Chess Scenes in the X-Men Films

Chess Scenes in the X-Men Films

I have made the first move. That is all they know. Doesn’t it ever wake you in the night, the feeling that someday they will pass
that foolish law, or one just like it, and come for you? And your children? It does indeed. No. I don’t think so, Scott. While Eric is capable of organizing something like this from prison… …for him it would be irrational. It would only hurt his goal of mutant prosperity. – You mean superiority.
– You’re right. If Eric had his way- Of course, you know how the government will
respond. They’ll reintroduce the Registration Act. Or worse. The president could declare a state
of emergency. Place every mutant in the country under arrest. We’re here to stay, Mr. President. The next
move is yours. We’ll be watching. In chess, the pawns go first. Their isolation, their hopes, their ambitions. I tell you, we are at the start of something
incredible, Erik. We can help them. Can we? Identification, that’s how it starts. And ends with being rounded up, experimented on, eliminated. Not this time. We have common enemies. Shaw, the Russians. They need us. For now. Cuba. Russia, America. It makes no difference. Shaw has declared war on mankind, on all of us. He has to be stopped. I’m not going to stop Shaw. I’m going to kill him. Do you have it in you to allow that? You’ve known all along why I was here, Charles. Many of the humans tried to help us, it was
a slaughter. Leaving only the worst of humanity in charge. I’ve been in a lot of wars. I’ve never seen anything like this. And it all starts with her. Let’s just say that for the sake of, sake
that… I choose to believe you, that I choose to
help you… Raven won’t listen to me. Fancy a game? It’s been a while. It’s been a while since I played. I’ll go easy on you. Might finally get a fair fight. You have the first move.

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  1. I'm guessing that the CHESS SCENES are symbolic with the whole war that Charles and Magneto have in the first place.

    Like when Magneto moves the chess piece in the credits scene, it's SYMBOLIC that he's still ABLE TO FIGHT…with what LITTLE strength of his powers he still has left in him…or even that he CAN fight even WITHOUT his powers, though that's not likely since he thinks humans are below him and to be HUMAN for Magneto is to be dead for him…As wtihtout powers, he feels inept as a mutant…

    I also LOVE the past films of Charles and Magneto as younger versions…It's more relateable and you feel like you're there and everything starts to make sense of the first three movies.

  2. Playing chess with Charles has to be really unfair. He can read your mind so he knows what moves you're going to make lmao

  3. I wonder if we'll get more chess scenes in the upcoming Apocalypse movie. Two of the four horsemen are bored while they wait for orders, so they just play a game of chess to pass the time or something like that.

  4. i think chess is more complex, unlike other sports, one move has too many possibilities, even if charles know wat i m gonna do next, he only has one move, he cant dodge 2 or more bullets, he can only defend one piece or 2 at a time.

  5. The ones directed by Singer seem natural, but the X3 one with Charles looked odd seeing as he was playing alone and the one in First Class looked ridiculously out of place.

  6. I've always liked seeing Erik and Charles playing chess. Because it reflects how they battle each other using their own mutant teams as their "chess pieces". With themselves as the kings (for example, the end scene in X-Men 1, where Erik knocks the king over in their chess game, it signifies his own defeat).

  7. Well erik and chrles are basically two sides of the same coin….they fight for a cuase…jsut different ones..

    also i guess juggernaut is a rook right? and magneto, is obviously both king and queen….cuz queen can do a lot, king is the boss…and once the king is fallen, its over….that, or he IS the king, whilst DARK PHEONIX is the queen and his ace in hte hole.

    also he means pawns as in humans since humans are weaker in powers than mutants are…not maybe in intelligence (which is why lex luthor was created, becasue the human brain is great)

  8. It's nice that in Apocalypse there is a scene in the school where you can see a chess set, though it's very brief.

  9. This is random but…I used to prefer machinery (Videogames, cars) to media…but i felt like i was liosing my humanity in the process…So i turned to comic books and western animation instead that have meaning and soul into it…Needless to say, I wasn't disappointed.

    media and western animation have so much more meaning than simple gagdetry or money….humanity is the most important thing, i personally believe…and that is what charles believes in….

    Also, being fair…fairness and equality (not communism, mind you) are very important aspects of life as well. I respect social structure of democracy, however and a common leader that we all vote on…I don't respect dictatorships and mindless violence at all….

    But that's the beauty of it…X-MEN DOES deal with this kind of controversy…ANd i love it…it's a very sociological/political movie…also psychological in the trauma Magneto suffers through as well.

  10. Fantastic in Soviet Comedy kin-DZA-DZA" one of the main characters got to the planet Plyuk, played with an alien chess at things and almost lost everything because the aliens read thoughts. In the last game he put on everything and won specifically because I thought the wrong moves))

  11. Just FYI the last conversation in Apocalypse is using brief bullet point-lines from the first Xmen films ending as well

  12. I love the line, "Might finally be a fair fight," because it's the closest they come to acknowledging Charles's telepathy in the context of chess games. I always wanted Erik to point out that Charles could be, and very probably is, cheating, and Erik would have no way of knowing. Because of course Charles would claim that he only reads people's minds with their permission, and yet he actually seems to be reading everyone's mind all the time, just sort of automatically. Or at least when he first meets them. Such as when he spills Hank's secret, because he knows he's a mutant upon meeting him (but apparently doesn't know that the CIA official is unaware of this–that always bumped me), or the Charles-Erik exchange, "What do you know about me?" "Everything." I'd also be very interested to know what the win-loss record between them is. We know that Charles won the game at the end of X-Men, but does Erik ever win? I'd love to see something like, "You win again, Charles, what a surprise," or a game where Erik is wearing his helmet, and a line about, "You seem to be having a much harder time than usual, Charles; I wonder why?" The Charles-Erik is my favorite part of X-men, and I especially love their chess games, both literal and metaphorical.

  13. I get chills every time at the end of last stand when Magneto starts to move the chess peice.. it's an amazing end.

  14. you know the most interesting thing in these movies? that Xavier and Magneto play chess throughout their friendship even into their days as mortal enemies. I guess they can stand each other enough to not kill each other, because seriously, that would be tempting.

  15. 2:20–2:34 about the government rounding up the mutants & experimenting on them is total foreshadow to X-Men Days of Future Past.

  16. charles value every piece including pawn, erik dun mind sacrificing to achieve objectives. in chess u need a balance of both

  17. "In chess the pawns go first" is a good line, but it's not terribly accurate. You're more likely to see someone move a pawn, then a knight, then a pawn, then a bishop or knight, etc. The first move is a pawn generally, but it's not like the pawns just stomp across the board before anything else moves.

  18. In the scene in the plastic prison, they both have white pieces, indicating that neither of them are "evil". But Erik has the clear
    pieces, because he has long since made his choice in the battle between humans and mutants; Charles' pieces are clouded, because he is conflicted and has not yet made a stand.

  19. Even though Magneto and Proffesor X are enemies and have totaly different causes and motivations,they never stoped seeing eachother as friends.That is what I love most about these two.

  20. So the "cure" was only temporary. Even if it was what happened to the boy later ? Was he killed or something?

  21. All those chess scenes are amazing and a symbol of Erik and Charles' relationship. It's like they play a game in which both are on opposite sides. And yet it's still a game. My favorite chess scenes have to be the one at the end of Xmen3 with Mckellen and the last one from DOFP on the plane

  22. Ian Mckellen was great as older Magneto the only one I can see bridge the gap in age if they did an inbetween Michael Fassben der and Ian would be Lucius Malfoy's actor Jason Isaacs. He has that look that seems like a fusion of the two actors in looks and accent.

  23. I always thought the ending scene to Last Stand was sad. Magneto truly lost everything. He lost his supporters and his friend Charles. No one is around him giving him company and no one is playing with him. Most people think he is simply trying to regain his powers but I think it is symbolism of him trying to get back on his feet. Hence why he is strugling to move the chess piece.

  24. Chess is one of the most sophisticated games on the planet and that's the keyword with these films Sophisticated they present the ideals and the comic books into the movie so realistically it's quite inspiring and so entertaining at the same time that's why I like the X Men films they are entertaining and yet not too silly or funny they address what they are saying with intelligence and it moods into an entertaining surreal series of films (except for Origins)

  25. They definktely nail it with those scenes. There is some subtlety that evokes a sentiment of badassery and cleverness.

  26. 1:19 I was really expecting that scene. I really loved that line. And he's right, as hurtful and cruel as it sounds

  27. i like to imagine bobby fischer suddenly being in one of these scenes yelling about how chess is a flawed game.

  28. Why the hell would magneto sacrifice a knight for a pawn and leave himself open to be taken by a pawn in the next move

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