Chess Rush Demon Combo

Chess Rush Demon Combo

Welcome to Gusto Channel And today i play Punisher that perfect combo Come to see what will be Start game i win so good OK , win that i lucky get Nightingale 2 star fast I feeling meet Assassin that Assassin can’t win me first game Reason i streak win make me advantageous in late game Easy win this person Now first game everyone never win me this game i lucky because get 2 star fast Assassin can’t win me because this combo win Because he not full combo if 6 i lose OH , Kraken die first I put Kraken like that because advantageous Assassin but do not think meet Rider so Kraken free die I feeling enemy can fight me Must hurry to collect Diamond This cons is more than full combo must 10 heroes if not 10 not brutal OK , full Undead Get better Can’t fight , haha He 6 Rider is hrutal i with 10 heroes to win The Excutioner i not buy because i close to sell Use first(and sell) i get Sword dance Sell The Excutioner This person hard fight because he full combo But my combo not full OK , i can win Can’t fight this person With my combo full i can fight I feeling this person i easy win No full combo missing 1 more OK , i get Rider 3 star , And Maybe win enemy OK , full combo Proper full combo Close to lose Now maybe i fight enemy This is perfect combo of Punisher it brutal OK , can win Shutdown him OK , win him , he near lose OH , i meet monster , he then survived He lucky Otherwise he die He lucky , surviving OH , he get Unicorn 3 Star , Hmmm He lucky , how do I fight him? that He returned to advantage He sure advantage I can’t fight him because he better than before heroes I must change hero and sell Sell this hero and buy Nebula Will I be ok? OH , i feeling My fire Rider super tank 1 VS 5 Can tank And Sword dance free attack , Ohhh finished My hero clever And i win Who likes click LIKE and SUBSCRIBE And today I have to go Bye Bye , thank for every comment

41 thoughts on “Chess Rush Demon Combo

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