Chess Openings: Ruy Lopez – Exchange Var.

Chess Openings: Ruy Lopez – Exchange Var.

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with that said local mary wants this video on the real
oprah’s exchange a relation thank you for joining the my name is
strong span okay let’s get started so how to reach three lopez exchange
variation between the four as white you five meadow three makes he sticks there
should be fine eighty six and now we exchange the discriminate and reach the exchange ratio and what
can we say about the opening or the opening was played by uh… bobby
fischer and uh… fisher papa rise this opening uh… by winning teams versus top-level
competition he paid his players such as boris spassky was world champion he cotton secluded verses lot was portage which
was considered the who was considered indeed bob nico hungry integrated worse is it would go rich
uh… having a decisive resort verses all these players the court was
considered newt mickey’ll yugoslavian chests so with that said um… this opening is very practical i like to soak him very much because
it’s the type of opening were it’s very difficult to lose with white and uh… black has a hard time creating are winning chances as a result op i think that it’s uh…
art it should be at least implemented into
mp and if you’re speaking scum player initiated of review this opening just so that you to learn a little bit
more you know how you see any opening will
give you more test coach but this this opening it’s good for your practice especially
the return of prayer uh… you know you never know when the
opportunities gonna show up when you might need uh… to play in opening such
as this one so luckily for us i’ve found some ambitious plans in the opening and uh… okay with c_ uh… how to start so in this position last recently before and uh… that’s basically all we’re playing last
for twenty one world champion for twenty one
consecutive years but fisher fisher rejuvenated this opening back plane
capsules and now we’re each one of the main
cadres of the opening uh… basically there couple moves here at six is the main issue two g four is the other email and then they’re sidelines like ninety
seven and be shipped to uh… ambition to be six so we’re gonna go
ahead and were to take a look at all these logo who first start with the two main uh… mean variations and then will go into
the sidelines just because as a matter of importance in terms of you know of of what positions you in a senior
games first uh… that’s why i will go in for premiere edition so f_-sixteen’s in the move after which we played before context c_-four there is a side right
here which is bishops deform look at that in
a moment soap on takes the form make takes the form c_-five and fisher and uh… many players
prenatally three here but to move which i will recommend is
ninety two and uh… this move has been recommended
leaving some publications of this opening uh… actor so you write this reissued because thirteen quick development and you have
all your pieces of of by rightmove uh… by move um… but moved twelve and uh… which you should right but uh… but at compared to black uh… it looks a port solutions just
better so how-to how would begin continue creating
screen where it takes queen shifty seven they should be three castles might see three thirty eight now rips detour fine move bishop c six during the time but after a two b one not really uh… and now all deserve waits around then
why it is very openly speak about and now he has the possibility of
seeking free initiative for instance after b six white will play a before and now we’re
trying to cram a queen said we’re trying to sweetness is and white shoes issue notice at the time
can be captured is it is captured what quote white will
clear it to be a check paul barrett a spaceship an affair so if you’re typically play might
continue keen to be seven or ninety seven ninety seven eight-five
weekly and uh… i prefer right here okay so let’s go back the other alternative is bishop two g
four in this is a move that was favored by
the greet me how you attire but of what is a miracle biodegrade near the top and uh… in here in this position within a plea
c_-three after which black as the option of accepting but im deformed which is again that or he can play bishop two d six
efficient in six been played story bishop age five they should be three queen t seven maybe two and what should serve this
this paramount development maybe t_v_ to bishops he three and make that three this is important
because that’s how you’re gonna typically the rotor pieces when black please do sixty four then the other idea would be where
migrant the vote the queen and lam agony change pa ninety five so play it will continue casals long we take one to see two became might continue g five and then we capture ninety five black captures we capture again after
politics i’d like whites position soaring back if black biceps the gambit or a factor cites a cash refund he simply take the case of three queen cake stand for and white kids compensation here obviously
any he’s castles tricia perform bisceglie six and now the refinement
cream two g three media being to cash in upon our g_-seven shastri ninety-seven weekly addition
cakes politics cream cakes upon rip two g eight and cream cakes commentator seven in white is clearly better more likely winning so going back the next move that is highly popular his bishop two g four and i have some interesting analysis
here we preach tree now which is in the move now in the mood for for black is each five but he can capture one f three asterisk routines three-year uh… depending on your lowell it’s safe to say that that white has a better position because
he has a better power structure and black doesn’t have that there are the
bear bishops to compensate now it is difficult to create an imbalance in the
position which is why i have this uh… this amount of wave claim the position which is a fine after twenty seven instead of playing d three weekly queen two c three attacking the pa ninety five uh… begin to continue bishop to be six you could be three castles ninety two defiance b four matter six wrote to you on natura peachy weekly rep to be what happens very
simple weekly a four indy five dat hispanic reset i’d
personally like this plan very much i think that you will have
good results with it in your games so going back if bishop each five this is an
interesting variation because uh… black is fighting for the
initiative and there was a famous scheme which i
can remember uh… between what players uh… right now but uh… play continues chief or bishop g six may take spawned creature
form queen of three f_-sixteen’s are all the best news make sixty six pound cake scheme to do
to protect nine each tree g five are trying to create a buying
mood are screws in the king size d four very important tips eighty-four
typically the move played here is d three uh… i would prefer that we played
before ninety-seven reputation one over
protecting our weakness in each city keats any keen to g_-one winnow um… creating threats of queen two g
three and capturing on c seven and also cuse u wanna support for lactic move uh… it keeps taking the king away from ninety
six ninety for check so casals long bishop p three candy ninety two quincy another move b four him or how we’re
gonna play here is we’re gonna play a three and we’re gonna play c_-four and yes work upon but black has some
dynamic possibilities nazar zoe can be a little unclear but
needless to say or prefer being white hair so going back in the movies eight right after which we played the three quite a screen test six complain abt two and now the main reason eighty seven but if black police chief five which has
been played before i have a very interesting way of playing this position instead of late two c four which is how
it’s been played typically by top-level players i would suggest simply be three and after b three black is forced to
take him to g_-seven we follow would like to see form directories bishop to see he’s
threatening to upstaging for it now weekly night f sixty-five excellent
move double exclamation mark defied bishop to be too wet as compensation for the sacrifice
peace politics nite nite case of six turnout
defiance in in this position we have plans a queen test three we have plans a queen t to equate a five uh… pretty one f_-four uh… white basically has the
initiative for the remainder of the game and black schemes gonna stay in the center
of the board uh… for a long time because he’s acting coordination so going back after ninety seven we play the bass move which is what we
want dot please ninety six we played before and now the best will for black is
nights out for if bishop to be six uh… there different ways of playing this
position i would recommend weekly king tough one now we’re threatening to capture the
bishop on the on dat is trying to capture the
bishop on on g four it we basically ensure very unclear
position pot typically blackwell papon takes
weekly five and now black as an option of
recapturing herewith tonight you with the bishop if make eighty five then we played can take spaceship makes you want quina five our trade here’s ripped a
c_-five for bike retakes pond and g_-four so queen of five ninety four c_-five cannot be four and even though this is unclear i would prefer being white hair because of where our c_ up a piece and after before we’ve created an imbalance in the position where we’ve basically created
counterpoint so going back if you’d said bishop takes pond then between eighty four quina five and queen two d three bishop takes up three ninety-six check pancake screenplay screen they should take she to check king g_-one bishop t five bisceglie five in opposition is
completely unclear it’s probably easier to play this
position for black needless to say this is one of those positions where
you’re better prepared in your opponent he should win the game and today preparation is the easiest thing to do so i would recommend it if you’d like to
get uh… decisive results in your travel
plans so going back in the movies make up for and he later told plans depict you could play politics e five which is the way she ref s play vs uh… some top-level player screen g six net
each for ants ash tree six forty one we have an interesting indian or you could play pancakes bishop politics g_-three politics night who takes pride after ninety six we capture only five cream cakes to have a capture any five n_b_a_ d here
is that after queen takes weekly queen terrifying and uh… okay white was doing perfectly fine so going back now we’ll take a look at some
alternatives at the opening if instead if not i have six number
sixty four we have ninety seven ends bishops d six this art after looking at
vision two d six excuse me including six effort
apparition bishops the six between the four context e four queen takes av six were
threatening queen g_-seven they should be three ninety seven maybe two this p six and we have to remember is
that there’s a move queen two c three is a very important notice how notices development of weight
species he noticed a pattern how we develop our
minor pieces in this fashion he give cool to see three insider uh… plea on the queen side with before and
eighty four or play with my two b three and make c_-five or play that one night to see for either work arm the eddie their the the plan is simply make two c four uh… for white but um… these are the ever evolving ideas of queen two c three so going back if u seven eighty seven there is a fickle very a beautiful team
between uh… how warm the and peter hanging you’ll soon uh… that took place not too long ago in digging continue make a c_-five queen before pret a try g six quincy five fisher g_-seven making three black can’t capture the pond because of
rips he won training chakri so f five eve five keegan mines close c_-five threatening uh… to a harass
tonight b_-three we can capture the repeatedly
trapped the queen pcx bishop to be too and hear what is a spatter black uh…
black is trying to prove compensation for the pomp and although old white has to do is finishes
development and he’s basically going to be put on up anne structurally assist you know better and uh… he’s really not that many people to
talking’s pieces to gain continued cream to deform queen t_-three ninety five queenie one at for a big mistake f three uh… and after queen defiant c_-four bishop that far context night excuse me not politics but latex on pancakes politics night russian d three macy three o white just basically has to
connect to pass ponds and uh… straightening ninety four ninety c five white has an overwhelming advantage so going back the last variation that will take a look
at is a move which proved to be six and
this is one of those are the reactions s quite popular uh… well they were money she will is a
keen of the double coupon openings has played this very issue not himself uh… model he plays it quite
differently after ninety three he plays queen t six here either or um… the mood here is to be
fine after which we place you three c_-five lacey too in others to moves ninety-seven or
bishop to be salmon but what i want to tell you about this position so you don’t have to memorize all
rations is that what’s going on here is a fire why did that black in the end of
developing this ninety seven and he’s gonna have a hard time whitish trying to do that he’s trying to
open the position as quickly as possible because black uh… is a corporate development is behind and as a result wait about seven dash it
lets you know that happens the main news bishop to be seven we not clear if he won the premier
partner ninety-seven eighty four c_-four politics ponderous european like
his politics conrad case wrote bishop takes and now be three context ninety-three c six and queen case p three after creating speed three what is
better here why because this the spaceship is basically uh… traps and a quarter of the board and once again this money who was
developed t_-seventy uh… is hampering the development of
the spaceship and so the keys can be stuck in the middle of the board for quite some time white is going to
play to open the position as quickly as possible so going back gether movies ninety seven so after ninety seven we played for trying to uh… mccain when upon they should be seven and now the move deformed blasting open the center once again uh… the tactics favor white pisses kenya safer so some example reaktion spunky sti four pont takes after bishop casey four would take me too me too queen geese x nine h four after queenie six-part exp five and
white is much better here wesat all-white has to do is clearer qty
one and bishop to any score eighty three he’s developed our species he’s also
deteriorating blacks crain sang going back another alternative here see casey for actually treat sleep on sixty four pump sixty four and context e five m once again history
this uh… this position is better for a while

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  1. I like how your software highlights the attack and defense lines; do you know of any free software that I could download or an online application that Does this? Thanks! great video :)~ Max

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