Chess with Laser Beams

Chess with Laser Beams

[MUSIC PLAYING] Lasers can be– [ALARM BLARING] –tricky. That’s what makes Laser
Chess such a challenge. The two-player strategy
game pits your wits against your opponent as you
maneuver and orient your pieces to strike the enemy
with your laser. Unlike traditional
chess, your pieces start scattered around the board
in one of several arrangements. And while you
might not recognize these futuristic mere
tokens as chess pieces, the intuitive rules make
understanding the game a cinch. On your turn, rotate
a piece 90 degrees or move it one space
before firing your laser. If it strikes an
enemy target, you’re one step closer to victory. Protect your king and
strategically deflect your laser to
destroy your enemy. Just remember–
mirrors make lasers into a double-edged sword. So your devastating
offense just might end up being an attack on yourself. You may remember the award
winning laser game Khet. Well, it’s been
brought into the future and is ready for you to
dominate the competition with the touch of a finger. Buy Laser Chess and
shop for hundreds more gifts at
Vat19’s online store. [ALARM BLARING] Ugh, I should have tried
this thing on in the store.

100 thoughts on “Chess with Laser Beams

  1. Cool! I wonder how people will react!
    Scrolls down and sees that all of the comments are either
    ”Vat19 this is too expensive for me because I live in my moms basement and she won’t buy it for me! Overpriced garbage like this shouldn’t be sold!”
    ”This is just Khet except that one of the pieces is different!”

    I think I’ve had enough Vat19 for today…

  2. now, viewers, before you guys can say: "does it look similar to khet?" let me tell you a secret……
    yes! vat 19 did sell khet, but since laser chess was added to the vat 19 online store before the video, they have no idea but to put khet a discontinued product. frown face! 🙁

  3. I don’t like that thinkfun has taken over the khet franchise, even before innovention toys could release khet 2.0 tower of kadesh, I would appreciate if thinkfun would make this, or even further so khet won’t die immediately after the release of this “laser chess” thing

  4. Timmy from 1989: hey there is chess and lasers what if there is laser chess?
    Jimmy from 1989: thats impossible there is no way

    Today: … well Jimmy you was wrong

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