CHESS PLAYING CARDS – These Cards Are Marked!

CHESS PLAYING CARDS – These Cards Are Marked!

what’s up guys Chris Ramsey here and thanks so much for tuning in today I’m gonna talk to you about something that I hold very dear to me these are the Knights playing cards we are to talk about stock the finish the look feel and all the design aspects as well as the inspiration for this design and we’re also gonna go as far as to show you guys the marketing system and I know a lot of you have been looking forward to that too stay tuned to find out how that works also now until Christmas only so that leaves you like four days you’re gonna get 10% off this deck until Christmas basically I’m gonna give you guys a coupon code near the end of this video so if you guys want to take advantage of that and get these while they’re hot because once they’re sold out I can’t guarantee a second run and I can’t guarantee if we’re going to put MV too or not so you might want to snag these Walter exists so this design was conceived by Dana Madison and I along with the help of our illustrator friend Obon Jones over at illusionist we came up with a design that’s both complimented chess and playing cards at the same time and the result is absolutely beautiful and for those of you who haven’t seen the trailer yet check this out [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that was a trailer that Daniel and I went to film in New York City he was a lot of fun to put together as a lot of fun playing those hustlers so without further ado let’s get into my very first playing card review reviewing my own deck might be a little biased let’s do that now let’s have a look at Knights playing cards when you receive this deck you will see that it is wrapped in this weird cellophane which I kind of like it kind of calls back to the old-school sello one of my hugest pet peeves in the world is opening cellophane I hate when you’re like yep so we’ve made it very easy for you to open right here so once we get that peel going whoop goes right around look at that one clean swipe might not seem like much but this for me was everything open did a really good job here on this logo as you can see that’s all in gold foil as is the back you’ve got the two Knights right there the center Madison Ramsay me let’s take a look inside the tuckies you notice that the inside of this is just immaculate look at that and that goes all the way down it’s kind of cool too because if you put it up to the light you can actually see through it I believe this is the first time that anyone’s ever used gold foiling on the inside the Tuck case so that was really original I’m really happy about that this box is just trippy looks great on photos I mean you can rip it open and you can take a photo of the inside of the box that is beautiful TUC case very simple I left a big space here and we left that for a reason because this might sound a little bit I don’t know how this is gonna sound but one of my conventions and stuff some kids like autographs they like to have their deck sign so we left a nice space here where you can write something and give it off as a gift so that was like a personal choice that we made which I thought was pretty cool take a look at the cards here we have the plain now these come in a bit of a weird order and we’ll get to that in a second but first and foremost we got these two cards d-dad cards two horses representing two Knights myself and Daniel we got the four four the four of spades the nine four the nine of clubs are for Ramsay m4 Madison if you don’t need these or use these you can go ahead and split those using this double backers double facers whatever you want to do it then your discretion up to you I just usually throw these out jokers Obon did a phenomenal job on the Joker’s this is all pointillism which is called I think it’s called pointillism correct me if I’m wrong but it’s dot work every individual point was made using dots that is all hand-drawn really love this joke I think it’s very fitting for this deck and it looks great next up the cards so first of all you’ll notice that the order is in a really bizarre order that order is very very intentional I’ve had some people ask me well why is this in this order your cards are out of order this is actually an order that not a lot of magicians will be familiar with because like so it actually means nothing but with one simple out Faro shuffle the order of this deck is revealed again that might not mean much to a lot of magicians but for those of you out there this is a very important order that you can keep these cards in and you can give it one fair shuffle at the beginning and you’re here in this beautiful order and to facilitate that Faro shuffle these are traditionally cut which it which is a rare thing nowadays they will Farrow from down up as opposed to up down so that’s why they’re so smoothly interlaced the back of the card we designed the back of these cards very very simple because we wanted the pattern to sort of replicate what a traditional deck would look like without sort of getting too ornate or too detailed so this minimalistic design is really really nice as you can see it’s just scattered chess pieces and because this is printed in a metallic ink you get that beautiful shine and that is the same for the red so the red instead of being red is gold and you can see that beautiful shine there and open did a great job and just highlighting that goal by contouring every pip in a thin black line which really makes everything pop makes it look really elegant beautiful and that’s the reason for that also notice that in the very centre of these decks two nights and that was done on purpose actually if you spin these we would probably just see the Knights so you can get that sort of let’s take a look at the base of space in the ace of spades once again we have that beautiful gold metallic ink also we have this really fancy art once again designed by Obon Jones beautiful chessboard in the background you have the two knights you got that sword once again this ink as well is all in metallic which gives it a really classy look as I mentioned the pips on the red cards are gold and we’ve also shrunken them down just a little open wanted to change it up just a little bit so that they’re not completely standard but they have an original feel to them without compromising the integrity of the deck the core cards clothing now also in that beautiful gold now if you noticed some of the core cards have faces on them such as this guy you probably recognize him manual data so as well as myself huh found you this guy this is the very first core card that I’ve been introduced on in the illusionist acts I’m very proud of Open Jones once again did a stellar job making me look very stoic on this King of Spades some of the other core cards include familiar faces like this guy that is Bobby Fischer Oban Jones that is not only was this deck traditionally cut but it is also crushed you can actually have their decks [Music] crushed so this is just an extra option to make the cards feel worked in as soon as you get them out of the box they feel great as they should and lastly but not leastly they are marked we didn’t reveal the markings at first because I kind of wanted people to discover them for themselves but here it is as you can see some of the corners here are changing on the right hand side have a look the marking system works only with the value of the cards not the suit because if you’re in that specific order that I mentioned before you don’t actually need to know the suit to know what it is all you need is basically the value let’s take a look at how the marking system works if you notice here there are going to be a few different types of actual chess pieces in this top corner a pawn is worth one a knight is worth three a rook is worth five the bishop in this case is a Jack Queen is the queen and the king is the king now I’m going to show you how to add those up one pawn is up right in the top corner making this a one two pawns in this case – never mind that last piece that is completely different if you see a higher value piece such as a bishop queen or king after the other pieces you can completely negate it otherwise these last pieces will be in a different direction letting you know it not to count it so that is a – as I mentioned the knight is it three followed by an upside down piece so it stops there that is three here’s where we start adding them up we have a three and a one followed by in a different piece so in this case like a king or a queen making that a four three plus one is four here we have a rook followed by an upside down piece which makes out a 5 5 plus 1 is 6 only in a few cases where you have to add up three pieces and that is the maximum number of pieces you have to add up in this case we have a rook plus two pawns followed by an upside down piece telling us that we stopped there that is 7 rook at night eight rook Knight and pawn that makes nine five plus three plus one rook and rook ten the bishop is a Jack the Queen is a Queen King you can tell it to King because it has a little cross on top of it that’s the difference between the Queen and King king is a king finally the Joker is just an upside down King all four Joker’s and add cards will have this symbol a few final notes on the design first off because the pips are golden this does not make it ideal for strolling magic in a dark area so if I were to perform in a bar or restaurant with a low lighting without light you can kind of mistake that for a black card which could be confusing in the daylight it’s fine so this is a deck that I don’t perform with professionally but it is a deck that I will perform with casually so it’s something that it will have on me perhaps with a nice card clip nice little package it looks great and people actually love to talk about the design so in this case you can explain to them it’s a Chasteen deck show them Bobby Fischer etc etc and then proceeded to blow their mind these they’re amazingly well after time and they do not appear ruined after a few times using them they will actually feel better and better and better which is what I really love about this deck the reason why we put the marking system in the top right corner is so that when someone chooses a card from a spread it will not give away the disorder but also mainly for this reason should someone say stop whenever they like right there I riffle one more boom I know that they just looked at a jack feel free to use that however you want it alright guys thanks so much for tuning in if you want to take advantage of the 10% discount from now until the 25th of December all you have to do is grab this coupon code this one right here use that coupon code wisely and purchase as many decks as you want but you will get 10% off all the nights playing card decks that you purchase thanks guys now we’ll see you soon with more content so keep your eyes peeled yo don’t forget to check out a few other videos on my channel also be sure to subscribe to illusionist the illusionist has a plethora of videos that you guys are going to find really enjoying and we are going to be teaching lots and lots of magic and lots of cardistry and lots of tips to help you up your magic level very very soon so be sure to check those out below

100 thoughts on “CHESS PLAYING CARDS – These Cards Are Marked!

  1. Just bought these and am so excited to get them as they will be my first magic deck … also the 10% code still works 😉

  2. Is there a way to custom order left handed ones? I love this deck put having the pips on the other end would be awesome!

  3. They way I use the ad cards is a little bit cheesy. I force a 9 of Clubs which is the card featured Daniel Madison's ad card. I have them put their card back in the deck. Then I make the ad card appear telling them that this is their card. They always say "no it's not" then I proceed to show them the tiny 9 and Clubs symbols on the ad card. Caution: only use this trick when people can hear and see clearly. Dark and loud bars are not a good idea.

  4. Hey Chris! What is your favorite effect for the Mnemonica Stack? Can you do a video of it?? Hope you'll respond 😀

  5. the tuck case looks inside out in a way since the gold design is on the inside and the exterior is blank white 😛

  6. Chris, cool cards!
    I have a question: how did you get the cards to be printed, and how to your knowledge can I print my own deck?
    Thanks so much
    Yehonatan Sabov.

  7. Was this the same designer who did the Bicycle White Ghost Legacy Decks? Cause you stated that you guys decided to shrink down the main indexes but upon further inspection they line up exactly with the Legacy Decks. Just an observation. Love the cards by the way regardless. The gold pips just look amazing. I would have went a step further and put a gold stroke around the black indexes and pips, but that's just me.

    Need some advice. What's the best way to fix a card or cards that have been exposed to some moisture? Here's the setup, I had my brand new Knights Deck in my arm pocket, yeah I have a shirt with an upper arm pocket, and messing around on my jeep out in the heat before I realized I put the deck in there. Now a bunch of the cards have that warpy moist look to them. Any thoughts? I'd hate to have to count a shitload of pennies out again to buy another deck then have to wait another seven days for Ellusionist to ship them to me.

    Thanks Chris. You Rock.

  8. My Knights deck is one of my favs…. didn't even realize they are marked until I saw this video….. and just ordered the ….. RED KNIGHTS!!!!! Can't wait!! You rock dude!!! stay cool…. stay caffeinated!!!

  9. hey Chris. I just got the Red Knights and found the second marked. Are there also one for the color. I love The Red Kinghts

  10. Red Knights are BOMBER! Love the V2 of suit marking and swapping CR from KS to KH. I feel like I'm missing an obvious 4S reveal, but who knows? (well, you know) Love, love, love this deck. Should have bought a brick or 3.

  11. woah i think the trailer actually show that your brutally crushing the street hustler one by one cool but where the card

  12. Just got the deck, handles great like you said, and love how you hid the marking system!
    Star Rating: 10/10
    P.S: This is my new favorite deck!

  13. These cards are a BEAUTY
    Always wanted to have such cards and now as they are available on amazon,I cannot explain how much happy I am

  14. So sad that I only recently found your channel and found this deck in particular. I wish this deck was still available at more places.

    Awesome work dude.

  15. A V2? How about change the court cards as well? People aren't stupid, they'd recognize a courtcard in first glance. Also, a suit marking 😂

  16. Great cards, but I stuck them in my cheap card clip so the box is a bit messed up. I love the inside of the box! I'm not a chess fanatic but I love these cards.

  17. Just got my deck and it will be used in my first ever gig. So pumped, these cards so are beautiful and elegant and will make you stand out among others. LOVE LOVE LOVE this deck. Straight FIRE.

  18. I thought of a trick that uses the markings on these cards.
    It's not really a trick but it would make the spectator think that you're amazing at math.
    The routine:
    1. Spectator chooses three cards at random, puts them on the table, face down.
    2. Tell the spectator to look at the first card.
    3. Tell them to add 3 to the card's value, then multiply by 2, then minus 4.
    4. Ask what number did they get and almost immediately after they say it, say the value for the original card.
    5. Do it for the rest of the cards. You can change or add more numbers in the equation for the next cards to make it more interesting and less detactable (it might seem like there's a system if you use the same numbers)

  19. Hey Chris, I have the red ones and I didnt like them at all,sorry to say. They are GORGEOUS, but I feel the handling is much bellow average. I feel they bend and dont come back to normal. A simple riffle shuffle and they get all croocked. Cant double lift cuz each card gets crooked in a different way. Dunno if MY deck has some problems, but agsin, sorry to say, gorgeous but it wont be leaving my House for magic.

  20. because the cards look the same upside down,the marks will be in both the top-right and bottom-left, except upside down in the bottom left. Still noticeable. And always will be unless you made the cards "this way up"

  21. I found it extremely amazing that when I clicked on this video after ordering these cards, I see a chess ad before the video.

  22. Just nabbed a Knights Red all the way down here in Oz. Now we play the waiting game (shipping is a real kick in the nuggets here). They only had one deck in stock so now I don't know whether to open and caress or just watch it grow old gracefully from afar……..

  23. @Chris Ramsay — beautiful. And I’m not a magician, I just appreciate your craft. I’m a tournament chess player though, and I enjoy the motif!
    Beating those hustlers is fucking hard … do you have an ELO or USCF Rating?
    Btw. just like you do, I’ve got a large chess Knight tattooed on my left upper arm. Cheers! 🍻

  24. I ordered the new version of these and they're supposed to be here this afternoon. I'm excited to check them out. I've been using Blaine's "White Lions Series B" as my go to marked deck. It should be fun and interesting to explore a deck that's marked in a completely different way. I've been a big fan of yours for a while now, I saw your name on a deck, and I felt the need to order some so I can check them out. It's so much fun to use marked decks to mess with friends and strangers alike. Free drinks are always great 😀

  25. As a chess player and an aspiring wannabe cardist I would really like to have a deck were it not for the fact they are marked. Beautiful deck nonetheless.

  26. There IS a way to tell the suite! Like this so Chris can see!

    Rifle the left side and you will so the cross on top of the king changes!
    Spades is cross with right side missing,
    Clubs is cross with left side missing,
    Diamonds is full cross,
    Hearts is cross with top missing!


    Edit: Never mind turns out only the red is like that you’re fine Chris

  27. I know these came out a long time ago now, but it feels like with all the work that went into it it might have been handy to use the indifferent/upside-down piece to indicate the suit, not JUST indicate the end of the marking.

    I mean it won't FOREVER be in stack order, and even if it is you would need to know two consecutive values to tell where you are in the stack, not just one value. Or you could glimpse some other card and do the math, but that negates the need for marking in the first place. One spectator shuffle and the marking becomes much less helpful.

    That said, they do look friggin' amazing and I love all the bonus features and attention to detail.

  28. Beginning of the trailer all I kept thinking was "Ramsay, Madison… Hurry! Hurry! Get to the choppah, NOW, go!

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