Chess Rush Meta Assassin combo

Chess Rush Meta Assassin combo

Hello everyone welcome to Gusto chanel And today , i will play Meta Assassin for everyone watch This combo is cheating can win almost combo , but Have a weakness so i will explain next video and this combo i do not think by myself I stole from Top of server i see he play and steal him , so easy OK , let’s see this combo OK , this around easy win because he bad hero deem i lucky Next i meet warrior that warrior first game is brutal i maybe lose Let’s see i win or lose OK , as expected i maybe lose because warrior brutal first game and Assassin weakened first game Assassin brutal in last game i meet he maybe i win i win this person maybe i lose because he have 2 star 2 hero and i have no 2 star As explain i need 2 star , to be able to fight meet this person maybe i win because he have 4 heroes , i have 6 heroes i guess he unlucky maybe he try re to find heroes , but not found so he have hero…. now i have 2 star 1 hero , so i have chance win enemy Easier i thing this time i win OK , finished Need one more Assassin if i have 6 Assassin i brutal feeling i can fight this person Nice OK i have 6 Assassin now i brutal i maybe win almost everyone Because Assassin combo is cheating Finished , he never win me To me have Assassin 6 fast So i gives us an advantage in first game But i get too slow i can’t fight crit one hit die Just now Almost Oh , i feeling lose this person I was hit shutdown he a lot of heroes 2 star i must find 2 star more OK this brutal combo for Assassin this required Misfortune and Goblin these 2 things will make me combo Goblin and Warlock , So i Much better is necessary if have no it Assassin will weaker i feeling win this around i must find 3 star one more , no no wrong word if i have 2 star one more i can win almost everyone Now i win almost everyone OK , i win i win because my combo is good and i have 6 Assassin , he have 3 Assassin ์Now unfavorable because i have 2 star 2 horoes But my advantage is have nice combo my combo is meta combo so i advantage enemy almost lose , too excited Evergreen necessary is tank for this combo Missing Evergreen this combo is bad OK , now i have 9 heroes when full 9 heroes not necessary 10 , i find heroes i need for play Now re to find hero only Not necessary to get diamond , because must win enemy fast Nightowl necessary For combo 4 Druid if me Late game need 10 heroes To take Nightowl And make 3 star OK , i can shutdown 1st place and me replace it I get Sword dance 2 star make me Advantageous because this hero is cheating Now everyone can’t fight me i easy win this time I get diamond up 10 heroes for put Nightolw I will make full meta combo Really just 9 heroes i can win landslide victory he never win me And shut down him So close shutdown Must to find heroes Because i few 2 star He have many brutal heroes But he can’t fight me , because my combo is cheating He have 3 star 2 heroes and many 2 star But he lose me I still can’t find heroes i need that lucky this game If me lucky i will… Brutal if me play because this combo is cheating At me put vanguard Assassin for kill Kraken Enemy put vanguard Kraken is weakness Must take advantage of the beat Still close because my heroes not full Not found my heroes Get Nightowl He fail vanguard Kraken But no matter what to do , my Assassin kill anyway My Sword dance excel because my item better Get 3 star Evergreen , everyone Now he lose this the result of us having a very tough tank But he lucky because I meet monster If not meet monster he sure lose But , next around he never survive because my Nightowl 3 Star Now i have 2 tank so he never win me OK , and i win Before i going , i let’s say Thank you to all the comments that encouraged me and bye bye

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