CHESS TRICKS- win in 7 moves BY sacrificing your queen- 7 चालों में काम करें तमाम.

CHESS TRICKS- win in 7 moves BY sacrificing your queen- 7 चालों में काम करें तमाम.

hello friends.your are welcome to who becomes a chess master 🙂 so we have come with new trick named take the queen give me the king so the ultimate aim of this trick is that we will offer such a big deal to opponent that he or she cant refuse opponent will say boss you win but i accept th deal ultimate sacrifice in a chess game is of queen which is called vajeer in Indian subcontinent because no power is bigger than queen so people happily accept the offer. basic philosophy behind this trick is when the aim is too high we have to make bigger sacrifices so if our aim is to win ,queen or any piece doesnot matter as the queen is not real if she was, we would have not sacrificed her 😀 so lets see how the trick is played first of all we move e4 opponent may respond with e5 as these are standard moves at professional level or begginer level. now we will move our Night to f3 box to attack the e5 pawn. and opponent will move Night to c6 to save the pawn then we will move our bishop to c4 box to attack the f7 black pawn as it is weakest black may respond with any move like d6 to develop thier bishop line and attack the knight on f3 and to pin our queen we want the black bishop to attack our Knight as that is our trick all about as a knight is powerful piece people try to attack it as it can attack 8 boxes multidimensionally if we want we can restrict bishops movements like this but we want to invite the bishop on g4 box we will move our left Knight to c3 box to complete our development black will move the expected move bishop to g4

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  1. Its good for trapping those players who r Begineers and sitting in front of u in a state tournament. We can save time by using this trap😂

  2. I won with this in the school tournament.we have to beat 35 players to enter in the quarter finals.i used this technique for all the beginner chess player but I was surprised that I did won using this strategy against one of the best players in our school.

  3. HahahahahahahahhhHhahaHHh… मुझे तो ईतना हसना आ रहा है के सामने वाला सोच मे पढ जायगा ये बोलके कि.. मा कि आँख!! एक मिनट रुको जरा. अभी अभी हुवा क्या, और कैसे? 😂😂😂

  4. If white knight is killed by the black's knight..
    Then white's game is done…
    Nice trap but anyone who play chess for long is not going to fall on it…☺

  5. sir KY app or video aplord nahe karte ho ky sir plz plz plz plz plz Koi or trik vale video bano app bhaut he best samztay ho to so please ko video bano

  6. Well I don't think I will win with this technique, My opponent is very smart, my opponent is Magnus Carlsen I play it on the play- Magnus app, but anyway this is a good video, I'll try using this on my other opponents

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  8. There is an unread page in the chess game. Very, very entertaining thing. I like it! Player.

  9. Bhaiya… But opening pe heh tho kand ho jata h… Kya karre… Agar wo E5 na challe tho… Fir wajir k agge ka pyada… Wo ek ghar chala… Agar wo pyada doh ghar chal k hamare white uth ko threaten karre tho???

  10. yea this is the famous Legal mate trap… but this works well if Black has not a Knight played on C6 yet. but here Black doesn't have to take white's Queen. but instead as in this case, if 4…Nxe5 then there is nothing for white to finish with, because the black knight now on e5 protects the Black Bishop now hitting the Queen. and Black now has an extra piece merely for a pawn.

  11. Are bhai sahab agar knight ne knight ko capture kiya to chackmate ko to bhool jaiye aapke knight ke sath bishop bhi chala jayega

  12. But before seeing your video I was not able to win in my class but I'm able to win at least up to quarter final thx for your video

  13. Plss tell that if opponent do not move his bishop,and moves another bishop just like us to check our king, what we have to do. Plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss reply fast. I will be waiting.

  14. bestest video of chess I like you very much with the help on this video I won the chess championship thanx

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  17. Aap bahut acha chess khelte hain aur usse bhi achi tarike se samjhate hain….it was very helpful.keep on the gud work…bht kam log chess khelna pasand karte hain aur aap unmein se ek hain….aur apki awaz bhi kafi achi hai😊😊

  18. Brilliant chess trap ……but if knight killed by knight then his bishop is also safe plus it attacks simultaneously on two pieces i.e queen as well as bishop … this is usually for beginners

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