Chess Traps #1: Noah’s Ark Trap – Ruy Lopez

Chess Traps #1: Noah’s Ark Trap – Ruy Lopez

Hi everyone, it’s Jerry. If you play the Ruy
Lopez or find yourself on the defending side of it, the “Noah’s Ark Trap” is something
for you to be aware of. It starts off after the moves e4, e5, knight f3, knight c6, bishop
b5, a6, and bishop a4. With now d6 we’re entering the Modern Steinitz variation of this opening.
Now a logical enough move for white is d4, striking in the center looking to maybe grab
on e, or even exploit the pin on the knight with d5. But black has a good response. It’s
b5 breaking the pin on the knight. And after the bishop is kicked back, now a group of
three exchanges on d4. Starting first with knight takes on d4, knight takes knight, e
takes knight. And if white is impatient, and immediately recaptures on d4, they’ve fallen
for the “Noah’s Ark Trap”. Now a better continuation at this point would be something like bishop
d5…the rook sidesteps the threat…we enter a roughly equal position. But just to highlight
what will happen if the queen immediately recaptures on d4. We now have a flurry of
attacks and counterattacks, and after all is said and done, it’s black who gets the
last laugh. Here’s how it works. It’s c5 first, striking at the queen, preparing c4 to trap
the bishop. And this can only be prevented for so long. After queen d5, an appealing
enough move. A duel threat hitting at f7 for mate as well as the rook in the corner. There’s
a convenient response however with bishop e6, meeting everything…defending against
mate, defending the rook, and striking at the queen. After now queen c6, the bishop
retreats, but is still throwing a punch at the queen. After queen d5, we have now c4.
And this bishop is officially out of squares, and the bishop is trapped.

100 thoughts on “Chess Traps #1: Noah’s Ark Trap – Ruy Lopez

  1. Oh man..I play the Ruy Lopez quite a bit and I wasn't aware of this trap. Luckily, I always castle after d6 and I try to get in c3 before I push d4 🙂 A nice trap to know when I'm playing as black! Thanks!

  2. YESSSSSSSSSSSS!!! i've been waiting for you to start a series on TRAPS, im looking forward to see more and more of these

  3. Great lesson Jerry. Just a bit of criticism; the "credits" appeared too fast. I wanted to assimilate the final possition for a bit longer. I know I can go back and pause but still…

  4. Would be great to do a mini trap series, s'pecially for the likes of moi who blunders into em at every given opportunity!! Great little tip, nice one thx.

  5. Hmmm,guess by that token you could call it "the dog house trap" (like im in now!!) or I can't help but think "the Chilean miners trap" is that bad taste?? Ima shut up now, doesn't do you any good to come home drunk at 9am (great night out) n start making comments on you tube, plz forgive 😐

  6. Make more of them please! I have also a question.. is there any better trap if you play Evans Gambit? I have heared that there is a great trap, but i can`t find it, i dont even know on which side

  7. It's constructive criticism like this that I value so much. Thank you for taking the time to relay how I might be able to do one better with the video quality.

  8. Jerry, love Chess Traps. That's really great. Would you mind doing some what if? lines as well. Because they might not always play that line.

  9. Not sure, but I believe I see a little problem with this trap.

    8. Qxd4?? c5
    9. Bxf7+?! Kxf7
    10. Qc5+ Be6
    11. Qa5+ g6
    12. Qf3+ Kg7 (because Ke7 would lose the queen)
    13. Qc3+ (…draw?)

  10. A lot of Ruy Lopez players are used to preparing d4 with c3, but it's nice to see exactly why that's so important.

  11. ha ha ha "the Chilean Miners trap" made me spit out my coffee!! Thanks man i needed that laugh.

  12. Hehe, I had to read this comment through my fingers, was expecting to be called all kinds of evil. No worries. 🙂

  13. You mean Qd5 for 10, right? Qxc5 isn't check, and it would certainly result in dxc5, leaving white in a very bad position 😉 Also, after Qc3+, I believe Nf6 leaves the king somewhat safe and forces white to castle, giving black tempo? Granted, black king is now in a bad position with few pawns ahead of him, but black is up a bishop and can focus all his minor pieces on attacking the king side castle?

  14. Jerry these videos are great. You often say that you are not very booked up on openings, is it possible that you would be willing to do a video series like this one for openings, I believe it would help you as well as your viewers to improve on openings. Your grasp of the fundamental concepts and ability to relay that information really makes you the best Chess youtube streamer. I believe that an openings playlist from you would be extremely popular and useful. Thank you again.

  15. question jerry, if white sidesteps with 8. Bd5! …Rb8 9. Qxd4 can black now play…c5!? , gaining space, or would that be a positional blunder due to the subsequent backward d6 pawn ? this position arises fairly often for me. thanks

  16. if bishop took the knight in the starting then this trap would have failed and black would lose additional pawn captured by white knight

  17. lol i seen all those moves coming before they happen….. i didnt even think they was right though…

  18. Was the name of this trap coined from the biblical "Noah's ark"?…If so, what led to this?.

    Thanks for your prospective response(s).

  19. Guess this one is jerry's favourite. He's yelling about this one almost half the time in Blitz videos

  20. i just played a game of the roy lopez (i was white), but instead of 6… Nxd4 my opponent played Nf6

    if he would have played Nxd4 i probably would have lost to this trap!! now i never will haha

  21. I was actually going to say, that ending was absolutely awesome. He says "and the bishop….was TRAPPED." And then it instantly cuts to the link; great ending imo.

  22. What happens after black pawn C7-C5, and white bishop B3-F7 and captures the pawn with a check. Then the queen can chase the king around the board a bit … mind running out that scenario in another video?

  23. If you were able to see that move in a game then you would be able to find the better move Bd5. But yes you are right.After Qxd4,c5,Bxf7+ could be considered.It would expose the king temporarily but at the end of the main variation White gets two pawns with Bxc4,bxc4,Qxc4.I would prefer the main line.Although you hinder the King from immediate rights to 0-0 he will get there with Be7-Nf6-Re8-Kg8..The first three moves are natural developing moves

  24. After Qxd4,c5,Qd5,Be6,Qc6+,Bd7,Qd5,­c4,Bxc4,Be6 again to prevent the two pawns from being exchanged does not work because Qc6+ again Bd7,Bxf7+ Still picking up two pawns for the exchange.Would be best to lose the b-c pawns and use the open files for Rooks.Plus you won't have an isolated d-pawn.

  25. Excellent video for both Novice and experienced players. A common trend currently at the higher levels (Class A-Masters) is playing the Sicilian – Kan. I myself play the very system you show in this video and I was unaware of this nifty transposition to the Fishing Pole. In classical Chess it does seem a tad questionable, as the integrity of the King side can only really be sacrificed in the Sicilian – Schveshnikov… but in Blitz tournaments and playoff rounds, this is top notch. -SeanMorphy

  26. I've used this trap several times, but by the end of it my queen side is a mess and i'm down 2 pawns for a bishop and castling is still several moves away. Not that much compensation in my opinion.

    Thanks for these videos though, I really enjoy them.

  27. Have fallen for this trap, quite a couple of times. It's a good trap though, but it leaves your queenside quite vulnerable.

  28. Oh my shit, the exact same thing happened to me in an online match and when I was reviewing the match it should Noah's arc trap

  29. Hi Jerry! I was wondering if in response to …b5 white plays d5 and both players end up capturing a piece, isnt white better then?
    What would be a good response to d5 in your oppinion? I know its an old video, but I hope you might read my comment 😀 love your commentary and descriptions!

  30. Holy wow!
    I'm not a very good chess player – rated 'bout 1000 in 5+3 blitz, which is the only format i play. Just a hobby.
    What blew my mind, was that I recognized the sequence! I have played this game as black, and defended against that… Invasive queen!
    I remember, because while trying to find a good move to a queen invading my home,
    I moved Be6 (realizing that it would save my rook – Bit embarrassed that I didn't know of the check mate threat),
    and Qc6 followed. Moving my bishop back to d7, and the queen gets kicked back to d5, I was finally able to push for c4.
    Just a sharp memory – a short story, from a new chess player. The presure of trying to find a quick solution when the clock is ticking.

    Final note to #ChessNetwork – Thank you for all your videos.
    I have started watching through-out the winter, and it has sparked an interreset to play chess. To learn and come back for more.

  31. Jerry could ya plz do a video for the trap out of the Sicilian-Sozinattk. The Fischer trap. I haven't found it yet if there is one on this channel. I'ma keep lookin'

  32. Is this an opening trap?
    1.e4 Nc6
    2.d4 e6
    3.d5 exd5
    4.exd5 Ne5
    5.Bf4 Qe7
    6.Nc3 Nf3#
    Stockfish evaluates the position before 6.Nc3 as +0.8

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