Chico, il cane che gioca a nascondino

Chico, il cane che gioca a nascondino

What are you going to do tonight? We’d like to play, as we do everyday. We’d like to involve someone that speaks English. Me! You! Yes, I speak English. Should I come over there? That would be nice!
We’d love to play with you. We’ve got a new friend, Chico! How are you?
Good. Chico, look who’s here: Joe! Walk a little, Joe. Come to me. This dog can tell left from right. OK, I won’t ask you anymore. OK Joe, would you ask him where your shoes are? Wait, I’ll give you the power. Now can you do a little dance for me? It’s a very easy dance. This is how it’s done.
Give me the ball. They can dance the can-can! 😉 I’ll show you first. You try. We need to train Joe first. It’s easier with dogs. Ask him for a kiss, he’s affectionate too. Give me a kiss! OK, Joe.
One last thing. I’ll have you play hide-and-seek with my dog. I’ll give you the ball. It’s very easy.
That’s his post over there. You need to take two steps holding the ball. One, two and then you go: Chico, cuckoo! Pointing at his post.
He’ll stop looking around. He’s counting! Joe, you go hide yourself with the ball. Look at him counting! Don’t cheat, Chico. Don’t cheat! He’s cheating! Are you ready? Thank you, guys. It’s not easy playing with a dog. I’ve never seen a dog smarter than me. – Which is not that hard!
– Right, Joe? You finally found one! I found him, I found him! We’ve seen many animals, generally speaking but I’ve never seen anything like this. You were great.
Maybe one day I’ll give you my Vanessa so you can train her,
’cause she does whatever she wants. Chico will take care of her! I have a dog whose name is Quattro and he’s proof of something that I’ve always thought: the more people I know,
the more I want to stay with my dog. Let’s vote, then. Mara? Yes. – Fede?
– Yes. Joe? Then it’s 4 “woofs” for Chico! He said “thank you!” Congratulations.

100 thoughts on “Chico, il cane che gioca a nascondino

  1. like se anche tu dopo questo video sei andato dal tuo cane a dirgli: "Left! Right!" e lui non ti ha cagato minimamente

  2. like se anche tu dopo questo video sei andato dal tuo cane a dirgli: "Left! Right!" e lui non ti ha cagato minimamente

  3. Se la regazzina delle battute del 2017 ha vinto il golden buzzer lui ce dovrebbe già aver vinto Italia's got talent

  4. Ci sono io che faccio fatica a parlare in Italiano, poi c'è un cane che capisce l'Inglese. UN CAVOLO DI CANE CHE CAPISCE L'INGLESE😭😭😭😭

  5. Mi sono appena reso conto, guardando questo video che l’ho incontrato poco tempo fa al centro di Roma ad esibirsi con il suo cane…qualcuno sa dirmi come si chiama il padrone

  6. Bellissimo che con la presenza di Joe a Italia's got Talent ora commentate anche qui con le citazioni di Masterchef. 😂

  7. Ciao, questa è la mia nuova cover! Passa da me a sentirla e a darmi un tuo parere! 😊 Lasciami un Like se ti piace e condividi il video con gli amici 👍🏼  grazie!

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