Chest workouts at the gym for beginners by Dilse Indians

Chest workouts at the gym for beginners by Dilse Indians

HELLO GUYS WELCOME TO EVENTSTARS Friends, like I would tell you this is my second video related to Gym. And in this video I’m going to tell you about the chests’ excercices How do you do chest exercises?So Let’s start with perfect cuting and shape in your chest. First of all, after entering entry into Gym, give a little stress to your body. That is why energy comes in your body. Then you will want to do dips exercise, 10 to 10 + 10 + 10=40 again. You must do this exercise so that your chest gets stress and you can easily do the rest of the exercises. You will get enough energy by doing this exercise. Let’s go ahead and then you’re doing Dicline Barbell Press exercise This exercise boosts your chest and strengthens hands too. You get 15 raps for this exercise ,And friends, do not try to lift too much weight The more you take the weights than the weight, and increase the weight of one or two kilos in every exercise Ok guys, so go ahead for our next exercise. So the next exercise is, the Dicline Dumble Chest Fly, these exercise help a lot in dividing your chest. These exercises are very important for chests, this exercise are create a good cuttting in your chest. Friends, that cut is made of this exercise only, if you do this exercise well then your chest will get very good cutting. You can also remove 15 rapes of this exercise, and 1 or 2 kg weight gain in sari exercises. So let’s go ahead and move forward. Then you should Incline cable flyes, these exercises give a good chest . in this exercise you have to put the right and left same weight. The equal weight is comon, and in the starting set of this exercice, the light weight continues to rise again, you can remove 10 rapes of this exercise. So friends go ahead, Next exercise is Inciline Barbell Press. This Exercise Ion the bench with a rod is to be exercise. These exercises give shape to your bottom chest And also strengthens the ribs. And you also get 10 raps of this exercise. Next exercise is dips You have to balance both hands in this exercice, so that all your weight comes on your chest These exercises do not just strengthen your chest but also strengthen your hands. Do not put too much pressure on your chests in this way.and you also get 10 raps of this exercise Then you can make the lying cable flyes These exercises give a nice and good shape to your chest, it helps you to get the shape and you also get 15 rap of this exercise. After that the next Nuetral Grip At Locked, in the lockout which is shown on the screen. You have to do exactly the same thing and initially put the weight lightly and gradually increase this exercise and you also get 10 rap of this exercise After that the name of the name of the flame pally cable is like the name you have understood how to do it, as if you are looking at the screen and if you have any doubt then you can ask in your comment that your whole help will be made In this exercise your two hands will go downwards towards your chest.,you also get 10 raps in this exercice. After that,next exercices is pec dec fly. This excercise also gives a very good shape. in this exercise you will lift heavy weight after all set of this exercise. And you also get 15 raps of this exercise. After this, these angles will perform these exercises on the Dumbbell Bench as you are seeing these exercises will give a good shape to your Chest Lower Part in this exercice you start to lift small weight, then you also get 10 raps of this exercice after that , press the Machine Chest .This excersise makes you chest hard and solid. There is no hurry to do this exercise so that no sprained scene in your shoulders are curtained please you lift light weight in this exercise . And you also get 10 raps of this exercise. after that , The Next Exercises Bench Press is done on this bench, as you are looking at the screen it gives a good shape to the upper part of your chest.The first weight in this exercise is to increase the weight again
And you also get 15 raps of this exercise. After that friends, you can press the flat dumbbell chest press, you have these exercises on flat bench . These exercises not only make your chest a good shape but also strengthen your hands.. Gives a nice cut to your hands too.. get 15 rap of these exercises End the Last Exercise Cable Fly These Exercises should be done by pushing the upper part of the body forward and then pushing the hands downwards and pushing your hands behind and pushing all the force on your chest to make one leg forward get 10 rap of this exercise So these friends were the Exercising Exercises about chests you do daily routine ways If you do not have any shape or cuttings in your chest, these exercises will make a good shape for your chest . if you liked this video, then write it and subscribe to our channel eventstars, whatever is doubt in your mind, you can comment ,then friends will meet again. Thank you for watching video and Never Forget then Subscriber Thankyou

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  1. Sir chest ka top 4 steps batadijiye na q ki itna time to nahi hota ki gym me itna waqt de pawu so please 4 top batadijiye jisse chest fule me aur achhi bhi hojaye please sir

  2. Ghar par Ye sari chij nahi hoti, ghar per hi aese body kese banaye, or dambal ki jagah ka use kar sktehe

  3. agr only dumble aur rod lgaya jy to b bn skti ha chst…..aur chest k liy jsy jsy roteen bnai same wsy krni chaiye ya koi b phly kr kr ya bd ma mtlb aik e din ma agy pichy

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