Chess vs World Record!!! (Fastest Chess board Setup)

Chess vs World Record!!! (Fastest Chess board Setup)

hey what’s up guys we’re Mike and Bobby and we break World Records check it out this week we’re gonna set up a chessboard faster than you’ve ever seen before we’re gonna do it so fast you’re gonna think it’s magic wait magic maybe it will be magic all right guys check this out first day it snowed first snowfall we have snow autographed hey guys it is not ideal snow to be building a snowman it’s just more like ice and snow but here’s the purse snowball of the year so I kind of love this record is gonna look like magic let’s go try some magic tricks why not alright so here’s my first magic trick let’s check this out let’s go do some more magic that was fun this one’s all about it’s too rich I got my lovely assistant Britt this your car I’m sure okay hold on okay are you lying not even in the deck all right look under your seat yeah it just takes a lot of brain power this chest I mean smart all right yes this isn’t that exciting check it out I’m gonna beat the world record on this life-size chess board here we go so newsflash 46 seconds not a record all right so check it out for this challenge I had to order a specific chess set for it to work I’m excited once again I have honor so you watch my nope i watch purpose you can never get that right okay I’m watching yours now oh man all right check it out here I go got my magic trick ready to the table we are going to do this we’re gonna set up a chess set and hopefully a couple seconds let’s see I’m sure I’m gonna see this magic trick never done this way oh man I’m always really nervous therefore every two pieces alright okay I’m okay go so that obviously did not work yeah we’re just about how you’d expect right I was so hopeful though I’m so bad maybe I won then okay I guess I’ll have to see I’m gonna go ahead and pull up your records and see I’m feeling good about this now there we go all right world record this is the biggest but unfortunately the ten more like fine class success all right here we go ready did not see that I’ve got a second video so after that first one didn’t go as planned I try itself shoot and you have a smile on your face right now okay take a look check it out guys Here I am ready to break a world record I’ve got a setup a chessboard oh shoot less than 30 seconds I think I can see now I’ll be working on my magic as you guys saw and I think I’m ready to do this I’m a little bit nervous but here we go cross your just chiffon oh I’m sorry guys if you try to beat this record you can it is whatever mics

56 thoughts on “Chess vs World Record!!! (Fastest Chess board Setup)

  1. mas os dois sao incontaveis, pq vcs começam a contar no momento que diz go, entao quando vc encostou o tabuleiro nas peças foi instantaneo tbm, considero um empate nesta batalha

  2. If I were you I'd put both titles, in English and in Portuguese to atract portuguese and english speakers. Great video and channel.

  3. Que canal incrível, espero que cresça muito! Te conheci através de um vídeo do Cadê a chave, e o seu conteúdo é muito bom! Parabéns!

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