CLASH – Königin vs. Soldat E03

CLASH – Königin vs. Soldat E03

You can get addicted to anything at all. The number of possibilities is so incredible. Harz – Germany If something happens, the media always say … He played Call of Duty or some other game … But I don’t think that that’s the reason for such acts. If I shoot someone down I’d never think: “Now I’ve killed that guy.” For me it’s just … a click. I’m Gion Janett, I’m from Steckborn in the Canton of Thurgau and … in my spare time … Or always, really, I play Counter Strike. I do that professionally. Top, top, top teams earn … a fixed salary of about 20,000 to 30,000 a month. The biggest tournament CS: GO is 1.5 million and 800,000 for the winner. It really is big business. They make a lot of money with this. Hi. I’m Lena. – Gion, hi. Does it make sense? – Yes. I’m Lena, I’m 19 and I’m from Berne. My hobby, and now also profession, is chess. Shall we play? – I can’t play this. Pity. You have to explain it. OK. So … Rook beats e2. I have to think. Bishop e2. What is chess? Someone said it’s a mixture between art, science and sports. Art … it’s aesthetic in a way, the geometry of the chess board too. Scientific, of course the … analytical side of it. And sports: It’s rather strenuous. After all, there are chess competitions. The games often take 4, 5, 6 hours. That also takes a lot of … energy, even alone. I think you have to be able to enjoy being alone to some extent Most of it I do on the computer, most of it is slow. But there are also 1-minute games, you only do those to get the adrenalin racing through your body. I’ve missed the boat to become world champion, but … top 100, top 50, that’s … still possible. I feel a bit cornered. Thank you. I think you can get addicted to anything at all. That’s an egoshooter, or rather, a tactical egoshooter. The terrorists have 15 rounds to … plant bombs … or to kill the other policemen. I understand anyone who thinks it’s brutal. But they should leave those in peace who don’t. It’s really brutal. I’ll have to play a game … I’ll probably be really lousy. Hi. – Hi. Everything OK? – Yes, fine. I’ve played things like FIFA, but was always lousy. So I don’t have any high expectations. But it’s not about winning against him. That won’t happen. Stop jumping around so much. No, I have to reload, shit. God! I’ll simply do something. – Yes. Check. Am I already dead? – Yes. Was it a shot in the head? – Yes. OK. – Shit. That won’t help me at all, but … Check. No! No! You’re putting up a pretty good fight. Really? – Yes, really. I played tabletop football, two against one who played with only one hand, and still I lost. This seems similar to me. There! Are you finished? – Yes. But it really wasn’t bad at all. Yes, I felt it. The pulse starts to race and so on. Yes, and … Sports doesn’t only mean running, you can simply sit there and it’s still strenuous. And it’s competitive too. For how many hours do you do that? Or how many hours have you …? How many altogether? – Yes. You can read it here. Oh, they indicate it? In 5 years? – Yes. 6,000 hours! Yes. – Are there any 10,000-hour rules? That it takes 10,000 hours to master something? But after some time you’ve … seen it all, haven’t you? Always the same … Yes, it … Many say that, but each round’s different. OK. The number of possibilities is so incredible, you can’t ever fathom them, that fascinates me. We also have team colleagues who are colleagues. We don’t often practice, I’m mostly alone. If you take part in the world championship there are five of us, each one in front of his PC. Those are real colleagues, we also chat together outside of the game. Afterwards you always hang out together and chat about something. Who’s birthday is it? Patrice? Of course I know gaming but I didn’t know that it’s marketed like this. Perhaps that could be done with chess too. The problem is that chess … is thought of as the game of intellectuals. It might be more marketable with things like these. That’d cater more to entertainment than a game with lots of prestige. Perhaps that could be changed. That would be cool. On a big screen. What impressed me most was your speed. OK, you said you’ve done this for 6,000 hours. Of course your movements have become automatic, but still, it’s extreme to see this. Chess doesn’t require good reflexes. But the type of person may be similar. She’s quiet like me, I think. She’s nice, cool. Maybe also for me, that I condemn it less. Not that I thought that everyone who played Counter Strike was … completely socially incompetent and … never went out in daylight. It all boils down to the same. She likes to win and competes with the best, like me. Both games need discipline, I think. If you want to ge to the top, the game ends up being your life. No. I forgot to tell you that you can duck using control. Thanks. – Simply if you … It goes on! Oh. I thought it was over if I happened to win. There’s a big difference between creating a character and identifying with it.

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  1. Beidi mached s'glichä; unheimlich viel Ziet investierä sich sälber innerä Tätigkeit optimierä um sich dänn mit anderä z'mässe. Ich gseh da kein Clash.

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