Chess wunderkind WESLEY SO and his tactics!

Chess wunderkind WESLEY SO and his tactics!

Wesley So is an
American GM, but
He was born and grew up in Philippines. He is a strongest
chessplayer in the history of the Philippines. Wesley So is known as
a chess Wunderkind. He won the title of GM in 2008
year of age fourteen. And this game was
played in 2007 Here is a more stronger the move Re8 which reduces
pressure of white in the center. In The game after move
e6, White can to lead e4-e5 successfully. d:e f:e and e5 the strike in the center Nfd5 also it is possible
next variant d:e and after f:e Nd7 Bg5, White has a
strong attack Qe8, Ne4 N:e5, N:e5, B:e5 and R:f8+ Q:f8 Qh4 Nd5 and Rf1 It turns out that all the peaces
involved in the White’s attack, while two black’s peaces remains in the start
positions. Qe8, c4, Nb4 and Bh6 N:d3 Nf6+, Bf6 and after Q:f6 black cann’t
protect himself against checmates threats Qd7 and Qf8# Now this variant was
possible after 11-th move of white e5 But instead of d:e Black played Nfd5, they didn’t get this variant. Ne4 and N:f4 it seems that the white
lose a pawn, but in fact, it is not
So. B:f4 R:f4 and N:d6 White occupys
outpost. This is a very strong square in the enemy’s camp. Nd5 Qg3 and Qf8 there was also
possible the variant c4 and after Ne7 Qe3 Rf8 and white
won a pawn Q:c5 But Wesley So decides
to try another way. Qg3 Qf8 also it was possible to move
B:e5 for balck but after N:e5 Q:d6 R:f4, N:f4, Q:f4 black
stayed without a piece If black is not
to take a knight Q:d6, and played,
for example, R:f1+, then after R:f1 Q:d6 they would get the checkmate. B:g6 and after h:g Q:g6+, Kh8 Nf7 # That is why at the 15th
move Black did not take a pawn B:e5 and played Qf8 Rae1 followed Ne7 Ng5, R:f1 R:f1 and Nf5 B:f5 and black play g:f why black
didn’t take a bishop by the pawn e e:f becouse Qb3+
would followed and it turns out that
Black’s f7-square is very weak. It attacks by two knights of White and
the diagonal a2-g8 weak too. After Qb3+
the same combination could be follow Which occurred in the game. but more
beautiful After g:f White played R:f5 !! A rook sacrifice! In this position, the black
resigned, as they get a checkmate in seven
moves After the e:f, Qb3 + Kh8, Ndf7+ Kg8 Nh7+ Kh8, Ngf7+ the queen is forced to take a knight Q:f7 N:f7+, Kg8 Nh6+, Kh8 and Qg8 # That’s how magnificently Wesley So played at the age of 14! Put like and subscribe! See you!

4 thoughts on “Chess wunderkind WESLEY SO and his tactics!

  1. @14 years old!!!! Silicon Wesley is destined for chess greatness! looking forward to him winning the 2017 US chess championship!

  2. 1:33 white still winning with queen h8, k takes h8 then rook f8, checkmate. wasting 1 move but its good to make fun your opponent

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