an existing one, already very well known and Its name is Pompeii. this brand also began with two young entrepreneurs that saw a desing that they liked with this X logo and decided to build their own brand. specially selling T-shirts and hoodies with quite a high price although they have a good quality but its a high price. and well, how to… well, how did this brand go viral with practically a 0 investment so well what this brand did was mostly apply the lean start-up method. That basically consists on experimenting with the market investing as least as possible an example of this was their first delivery, that were 300 T-shirts. and try to see hoe the market was responding selling it to their friends, family… to see if the product was succesful, and so it was. And from there they kept on growing. the brand got each time bigger and bigger and at some point they decided to invest, but not really invest because the createors didnt wanted to spend money in that

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