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More than a decade ago, a few years before
the first-ever popular Warcraft III mod that eventually became the first-ever MOBA called
Dota was released and became highly-recognized by the gaming community, there was another
popular Warcraft III mod that was called Azure Tower Defense (though, this wasn’t the first
of its kind). The game has evolved into many variations over the years and fast-forward
to today, Mobile Legends has decided to include a new game mode. The game totally strays away
from the MOBA genre and its objective is to prevent enemy heroes and minions from dealing
damage to you and by that, I mean prevent them from gaining passage to the very end
of the maze. Hey everyone! What is up? Walang kukurap!
It’s your go-to guy, Erwin. Today we’re going to talk about the latest game inclusion: Chess
Tower Defense or Chess-TD in short. If you have played any tower defense game
before, this game mode essentially follows the same concept with a bit of an auto-chess-sort-of
mix set in the Mobile Legends universe. Six players get into the queue and the system
will randomly assign a common map for everyone to battle on. All players start with 2 coins
that you can use to recruit basic heroes at the very first round. Like I said earlier,
each player’s goal is to hinder enemies from reaching the player at the end of the maze.
Doing so will prevent the enemy from dealing damage. All players start at 100 health and
the last man who is still alive in the end will stand out as the winner. Our heroes have roles–something, I believe
we’re very much familiar with. In Chess TD, each hero is also attached to a faction, not
just a role. Factions comprise of Mortal, Elf, Scarlet Shadow, Cyborg, Beast, Oracle,
Royal, Undead, Celestial and Abyss. When you get members from a certain faction
or a role together in your composition, you create a SYNERGY. Synergies create special
battle effects that will help your towers take down attacking heroes and minions. “Towers”
are what heroes are labeled in Chess TD so don’t confuse yourselves with the traditional
towers you see in a MOBA environment. Depending on which specific heroes are forming the synergy,
they can be double-damage, stun, slow or a debuff that causes a decrease on the attackers’
physical or magical defense. To know more about your heroes’ factions, check out the
synergy book by tapping on the gallery button as shown on your screen. You can check out
the synergy effects that each faction creates by tapping and holding onto a certain hero. There are two phases of the game: Preparation
phase and Battle phase. The preparation phase involves setting up your composition by recruiting
heroes and organizing the order of your attackers and assigning them spoils for your siege.
The game isn’t limited to a specific number of rounds but from personal experience, the
shortest game I had was fourteen rounds and the longest was thirty-two rounds. On average,
if you manage to survive to be in the top three players of games, one game usually lasts
from a good twenty to twenty-six rounds. So in a game, everyone starts off by preparing
their comps recruiting heroes that they decide on. The heroes available for recruitment from
the shop are randomly assigned by the system so recruiting, technically, has something
to do with luck. Once the battle commences, it’s already automatic from this point until
the next round’s preparation phase so the best you could do is review your composition’s
arrangement on the field, spectate how your enemies are doing and review the order of
your siege. If you’re able to prevent enemies from getting to you by the end of the round,
you gain an additional coin on top of the coins that you are normally provided every
after round. The results interface shows up after each
battle phase and you’ll be able to see here how much coins you’ve earned at the end of
the current round. You can choose to purchase more heroes or speed up your experience by
tapping on the level up button on the next preparation phase. If you don’t see a hero
card you like, tapping on the refresh button will shuffle a new set of cards for you to
choose from. Purchasing three instances of the same hero levels up that specific hero.
When the hero levels up, its overall attributes significantly increase making it more effective
in stopping attackers and essentially tougher to defend against at the same time. The maximum
level that you can achieve for a hero is 3 stars. Should you feel the need to free up
space from your card selection or should you feel the need to dispose of other heroes that
you think you may not need anymore, you can simply tap on the sell button as shown on
screen. The process repeats over and over until one
is left standing. Eliminated players may choose to stay and watch over other players defend
the field or they could simply leave and join the queue for another game. This is a fun
game to play especially when the lag starts kicking in and you feel that you won’t be
able to enjoy the MOBA mode that much or if you’re doing something else and want to play
at the same time, this is the game for you. I’ve been watching other players post their
comps on their YouTube channels and no disrespect but I disagree with some of them so I’ll be
posting an in-depth tutorial of my own for Chess TD soon, too.

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