Chess Swindles #1 – Gary Kasparov vs. Neil McDonald

Chess Swindles #1 – Gary Kasparov vs. Neil McDonald

Hello everybody its jrobi! I’m going to be
starting a new series here about chess swindles, I’ll do these once in a while but they’re
definitely fun positions to take a look at. This particular game was played in 1986 between
Gary Kasparov and Neil McDonald. Kasparov was playing the white pieces, and McDonald
was able to basically swindle away Kasparov’s win. So we will take a look at that in a few
minutes here. I just want to say a few things before we get started. Number one, I’m going
to have a couple questions for you at the end of the video I’d like your feedback
on them, it’s regarding that other channel idea that I had, and finally I found a YouTube
channel completely by coincidence a few days ago. Totally blew my mind. Like I mean, the
quality of this channel is outstanding! And I’m going to talk a little bit about that
at the end of the video. hopefully you guys can get this guy some subscribers, and because
the content, the quality of the content is, it’s going to be a great channel definitely
recommend you subscribe to it, I have, and, you know, as long as this video is up on YouTube,
hopefully as people watch it as the months and years roll on, they’ll continue to subscribe
to this guy. So, looking forward to a lot of good content from this gentleman, so we
will get to that at the end of this video as well. So let’s get started with this
though. What is a chess swindle? You know, a chess swindle to me I always kind of struggled
when I was first getting into traps and things of that nature as to exactly what was a swindle.
I guess the best way to look at a chess swindle is to recognize that, it’s coming from the
player that is getting crushed on the board. They’re in a completely losing position and
they are struggling. They are fighting to come up with some kind of drawing opportunity
or some way to trick their opponent into playing what looks like a very reasonable move, but
once they play it they either open up that drawing opportunity, or they lose substantial
material and actually end up losing the game. So it’s basically like your stealing a guaranteed
win away from your opponent. So they’re very fun to look at. This particular game between
Kasparov and McDonald. Kasparov’s white. I’m just going to flip through a couple moves
here, but he’s just going on a rampage. He’s landing check after check against McDonald,
Kasparov, obviously one of the best players ever in the game, snags up a little bit more
material here, continues this checking barrage, comes in, McDonald’s on the ropes, he’s running
around. Kasparov lands a check on E7 and McDonald tucks his king into H6. And, it’s white
to move in this position so go ahead and pause the video if you want, what do you think you
should play as white in this position? And I am going to show you what Kasparov played,
and then I am going to show you how McDonald capitalized on the placement of his pieces
because he’s got a very beautiful layout here of his pieces, that contributes to this
little swindle he’s going to land on Kasparov. So let’s first look at what Kasparov played.
He plays Bishop takes Pawn on E4. Now, this move looks really really good, the queens
protecting the pawn on C5, it’s also protecting the bishop on E4, and at any point, Kasparov
can hit a check here against the enemy king, a variety of different ways, so that he doesn’t
have to be worried about this bishop getting pinned by the rook or anything of that nature.
So now McDonald is facing this position, it’s black to move, and this move is going to trigger
the swindle, so go ahead and PAUSE the video, take as long as you need to, and try to come
up with a move that McDonald found, to swindle the win away from Gary Kasparov. Okay, so
we’re going to get right into it here. The move that McDonald found was, rook captures
bishop on G3, check! Now, the king was defending the bishop, so the king can take the rook,
which was what was played in the game. So king captures rook. Now watch this beautiful
move that McDonald comes up with. Actually, you know what? Go ahead and pause the video
and see if you can find it yourself first. But watch this, queen check on E5! Now Kasparov
is in a World of trouble. He can’t ignore this, because if he ignores it, he just outright
loses his queen, and loses the game, so the only option that he has, is to capture, but
the black king has absolutely nowhere to go, so the queens taken away this diagonal here,
as well as these squares here on G5 and H5, and the bishop’s carving along this diagonal
taking away G6 and H7. Absolutely beautiful move! And in fact if we go back, you might
be asking yourself, “What are some options here, after the rook takes on G3?” There really
aren’t any good options, for example, if the King moves to H2, well it’s just Checkmate,
its game over at that point, so Kasparov couldn’t play that. If after the capture, the kings
tries to go up the board to H4, well, what happens here, is simply another rook check,
and the king is going to capture, at which point another check from the queen on D7,
and we’re still in a stalemate position. In fact if we go back here instead of the capture
if he goes back to H3, then Kasparov just loses the piece outright and he’s down a substantial
amount of material and is probably going to lose the game from this point. So it’s an
absolutely beautiful strategy that McDonald came up with and his king placement on H6
was key! Like I mean, if the king wasn’t on … he was getting checked so many times from
Kasparov, but once he was allowed to sit on H6, and remain on H6, given the way his other
pieces were laid out, this allowed for the swindle to take place. So I thought it was
a really interesting position to look at. Alright! Let’s get to the questions. Okay,
the first question I have is, I’m kind of struggling a little bit with this extra channel
that I was thinking of doing. YouTube has obviously changed, I think there was a way
I can add like a google+ page or something. Anyway, there’s some steps I have to take,
but I’m really struggling if I want to do that or if I just want to add it to this channel,
maybe keep the extra non-chess content coming out like Mondays or Tuesdays, and then the
other days for chess content when I can. And, it’s not going to be a bunch of random stuff,
probably be some League of Legends stuff, it’s a very competitive E-Sports game, with
lots of cash tournament prizes, that I find really really fun, and strategic and in some
ways similar to chess, and potentially some working out videos. I like to go to the gym,
I’ve developed some routines with my son so, you know, things like that. I don’t
know. I’m kind of torn between creating a brand new channel, or just kind of adding
it to this one, because this channel is about what I am pursuing, and my interest especially
chess, and these other things I find quite interesting too. So I am definitely looking
forward to your feedback on that, let me know what you guys think. Secondly, let’s talk
about that YouTube channel I came across. I was just browsing through YouTube, checking
out some new stuff that’s been coming out over the years for chess, and I stumbled across
this link to a video, and the name that was on it was Greg Shahade, and I’m hoping I
pronounced that right, but the name rung a bell for me. I think his sister is quite competitive
in the poker scene, and as well a very strong chess player, and I think I have seen her
do tournament coverage before and, so anyway the last name stuck out. So I clicked it,
sure enough, I am really glad that I did, the content is amazing, the quality is top-notch
this gentlemen’s around, hovers around 2500 rating on Internet Chess Club consistently.
I believe he could become a GM if he wanted to. I am sure he’ll maybe get into the story
as to why he’s not doing that, but I can’t see why he wouldn’t because he’s beating GM’s
at blitz quite frequently. One of the things that really stuck out to me about his channel,
like when he does chess endgame practices and tactical positions he actually puts it
on his screen and works through it, he doesn’t go into there, kind of pre-working through
it, he’s working through it live on the screen. So you get to see a very very strong chess
player and the thought process that goes behind working out very difficult chess positions.
You cannot beat that for free videos. To be honest I would probably pay for that! So,
hopefully he doesn’t start charging, but you cannot go wrong with his channel so I am going
to link it up on the video on the screen right now, make sure you check that out. Go over,
subscribe to his channel, grab yourself a coffee or tea, or whatever you like to drink,
and just sit back, and relax and enjoy a lot of top quality chess content. This channel
of his, it needs to be bigger. The word needs to get spread out about this and his subscriber
count needs to go up, because he is going to be doing some awesome things. He already
has done some awesome things on this channel. So I am really looking forward to the feedback
on the questions that I had regarding my channel, make sure you go over to Greg Shahade’s, click
on that subscribe button, watch those videos, have a lot of fun, and ya, that’s about
it! So take care, thanks for watching the video, and will see you next time!

47 thoughts on “Chess Swindles #1 – Gary Kasparov vs. Neil McDonald

  1. It would be interesting to see some LoL videos in the format you use for chess, and it keeps in the theme of strategic games (like chess). Personally I'm not interested in exercise videos but it's your channel and I would not un-sub if I saw them on jrobichess.   

  2. I don't think anyone would mind if you put non-chess content on this channel. Trying to manage two channels on this confusing youtube layout, especially since you've been gone for such a long time, might be a bit unnecessary. If in the future you would like to have two channels, you can probably just transfer whatever you need from this channel to that one.

  3. Great video, great idea for a series. Everybody loves a good swindle!

    I'm delighted you've stumbled upon Greg Shahade. I've watched him for years, but his recent Youtube channel revamp has been phenomenal and he'll be pleased for the advertising of his channel.

    With regards to your question, I don't mind either way. I'm likely to stick to the chess content but if the other stuff is there, I may watch it. Ultimately it's your channel, and your decision.

  4. Hey, I'm down with esports coverage for sure (though LoL is way over my head, maybe you'd do a LoL video for those of us that don't play it?), but I'm not super into workout videos in my sub box.  It doesn't bother me to skip over them if they are infrequent, but they would also seem out of context here.

    Thanks for this video!

  5. Jay, great to have you back man!! I'm a big fan of yours and I'm really sorry for your material losses, hope things are getting back on track so we can have many years of the best chess content here on youtube. Awesome analysis! I'm looking forward for more swindles, and please: post more of your own gameplays! I really enjoy seeing live or recorded gameplays from great chess players like you. Well, in my opinion, I think you should leave other stuff for another channel; I think I'd get a little upset like "yeeaahh Jay posted a new video!" and then "oh… it's some LoL stuff…" haha no offense! One last thing: I don't think I enjoy this "widescreen" chessboard, you know? It gets me confused sometimes, and now we have the option to enlarge the video (there's no need to fullscreen), so the standard square chessboard looks just fine. Cheers from Brazil, my brother!!

  6. Your LoL videos will probably get more views than your chess videos ever did, but if chess is your game you should really try DotA.

  7. I have been subscribed to your channel for years because of its chess content. That really does not imply any interest in any interest of your interests. Please keep this channel for chess and make other channels as you need. If you add good descriptions and keywords, Google will find them.

  8. Wow, didn't know Greg Shahade had a YouTube channel, thanks for the info. There are a ton of nice hidden gems here on YouTube.

    As for the new content, not really a fan of MOBAs like LoL or DotA or even eSports in general. It's one of the reasons why I chose Chess as a hobby so I could get away from stuff like that, however, it's your channel so upload whatever makes you happy. Exercise videos sound great though.

  9. THis is such a nice demonstration of how to look for ALL your options.  I found all the right moves until the end.  It baffled me to see the winning move.  I simply neglected to look at all my options.

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  11. Welcome back Jrobi! Bumped into your channel few years ago, subscribed and started playing chess. Huge fan and good to have you back.

  12. I'm not interested in LoL or working out so I'd prefer a different channel for those.

    Will check out Shahade. If you're not sub'd to Powerplay Chess you definitely should check it out, very high quality videos with excellent analysis.

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    Keep LoL for you children (if they are below 10) and move on the true reference in the MOBA genre.

    Why did you play chess rather than checkers (draughts) ? The answer apply for LoL vs DotA.

  15. There are plenty of professional youtubers that run multiple channels for different types of content but they seem to do this to try to keep views up for the respective audiences since content that is not in their interest may mean that viewers watch less often.  So if you're not monetizing I don't really see there being much point in trying to juggle multiple channels.  The only hazard I can think of is the potential for LoL kiddies cropping up in your comments and trolling.

    Thanks for your awesome videos btw. 🙂

  16. Just some friendly advice. I've seen channels change their theme before and more often than not it results in people unsubscribing. When the content creators see the viewing figures dropping they rush back to the old way but the damage has already been done.
    Please consider that and then do as you see fit. I for one will stand behind you either way.

  17. Very nice trick! I bet Kasparov was mad 🙂

    Thanks for all the kind words! Your comments have resulted in over 250 subscribers in 36 hours!

  18. I'm glad you are back doing chess videos dude! Hopefully you will still continue putting them out despite the LoL and workout videos

  19. I'd prefer that your chess video stay chess only.  Thanks for asking. I really appreciate your chess channel.  Glad you are able to get back to it. Thanks for the Shahade tip.

  20. Mr. Jrobi, I play league of legends a lot as well (go ahead and add me it'd be awesome to play with you screen name is Shingebiss) and I'm also very physical and love playing sports and working out, I'm primarily a distance runner, BUT I do think you should create a separate channel for those topics. I would definitely watch them especially if you can supplement them with great analysis of your own game and progress. But this channel is for chess because it always has been and it's in the name.

  21. I analyzed the game myself (I have Arena with Stockfish loaded) and found Qh4 (not Bxe4?? as in the game) to be the winning move.

  22. If it was me, I'd have a separate channel as the precedent seems to be set for chess. That being said, it's your channel – do what you want!

    So glad to see you posting again. I've learned so much from your videos. I stayed patiently subscribed because I knew one day you'd be back. 😛

  23. I don't know if you've come to a decision yet about whether or not to start a new channel for your other content (I just discovered that you've been uploading again today). Personally, I would keep this channel for what it already is and start a new one for the other things you're getting into. I just think it would offer you more flexibility down the road if you should ever decide you wanted to start making even more kinds of content. 

  24. Your chess videos are great Mr! I just started at a chess club and prefer your videos over anything else right now. Munching through, and getting hungry for more end game theory 🙂 Thanks a lot, your videos are helpful!

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