Chess Rush how to counter meta combo

Chess Rush how to counter meta combo

Hello everyone Welcome when accepting Gusto Channel And today I will teach that how to combo cunter meta combo Everyone can prepare to watch If my English translation There is an error. I’m apologize Because I’m not good at language Start at Combos 1, let’s start at Knight Knight is a very popular combo right now. And divided into 2 types which are Popular as meta is Knight hunter and Knight Sorcerer How to counter these two combos Warrior counter Knight Hunter Warrior can win Knights Hunter Late game and mid game can win and Knight Knight and Sorcerer Can counter with Knight hunter counter Knight Sorcerer Because then this 2 meta will Counter each other Next meta is Assassin Assassin is fucking cheating meta Because it can win every combo if above star And how to fix ? The solution is to use meta use Knight Hunter Knight Hunter will be able to solve because Knight have thick armor With thick armor Assassin can not damage it and Knight hunter lose Warrior Because Knight Hunter damage is not enough to kill Warrior Because Warriors have thick armor So Warrior to win the Knight Hunter and How to counter Warrior next Warrior then lose Assassin , Because Assassin it severe damage , can kill Warrior But Assassin need tank such as Evergreen that excellent tank , Warrior attack Evergreen to death it takes a long time Because Warrior low damage When it hit Evergreen , Assassin will Attack from behind , and (Warrior Die) Can’t win Assassin and Knight Sorcerer Losing Knight Hunter , Because When Knight Sorcerer use skill it can’t Caused a lot of damage Because Knight have ability Magic resistance , when it have Magic resistance so Knight Sorcerer Lose , so Warrior lose Knight Sorcerer Because Knight Sorcerer Attack is Magic and Warrior ability protect physical so Warrior lose Knight Sorcerer and Knight Sorcerer versus Assassin Knight Sorcerer and Assassin is be close if personage be close Knight Sorcerer a little advantage , Because Knight will protect Sorcerer Knight for tank , so Knight protection from Assassin Not to kill Sorcerer , but Knight Sorcerer have less star Knight Assassin mistake , less Assassin , Sorry for speaking wrong less Assassin Assassin Kill easily next , watch common combo Hunter can win hmm meta ? , lose every meta except Hunter have beyond heroes (above star) Will be able to defeat the enemy next , almost forgot Else meta is Cyborg Cyborg can win Assassin , can win Assassin but, lose Knight lose Knight Sorcerer , Can win Warrior this is Cyborg Cyborg must use luck if unlucky , not completely combo lose all combo , or first game none 3 star , unlucky lose all combo also this meta should not play because use more luck , but If you like to risk it can play , next Punisher Punisher is too good combo this combo can win all combo and lose all combo , depend on Our plans , what did we find What we will use , what will be combos We can solve the way if we have above star we win everyone but we star less we lose everyone , so Punisher is worth playing Druid be not mete , Druid win another , duration around 15-25 if first game lose if late game lose So Druid cruel mid game It cruel 15-25 and use more luck if unlucky then the end lose hit shut down Ok , combo brutal All this is all , and Furry lose all combo , good first game combo Undead is supplement , Goblin is supplement Oceanborn is supplement and Void is supplement Dragon is supplement , not main combo These combos are for supplement is not main combo Today , i This ends , who likes Click like and Subscribe Good bye Good bye , farewell

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