CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN CHALLENGE | Eating Challenge #FONDUE #Funny #Kids | Aayu and Pihu Show

Hi friends see what is this chocolate fountain. Today we are going to do the chocolate fountain challenge Interesting things will come we have to dip it in the chocolate and eat Did your mouth started watering ? So let’s start the challenge. My mouth is watering so much. Laughing Come on Mom got it This is your first item whatever comes, you both have to eat it. Mom it’s better you give me cooked vegetable only Surely i’ll give you the cooked vegetable. yes,yes I’ll eat that only Come on eat it likes this today I will eat a small portion woww. Are you enjoying Aayu? It tastes so bad. Done What is happening? What is this? Nothing, nothing happened. I didn’t do anything. No. It’s the first time i have eaten chocolate with cauliflower you could have given us chapati with the cauliflower And yes if you like chocolate please like And if you like me, like as well as share laughing Mom, bring the next item Today you are very excited Aayu. Here, second round Yeeahh. Oh cupcake, yeaah.. That was a bad one earlier, now it’s nice We’ll eat till our stomach gets full we will eat it all yummm.. This is very tasty This is my chocolate cake Mommy, next Look at your face Aayu Let me make it more cute Next Aayu you are very excited for the next one today. Come on, next one is here yeeaahh French fries!! That too with the chocolate It will be very good sister Chocolate french fries (Laughing) That’s a good idea We can eat it without the stick Dad? We can eat it right These are finger chips We ate these in finger chips challenge too Mom bring 1-2 kgs more yes, yes surely i’ll get you some more Next round Sister this will also be something good Banana Pople eat this combination probably Let us taste it… It would be nice probably I have never eaten it before Sister it feels like a cupcake Oh yumm! I am eating a banana flavoured chocolate It tastes like an ice cream to me. Me too Mom this was very good. We are enjoying it very much sister. Yes really Don’t know what will come next now. Next round Yes Who will eat this? Who will eat this? Aayu and Pihu will eat this This is capsicum I don’t want to eat this You will have to eat it You should eat healthy food also. Come on, take atleast one bite Aayu chocolate!!! Aayu you lick the chocolate with your finger every time Look at your face Aayu You look like a total moneky. See what you did to the table. Next round. Yeaahh Jalebii!! Jalebi !! I eat it without the chocolate It will be even more tasty (Laughing) Chocolate Jalebi It’s very tasty Mom, you wanna have it No you eat it I’ll eat later I’ll eat the whole fountain That’s ours It is ours We won’t give it you You wan’t to eat some more jalebi? Want some more ?? Eat one capsicum Eat some capsicum Next round This was the best item till yet. Jalebi with chocolate, you should try it too. We enjoyed it so much. Next round Will it be something good or bad this time ? Good Don’t know I told you it would be something good Sister I told you it would be something good. Yeah mango! yeah My Favourite … Mine favourite also Mumma’s favourite food Mine favourite is mini orange You saw that in fruti challenge also. That our favourite fruit is Mini Orange Mumma Open your mouth You eat that Mumma open your mouth You taste it Are you enjoying? Aayu eat it properly Yeah aayu You are tasting it with stick That’s it Next round I will eat that too I will place my mouth here I will eat it We can remove this container Please this on aayu Yes Chocolate will fall and he can eat it easily I will bath with chocolate Chocolate rain Friends – Think it will have a good one or a bad oen. Good one I also want a good one It is very good Yeah We will have a good timer This is wafers This is strawberry, but now it became chocolate. Mummy, I will eat 2 wafers Wow This is very tasty You didn’t ate capcicum. Look at Aayu Friends look at Aayu He eats a lot of chocolate Look at Aayu’s face Aayu eating chocolate and chocolate That’s it That’s it – Look Look at them Laughing – – – – – Could not understand it This is very tasty This is very tasty Tastier that jalebi Which was the best one? This one – Wafers Mumma do one thing Bring Dairy Milk This is dairy milk only. No Over it Laughing Aayu Aayu is still eating Ok – Let them eat OK TATA BYE BYE LOVE YOU ALL Chocolate Bye Bye Yummm Bye Bye Look at this Sister. Laughing Look at his face

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