CHESS PLAYING CARDS – These Cards Are Marked!

CHESS PLAYING CARDS – These Cards Are Marked!

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  1. Just bought these and am so excited to get them as they will be my first magic deck … also the 10% code still works 😉

  2. Is there a way to custom order left handed ones? I love this deck put having the pips on the other end would be awesome!

  3. They way I use the ad cards is a little bit cheesy. I force a 9 of Clubs which is the card featured Daniel Madison's ad card. I have them put their card back in the deck. Then I make the ad card appear telling them that this is their card. They always say "no it's not" then I proceed to show them the tiny 9 and Clubs symbols on the ad card. Caution: only use this trick when people can hear and see clearly. Dark and loud bars are not a good idea.

  4. Hey Chris! What is your favorite effect for the Mnemonica Stack? Can you do a video of it?? Hope you'll respond 😀

  5. the tuck case looks inside out in a way since the gold design is on the inside and the exterior is blank white 😛

  6. Chris, cool cards!
    I have a question: how did you get the cards to be printed, and how to your knowledge can I print my own deck?
    Thanks so much
    Yehonatan Sabov.

  7. Was this the same designer who did the Bicycle White Ghost Legacy Decks? Cause you stated that you guys decided to shrink down the main indexes but upon further inspection they line up exactly with the Legacy Decks. Just an observation. Love the cards by the way regardless. The gold pips just look amazing. I would have went a step further and put a gold stroke around the black indexes and pips, but that's just me.

    Need some advice. What's the best way to fix a card or cards that have been exposed to some moisture? Here's the setup, I had my brand new Knights Deck in my arm pocket, yeah I have a shirt with an upper arm pocket, and messing around on my jeep out in the heat before I realized I put the deck in there. Now a bunch of the cards have that warpy moist look to them. Any thoughts? I'd hate to have to count a shitload of pennies out again to buy another deck then have to wait another seven days for Ellusionist to ship them to me.

    Thanks Chris. You Rock.

  8. My Knights deck is one of my favs…. didn't even realize they are marked until I saw this video….. and just ordered the ….. RED KNIGHTS!!!!! Can't wait!! You rock dude!!! stay cool…. stay caffeinated!!!

  9. hey Chris. I just got the Red Knights and found the second marked. Are there also one for the color. I love The Red Kinghts

  10. Red Knights are BOMBER! Love the V2 of suit marking and swapping CR from KS to KH. I feel like I'm missing an obvious 4S reveal, but who knows? (well, you know) Love, love, love this deck. Should have bought a brick or 3.

  11. woah i think the trailer actually show that your brutally crushing the street hustler one by one cool but where the card

  12. Just got the deck, handles great like you said, and love how you hid the marking system!
    Star Rating: 10/10
    P.S: This is my new favorite deck!

  13. These cards are a BEAUTY
    Always wanted to have such cards and now as they are available on amazon,I cannot explain how much happy I am

  14. So sad that I only recently found your channel and found this deck in particular. I wish this deck was still available at more places.

    Awesome work dude.

  15. A V2? How about change the court cards as well? People aren't stupid, they'd recognize a courtcard in first glance. Also, a suit marking 😂

  16. Great cards, but I stuck them in my cheap card clip so the box is a bit messed up. I love the inside of the box! I'm not a chess fanatic but I love these cards.

  17. Just got my deck and it will be used in my first ever gig. So pumped, these cards so are beautiful and elegant and will make you stand out among others. LOVE LOVE LOVE this deck. Straight FIRE.

  18. I thought of a trick that uses the markings on these cards.
    It's not really a trick but it would make the spectator think that you're amazing at math.
    The routine:
    1. Spectator chooses three cards at random, puts them on the table, face down.
    2. Tell the spectator to look at the first card.
    3. Tell them to add 3 to the card's value, then multiply by 2, then minus 4.
    4. Ask what number did they get and almost immediately after they say it, say the value for the original card.
    5. Do it for the rest of the cards. You can change or add more numbers in the equation for the next cards to make it more interesting and less detactable (it might seem like there's a system if you use the same numbers)

  19. Hey Chris, I have the red ones and I didnt like them at all,sorry to say. They are GORGEOUS, but I feel the handling is much bellow average. I feel they bend and dont come back to normal. A simple riffle shuffle and they get all croocked. Cant double lift cuz each card gets crooked in a different way. Dunno if MY deck has some problems, but agsin, sorry to say, gorgeous but it wont be leaving my House for magic.

  20. because the cards look the same upside down,the marks will be in both the top-right and bottom-left, except upside down in the bottom left. Still noticeable. And always will be unless you made the cards "this way up"

  21. I found it extremely amazing that when I clicked on this video after ordering these cards, I see a chess ad before the video.

  22. Just nabbed a Knights Red all the way down here in Oz. Now we play the waiting game (shipping is a real kick in the nuggets here). They only had one deck in stock so now I don't know whether to open and caress or just watch it grow old gracefully from afar……..

  23. @Chris Ramsay — beautiful. And I’m not a magician, I just appreciate your craft. I’m a tournament chess player though, and I enjoy the motif!
    Beating those hustlers is fucking hard … do you have an ELO or USCF Rating?
    Btw. just like you do, I’ve got a large chess Knight tattooed on my left upper arm. Cheers! 🍻

  24. I ordered the new version of these and they're supposed to be here this afternoon. I'm excited to check them out. I've been using Blaine's "White Lions Series B" as my go to marked deck. It should be fun and interesting to explore a deck that's marked in a completely different way. I've been a big fan of yours for a while now, I saw your name on a deck, and I felt the need to order some so I can check them out. It's so much fun to use marked decks to mess with friends and strangers alike. Free drinks are always great 😀

  25. As a chess player and an aspiring wannabe cardist I would really like to have a deck were it not for the fact they are marked. Beautiful deck nonetheless.

  26. There IS a way to tell the suite! Like this so Chris can see!

    Rifle the left side and you will so the cross on top of the king changes!
    Spades is cross with right side missing,
    Clubs is cross with left side missing,
    Diamonds is full cross,
    Hearts is cross with top missing!


    Edit: Never mind turns out only the red is like that you’re fine Chris

  27. I know these came out a long time ago now, but it feels like with all the work that went into it it might have been handy to use the indifferent/upside-down piece to indicate the suit, not JUST indicate the end of the marking.

    I mean it won't FOREVER be in stack order, and even if it is you would need to know two consecutive values to tell where you are in the stack, not just one value. Or you could glimpse some other card and do the math, but that negates the need for marking in the first place. One spectator shuffle and the marking becomes much less helpful.

    That said, they do look friggin' amazing and I love all the bonus features and attention to detail.

  28. Beginning of the trailer all I kept thinking was "Ramsay, Madison… Hurry! Hurry! Get to the choppah, NOW, go!

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