Chess Strategy! Larsen Entombed His Opponent’s Pieces

Chess Strategy! Larsen Entombed His Opponent’s Pieces

Hello chess lovers. Suren here and I have a very interesting game for you played By Bent Larsen, against Axel Nielsen the game, was played at 1953 Nordic Championship. Larsen had white pieces and he started with 1.Nf3 Nf6 by Nielsen 2.c4 White goes for English opening 2…c5 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nc6 5.Nc3 d6 here is what Larsen writes in his book “50 memorable games”, It is interesting that i didn’t accept the offer of transposing into the Maroczi Bind variation of the Sicilian Defence which would have occurred after6.e4. According to what I learned as a child this would have been favorable to white However it appears I had my doubts about it even then I have often played of this line as black but rarely as white The game against Petrosian at Santa Monica 1966 being a glorious exception. After 5…d6 in the game we see 6.g3 g6 7.Bg2 already the knight on c6 is under attack 7… Bd7 Was played 8.Nc2 – an interesting decision by Larsen he is keeping alive this knight 8…Bg7 9.b3 0–0 of course [9…Ne4 won’t give black anything white can Simply capture on e4 and of course the rook on a 1 square is protected and then white can capture a1 that’s why, after 9. b3 black, castles kingside 10.Bb2 a6 11.0–0 Rb8 Black wants to play b5 an excellent plan, but after White’s next move he has to remember the wise words of Nimzowitsch: “Cramped positions should be freed slowly”. 12.Rc1 b5 13.Nd5 Nxd5 [13…bxc4 Then after the exchange on f6 square, white can. Capture on c4. Now the pawn on d6 is hanging if 16…Qc7 then 17.Ne3. This pawn Is weakened, can Be an easy target for white pieces the knight will jump on d5 square and of course blacks position is very unpleasant. That’s why, after Nd5, Nd5 was played, we see the exchange of bishops on g7 square and 15.cxd5 Ne5 16.h3 white is taking under control the g4 square and is threatening f4 traping the knight on e5 Qb6 now the pawn on f2 is pinned white is thirst playing 17.Qd4 the exchange of queens gradually increases white’s advantage as the rook can go to c7 square 17…f6 18.Qxb6 Rxb6 19.Nd4 g5 t 20.Rc7 Rd8 21.Kh2 a very calm and interesting move by Larsen, he is overprotecting that pawn, on h3 square and is freeing the bishop and already can play for example Be4 by the way engine suggests f4 straight away if 21.f4 gxf4 22.gxf4 Ng6 23.Nc6 Bxc6 24.dxc6 square this pawn can cause black serious problems and again of course white has a huge advantage but in the game after Rd8, Kh2 was played 21…h6 22.Be4 Kf8 and already white is ready to chase away black knight here comes white is ready to chase away black knight 23.f4 Nf7 24.Bf3 of course not [24.Ne6+ because after the exchange on e6 square black has this d5 move counter attacking, white bishop and black is getting great chances of equalizing the game that’s, why Nf7 first 24.Bf3 Rb8 25.Ne6+ Bxe6 26.dxe6 Nh8 27.f5 Larsen is entombing the knight on h8 27…b4 28.Bb7 not even allowing any Rc8 moves. 28…a5 29.e4 and believe it or not man after this move black resigned. If we have a look at the position actually this black e pieces lined up on the eighth rank look very miserable Right now white has a simple plan to bring the rook on the queenside and pick up the pawns for example just a random move, if …h5 30.Rd1 Re8 31.Rd5 and this is simply over this is an easy win for white in the end another reference from Larsen’s book. ” Axel Nielsen didn’t play this game very well but he finished second in the tournament and in three Danish Championships. I felt very proud of the way I beat him and for a long time considered this game to be one of my best positional battles. Most young talents find it more difficult to play positionally than to launch a sharp or complicated attack against their opponent’s king”. I hope that you enjoyed this instructive positional game by Bent Larsen. Thanks for watching and if you have, any questions don’t hesitate to leave your comments. Good Luck!

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  1. I honestly appreciate the thorough explanations, eg. 2:37. Thank you Suren, please keep your videos crisp like this.

  2. I want to know about.also see your pic..becoz your voice is so great your speech to explain about the game. Is so good ..but unfortunately i coudnt hve know about you…so your all game is so power ful.and attacking game…pls understand my feeling about you…nd priority of my massage…

  3. Thanks for showing a Larsen game. I remember Axel Nielsen. He had a chess book shop but he did not want to sell – "Game and Life of Tal" because I would waste my time and not learn anything 🙂

    Larsen vs Portisch 1974

    Blocking the good bishop

    Unknown Club Player

  4. This game is definitely a positional masterpiece by Bent Larsen and I think it's true, good positional play and winning a game this way is often harder than launching some spectacular attack! Which method one has to chosse depends of course also on the nature of the occuring positions during the game. We have also seen brilliant sacrifices by positional players like Karpov or Petrosian, when the position required such moves.

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