Chess Rush How to fast 3 level 3 Heroes in 13 minute

Chess Rush How to fast 3 level 3 Heroes in 13 minute

Hello everyone welcome to Gusto channel And today i will play Cyborg for everyone to watch for To watch how to can Have 3 star 3 heroes in 13 minute That so easy , prepare to watch Every time i Buy heroes No up max heroes Try to find only Cyborg heroes Bcause Cyborg is heroes 1 Diamond , that if me find first game , when few max heroes High chance of meet Cyborg So only find Cyborg , no up max heroes High chance I get Cyborg Another thing is I must Play Cyborg in game.. Everyone not play Cyborg for no one vie heroes This is Another technique if have person vie to find heroes , i will slow 3 star , so I will play in only game not player vie OK , let’s see if I can do in 3 minute or not Now i get Cyborg 2 star 2 Heroes So Near 3 Star In first game i easy can win enemy because i have more star That can win This game i advantageous because no player play Cyborg Can shutdown In first game not everyone fight me because cyborg is apogee in first game Now i get 3 Star 1 hero and i will get 3 star more I have Ninja 3 Star Make me win enemy easy Now i have 3 star 3 Heroes in 13 minute Just a moment ago i get Heroes Many 1 diamond Cyborg , Make me get 3 Star 3 Heroes in 13 minute Now player can’t fight me in first game because i cheat This is brutal of Cyborg Can make 3 Star in first game I thing Cyborg can make 3 Star faster Druid First game belong with me , everyone This time everyone can’t fight me because 3 star 3 heroes is brutal Now i always win But , this combo lose Rider If meet Rider late game maybe i can’t fight Because rider is brutal in late game I feeling he begin to fight with me i begin mild attack As expected Rider late game is brutal Is brutal meta Feeling can’t fight and shutdown me Meet Rider again Rider should nerf because is too strong Too strong , saw a lot of people playing Although first game i snowball Still close to him And Warrior maybe can’t fight me Warrior lose Cyborg Because Cyborg have skill magic and true Damage OH , can’t fight Rider Lose in late game , i can fight first game late game can’t fight Rider because Rider strong in late game Overwhelmingly lose And to day i want to show Make 3 star 3 heroes in 13 minute And i lose or win No problem , because I meet counter my combo Everyone play Rider I can’t fight Especially after the game , even more disadvantage , because have person die Rider come back to market And Rider come back to market , he can easy to find rider So especially after the game more lose A story that OH MY GOD He have 3 Star Rider i can’t Attack him Can’t fight him Now 1 VS 1 cannot , and lose OK Today i have to go , Thanky for every comment for encouraging , Bye Bye

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