Chess | World Ahoy 1×02

Chess | World Ahoy 1×02

Many years ago there lived in India a rich and powerful king The king dearly loved his son who was a great warrior But one day his son died in a terrible battle The king was so sad that he locked himself up in his room… and wouldn’t come out All the wise men in the kingdom tried to cure the king of his sadness but all to no avail Until one day there came a wise man from far away land who invented the game of “chaturanga” for the king The game was played on a board with 64 black and white squares on which 2 armies moved as though on a battle field Each army had 8 pawns soldiers that can only advance, never retreat They had two castles wich could wipe out everything in their path Two knights… who could jump over enemy lines Two bishops, ministers of the king… who protect the diagonal lines of the board A queen, the most dangerous piece… who can move in any direction And finally the king… who all the others were trying to defend When the king learned how to play the game he wanted to recreate the battle in which his son had died He realized that the only way to save the king was by sacrifying his most prized piece… his son The king wanted to reward the wise man… for having cured him of his sadness and offered him anything he wanted gold, jewels, power… But the wise man said… ‘Give me one grain of wheat for the first square on the board… then double that on the second and so on until you reach the last square That will be my reward’ The king laughed at this But when he tried to add up the grains of wheat as the wise man said… he realized that it would end up being a mountain of wheat…. as big as planet earth itself! The wise man thus showed the king that chess and maths are very closely related The Arabs brought chess from Asia to Europe through Spain During the 16th and 17th century… important changes were made to the rules The game centres on finishing off the king of the opposing side When you’re going to kill the opposing king, you say ‘checkmate’… which comes from the Persian ‘Shah Mat’ …or, the king is dead Chess is a game of strategy where the opponents test their intelligence… in combats of which no two are ever the same Billions of strategies are possible… and victory never depends on luck, but on the intelligence of the player

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  2. When chess was originally created the board was not checkered, there was an elephant instead of the bishops the queen was actually a very low level piece called a scribe and in some varieties there was a river through the middle of the board which some pieces could not cross… As chess went east it's ruled changed and it became Chinese chess, Korean chess and the Japanese Shogi. As chess moved west it developed into the game we play today, I believe it was somewhere around the 1500's where the queen fully came to power and we refer to this as chess of the mad queen.

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