‘Chess Piece ♟️& Bus Tattoos 🚌’ | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

‘Chess Piece ♟️& Bus Tattoos 🚌’ | Grudge Match Sneak Peek

Home sweet home. That shirt’s killing me
right now. He just got off
of a pirate ship? You know what you don’t
tattoo in? White pants. Nope. Not good. Not smart. I don’t know what the hell
Dane’s issue is. I thought this was
a grudge match, not a lesson for daycare here. Here we go. Does the retirement home know
that you’re out and about? You got to be kidding me, man. Slow down on the stairs.
Chill. Oh, already going at it. So what’s this all about? I just really feel like
I got wrote off as a kid that didn’t know
what he was doing. I mean, Dane does look like
a little kid, though. He does. Doesn’t he, standing next
to Christian? He does. Like he just got a ride
from the mall from his mom. Just because I’m not as old you- It had nothing to do
with your tattooing, Dane. It was how you worked
with everybody else around you. It was watching you guys
help other people because you thought
that they were cool. You obviously have been
in alliances before and- I invented that shit. Exactly.
You’re welcome. So then you know. We need to get in there
and squash this. I want to find out
what’s going on. You guys were all there. I was trying to help you out
and give you advice on how to navigate
this competition. You didn’t want to listen,
which is fine, because I didn’t have to worry
about you anyway. You didn’t make it to the end. Hey, you two. Oh, shit. Look who it is. Hey! Hey, well, you’re lucky. The deck’s stacked
for you today. I’m having flashbacks. Dane, how did you get
into all of this? I just felt like when you walked
in you just didn’t treat us
with respect at all. I didn’t think
it was really that fair. Aw. So you got your feelings hurt. A little bit. Yeah, I did.
You know? I want to know why you have so
many grudges with everybody. Because I’m an ornery
old bastard. Nah, you know.
I mean this is competition. When I’m here,
I’m here to fight. That’s it.
I love that. That’s what I was saying. I’m like, “Christian, he’s not
going to back down from a fight. He’s got to show up swinging.” Let’s see if you can battle
on our field. I still get nervous every time. I’m excited. We’re going to level
the playing field and give you guys both
a 90 minute tattoo where we get to pick what
you guys are going to tattoo. Okay. Hey, whatever. Anytime,
anywhere, anything. The winner gets
a huge advantage for tomorrow’s six-hour grudge
match tattoo. One of you will get to determine
the style or subject that both of you guys
will be tattooing. Nice. Whoever wins this grudge
match tattoo settles the score for good. Fair enough.
Deal. We’ve got to come up
with something that both of these guys
can tattoo. What do you think? I mean, they’re both here.
You know? I mean, they’re both
playing the game. Chess piece. Chess piece. I’m down with that.
I love that. I think that’s a good call.
All right. You guys got to do 90-minute
chess pieces. Any style. Any color.
Add any elements you want. Yeah, I know you just got
out of school, but no copying
off of my papers. Chess is the one with the multi
figures on the board, right? Yeah, yeah.
It’s before internet gaming. All right, well get to drawing. You only got 90 minutes.
Come on. Do this.
Do it. Good luck guys. Good luck. Dane, are you going to do
better without an alliance than you did last time
with one? My head’s a lot more clear
than it used to be. It’ll be a lot easier
to just relax and enjoy my job. Yeah, I hope you relax, buddy, because then
I’ll just run right past you and kick your ass again. I don’t know if you’re capable
of running really fast, but I would like
to see you do that. In our second grudge,
season 10’s Jeremy Brown felt creatively
confined by his coach, Steve Tefft. Show me what being a coach
is all about, man. Do a better tattoo than me,
if you can. Man, sometimes two people
just cannot get along. Now Jeremy’s back to impress. Maybe you being a dick
was a good thing. I think so. Super excited to see this battle
between Steve and Jeremy. I mean, how would you feel
if you just didn’t get along with your coach,
and he was just- Yeah, that’s nothing but…
All it is is just a buzzkill. It ruins the whole vibe. He was kind of a really
tough coach. You’re so artistic,
you’re all over the place. All I do is fight
with your idea. Why don’t [inaudible 00:03:52]
in black? He’s got to start listening.
[inaudible 00:03:54] overcomplicate shit
like you always do. We need to come
with a stronger design. If I let you do every idea
that you wanted to do, you wouldn’t even been
in here right now. There’s some heat in here
like a oven door with these two. Yeah, but Steve is
no longer the coach, and Jeremy is no longer
on a team. And that’s going to leave it
for an interesting battle. Do me a favor.
I need you to hold this screw. Yeah, this one right here? Yeah, just going to
tighten it real quick. As a coach, you’re supposed
to coach your teammates on how to win competitions, but I don’t have support
from my coach, and I don’t understand that. I just want to thank you
for always being there for me. Always here for you, babe. You rock. High five. Yes. I’m on my own this time.
It’s going to be so rad, because I don’t have to listen
to his ass barking in my ears. Blah blah blah blah blah blah. I don’t think it was me
as a coach. I don’t think anybody
could coach Jared. I’m going to
kill this thing. All right. Go get them.
Oh, nice out. That a boy. Jeremy thinks he’s going to
beat me on this competition, but you know what?
He’s totally delusional. I’m an ink master.
I know what it takes to win. Back again. The man, the myth, the legend. The ink master himself. Where’s this dude? You don’t wait this long
for an ass beating. He needs get here. He’s coming in swinging. Steve’s always confident. Look who it is. Throw anybody
under the bus lately? [inaudible 00:05:13]. Jeremy’s pissed. He’s ready too.
Look at his eyes. Yeah, he is. Get to finally show you
what this guy could do. Well see, the thing is,
I knew you could do. You just didn’t listen. You say you want all your guys
at the finale, but why is it you were
trying to throw me under the bus and get me kicked off. What I told you guys
from the beginning. If it’s not a good tattoo,
I’m not going to vote for it. Man, sometimes two people
just cannot get along. At the end of the day you’ve got
to stand on your own two feet. No matter how much
I pushed you, all you proved to me
was you couldn’t handle it. Both of these guys
are like just brewing. Somebody is going to explode. Let’s go. Admit it, man.
My ideas were pretty [inaudible 00:05:47]
good. If I would’ve had
proper advice from day one rather than a bunch of
[crosstalk 00:05:51]. I remember these dudes. Going at it. Guys are back. Ready to take this guy out, show him who the real coach
should’ve been. Let’s do something. Tell him everything
he should do. That way, you won’t
get anything like that. So you guys just aren’t going
to see eye to eye, huh? When it comes to this
competition, as you know, man, bloodlines get drawn,
and that’s just the way it is. He don’t want to listen.
You got to go. Well we’re here to find out if you guys are here
to box or to tattoo. Both. So this is what you guys
are going to have to do. We really want
a level playing field. We’re going to give you guys
a 90-minute face-off tattoo where we decide
what you’re tattooing. Lovely. There’s not a lot of stuff I could do my style
in 90 minutes. I like a lot of texture, and I
like anything dead and creepy. Whoever wins this face-off
gets a huge advantage. The winner is going
to be able to choose either the style
or the subject matter moving into tomorrow’s
six-hour grudge match tattoo. Ready for the young pup
the teach the old dog new tricks? Steve does the same shit
over and over and over. So if I get this advantage, I’m going to throw something
at him that he hasn’t done
in a long time. People get sick of seeing skulls
and shit all the time. The winner of that six-hour
grudge match ends it all. Water on the fire. You guys got a towel for him when he cries
about this shit again? All right, all right, all right. What are we going
to have them do? Something worthy of this beef. Jeremy said like four times
that he threw him under the bus. How about a little bus. A 90-minute bus. Best bus wins. Bus it out. All right. You guys do not have
a lot of time. Yeah, get busy. All right.
90 minutes. Good luck. Honestly.
You’re going to need it. [inaudible 00:07:25] bus. A bus. That’s a hard challenge
for 90 minutes. I’m actually excited
about this one. Show me what being a coach
is all about, man. Do a better tattoo than me,
if you can. Here’s my coaching.
Do a Jeremy tattoo for once. About to.
You ain’t going to win. How is Steve going to turn a bus
into a skull? That’s what I’m wondering.
I’m going to do a custom bus. There’s a lot of parallel
straight lines, circles, body lines,
and smoothness everywhere. So if you pull this off,
you blow some minds. My bus is going to be
a Steve Tefft bus and looks like
it’s taking you to hell. It’s going to be dope. All right, Jeremy.
Yo. Steve, you guys got 90 minutes
to do this face-off tattoo. Who’s driving the bus, and who’s
getting ran over by it? You guys ready? Ready? Let’s tattoo. [inaudible 00:08:15] for me can. Thinking…
Yeah, about right there. Is that cool? Perfect. Yeah. Oh shit. I need paper towels.
I’ll be right back. Watch your head.
Have a little seat. I need one more thing,
and then we’re good to go. All right. Jeremy hasn’t even started. That’s a beautiful needle
right there. Watching
Jeremy lolly gag around, it just give me flashbacks
of being his coach. Lower it just a hair. Jeremy, how are you doing
over there, buddy? Haven’t even started yet, bro. I know.
What is this guy doing? I have a plan on this. Hour and a half,
get the linework perfect. An hour,
put some nice soft shading. And 30 minutes to button things
up, and I’m good to go. Three hours is plenty of time
to show this guy what’s up. All right, girl. You ready? Absolutely. [inaudible 00:09:07] You enjoying your bus? Yes, I’m actually
really liking it. The tricks I’m going to show
off of mine is shading everywhere,
light sources, texture. Time is going to be
of the essence. This is going to be
pretty tricky. All right guys, you only have
one hour remaining on these bus tattoos. Really? Are you [inaudible 00:09:35]
kidding me? An our left? I’m not even done
with the linework. Where did the time go? How’s it going over here? You know you have like
an hour left, right? Yeah, I’m fully aware. Yeah, that 90 minutes
is no joke. It really isn’t. It’s no joke at all.
How’s it going over here? Doing a sweet outline today.
Super sweet, with some black. You guys. I lost about 45 minutes. Keep moving. Keep moving.
[crosstalk 00:10:03] Yeah, go go go go go. It’s taking me a lot longer
to get this linework dialed in, because the nerves
are getting to me. I’ve got to get
these lines perfect. What the hell did I do?
Where did the time go? What the Hell were
these guys thinking? The way that these guys
are playing, it’s going to be like
a dick-measuring contest. It’s going to be like, “Who can make the bigger bus
in 90 minutes?” I will be shocked if either
of them finish this tattoo. I will be shocked
if he finishes his outline. [inaudible 00:10:27] you want to take a look
at what we’re doing? Yes I do. We’re going to do chess pieces. I am going to be
completely real with you. I don’t know anything
about chess. We’ve got a little bit of a feud
we got to settle here. The kid’s all upset because apparently I hurt
his feelings once, so… Yeah, this should be really fun.
I get to go against a Christian, who will be hopefully
really fun to beat. Poor girl.
Second-best isn’t too bad. I’ve gotten it
a few times a ride. All right, all right, all right. You ready to get
this game started? Absolutely.
Always ready. Hopefully one of you guys
can knock out each other’s king. Your 90-minute chess
piece tattoo starts right now. Go. Sweet. Where’s this thing here.
Trying to save my old back. Surprised that you’re able
to do this still. Did you stretch beforehand? This is Ink Master,
not a [inaudible 00:11:25]
pilates class, dane. I am pushing myself to the limit
on this tattoo. 90 minutes isn’t a lot of time, and I’m putting
a lot of detail in it. I’m going balls to the wall. I’m not playing it safe.
I’m here to show off. 90 minutes to do this.
That’s not a lot of time. Normally I really
like working in color, but 90 minutes is
90 minutes is 90 minutes, and I don’t have
a lot of time, so black and gray
is the quickest way to do it. I’m excited to deck
this thing out with detail. I’m going start showing
a lot of cracks and a lot of grit and grind, because as a knight
being in battle, you’re going to be beat up. You’re going to go
through the shit. It’s so fitting. All right guys, you only
have one hour left. Hopefully you’re making
all the right moves with these chess pieces. How you doing on time
over there? Think I’m all right. 90 minutes is quick. Dane’s doing a black
and gray knight chess piece. I mean, he’s going up
against Christian, who specializes
and owns black and gray, man. When it comes to black and gray,
I know my speed pretty well. We’re going to put
the bells and whistles and a little fancy
stuff on that. Dane, from one color guy
to another color guy, when you’re going up
against Christian, do the color.
Just do the color. Shit, Dane, I might throw
a couple of other pieces in the background, man. Yeah? All this extra time. You got any extra time,
I know it’s competition, but can I borrow some? Oh God.

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  1. Christian, you did not invent alliances. That would go to Chris from season 6.

    Also, how could Jeremy forget how much time he was ACTUALLY getting?

  2. Judges: we chose the tattoo
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    Judges: well they both drink water… …
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