Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast: Englund Gambit Traps, Moves & Ideas | Best Checkmate Strategy

Chess Opening Tricks to WIN Fast: Englund Gambit Traps, Moves & Ideas | Best Checkmate Strategy

In today’s chess video, I am going to show
you some amazing chess opening tricks and Traps in the Englund Gambit. And plus, I also have a really interesting
chess puzzle for you all. So stay tuned till the end and keep watching Chess Talk. Let’s start with the opening. D4 and then E5. This is called the Englund gambit. This is not an opening I would recommend for
black, but since this is not played that often, many white players don’t know how to respond
to this and that’s what you can take advantage of, especially in blitz and bullet games. There are some very nasty Traps that you can
setup as black and believe me, you can completely destroy your opponent if he does not play
correctly. Okay, from here, white obviously takes your pawn. He is getting it for free so why not. Then you bring out your knight to attack this
pawn. White develops his knight and supports it. Then we play queen e7, adding another attacker. White brings out his bishop to defend. And that’s when you play this stunning move,
queen b4 check, launching a double attack on the king and bishop. White has 2 logical replies. He can either block this check with his queen
or bishop. If he blocks with his queen, then he is gone. Let me show you how. After queen d2, we take this pawn on b2. His rook is in trouble so the only way he
can save it is by offering to exchange queens. But to his surprise, we have this beautiful
move, bishop to b4 and this sweety is gone. Now let’s go back. In this position, if white blocks this check
with his bishop, then again, we will take on b2. And now comes the most tricky part in the
game. If white plays this move correctly, then he
will have a solid advantage. But if he messes it up, then it’s curtains
for him. If you think logically, there are 2 main moves
that white can play to save his rook. One is bishop to c3 and the other is knight
to c3. The most tempting option would be bishop to
c3 attacking the queen. I have personally seen most players moving
their bishop especially in the blitz and bullet format and that is a big mistake. Let me show you the consequences. After white plays bishop c3, we will play
the lethal move bishop b4. If he takes our bishop, then we can take back
with our knight. Now we are double attacking this pawn and
even threatening to fork the king and rook. This looks very unpleasant for white and there
isn’t much that he can do from here. He will have to sacrifice his knight and then
it’s just a matter of time before he is knocked off. Going back, in this position, if he plays
queen to d2, then we can simply take this bishop. He cannot take back with his queen because
then queen to c3 would be a checkmate. So he will have to take with his knight, but
then, he loses his rook. And even if you analyse this position, more
or less this game is over. You should easily win it from here. Going back, now let me show you how white should play this. But wait, are you enjoying this video? If yes, then hit the thumbs up button right
now. It really motivates me & helps me in planning the future content on this channel. Okay, let’s flip the board. We now know that Bishop c3 is a very bad move. The best move for white is knight to c3. There’s nothing much black can do from here. I will go through the most common moves that
you can expect from black. If he plays bishop b4, then you can play rook to b1 attacking the queen. Then queen a3. And then you can play knight d5, attacking the
bishop with these 3 pieces and at the same time, threatening a fork on the next move. If bishop takes, then queen takes. Black is then forced to play king d8 to stop the check. Then you can play queen to g5 check and as
you can see, you have a lot of attacking options from here so it should be a good game for
you. Going back, in this position, if he decides
to move his bishop back to a5, protecting this pawn, then you can simply play rook b5. Bishop d2 will lead to the same line as we
discussed earlier. And if he plays bishop b6, then you can simply
take with your rook. Now no matter how he takes your rook, you
can simply play knight c7 check. King d8, knight takes rook. Queen takes knight. And still if you see, we are way ahead in
development, black can’t castle and we have an extra pawn as well. So again, you have a solid advantage. Going back, in this position, if black plays
something like knight to b4, attacking this pawn, then you can easily diffuse this by
playing knight d4. Going back again, if he decides to run away with his queen like this, then you can attack it with knight to d5. And as soon as the queen moves, you can take
this pawn and then take his rook. Moral of the story is that if you play this
correctly as white, then you will always be dominating this game. Okay, so It’s puzzle time. But before moving onto today’s chess puzzle,
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all notifications. Okay, so here’s the puzzle. In this position, It’s your turn and you need
to find the Best Move continuation for White. If you are able to find the solution to this
puzzle, then share it in the comments below. Whoever gives the correct answer with the
perfect explanation, I will be pinning that comment at the top so that everyone can see it. All the Best Guys! Let’s see how many of you can solve this. Well, don’t forget to Like this video & if
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  2. Solution to the puzzle: Rc4+ if Bxc4, then Nc2+ forking king and rook and then promoting next. If Rxc4, then the rook is no longer watching the promotion square and white promotes to a queen and wins the game!!!

  3. Puzzle answer:

    White plays
    Black has to take with the bishop or youโ€™ll get a queen so
    Then the stunning move
    Nc2 with check forking the king and rook
    After the king moves for example
    you take the rook
    And then after the king re-captures you play

  4. I love the way you say "Now he is gone"๐Ÿ˜‚. Literally watched 10s of your videos and am enjoying every single oneโค.

  5. 1st rook to c4 then white will try to take it with bishop then knight on c2 checking king and attacking on rook then king to c3 then knight takes rook and now white can develop his b7 pawn to queen it is his game now

  6. The best move for white would be Rc4+ , and black is in trouble. Here black has two options, either he takes with rook or with bishop. He can not take with rook because we can simply capture the rook and then promoting the pawn on a dark square would be winning as black has only light coloured bishop. And if he takes with the bishop then we can simply fork king and rook by playing Nc2+ and capture the rook. No matter how black takes, Our main motive is to capture the rook and promote our pawn.

    In short :

    1. If Rxc4, then Nxc4 Kxc4 Qb8 (pawn promotion)
    2. If Bxc4, then Rc2+ (forking rook and king) king moves , simply we capture the rook and we are one step away from queening.

    In both conditions, white is winning.

  7. White rook: c4
    Black rook: takes
    White horse: takes
    Black bishop: takes
    White pawn: becomes queen
    And you should easily win here

  8. Answer:
    – Rook to c4 Checking the king and forcing the black bishop to capture

    -Black rook cant capture since u can easily promote the pawn to queen so bishop captures

    -Then knight to c2 forking the queen and the rook

    -Take the rook and promote the pawn to win

  9. Puzzle : Rc4 +if Bxc4 then Nc2 + forking king and rook then promoting next.if Rxc4 then the rook is no longer watching the promotion square and white promotes to a queen and wins the game!!

  10. Rc4+ if Bc4 then Nc2+and then we take the rook with knight and then promote the pawn to queen and easily win .

    If Rook takes then we can simply take the rook and then make the pawn as queen and easily win .

    Thankyou adwani ji .

    From which state you belong to ???

    Please anwser

  11. Rc4+ and it is force to capture the rook otherwise we capture the black rook if black recapture with Bishop then Nf2+ and we pick up the rook if black recaptures with the rook then simply pawn promotes to queen.

  12. Rook c4
    If rook x rook
    Then pawn b8 = queen
    And then you can easily win
    If bishop x rook
    Then knight d2
    Then king moves and knight takes rook
    Then no matter what black plays
    Pawn b8 = queen
    And easy win

  13. White – Rook to C4
    Black must take back with Bishop
    White – Knight to C2… Double attacking King and Rook
    Black Moves king to Either C3 Or C5 to take white Knight if it takes rook
    White takes Rook with Knight
    Black takes Knight By King to B4
    White Pawn Promotion B8 Queen giving Check

    White can easily win it from here

  14. Rook to c4 if can't take it with king if he goes rook to c4 then pawn to b8 will give white a queen and if he take it from bishop then his rook is gone and white can promte his pawn to Queen

  15. Rc4+
    Rxc4 then b8 queen

    If Bxc4 then Nc2+ and will grab up the rook and the queen is unstoppable

  16. Rc4+ Bxc4
    Nc2+ forking king and rook. Kc5
    Nxb4 Kxb4
    b8=Q is winning


    Rc4+ Rxc4
    Nxc4 Kxc4
    b8 = Q is also winning.

  17. It's Rc4+ that would be check and the point of that is deflecting the rook from eyeing down the queening square, if Rxc4 just b8Q… or he can play Bxc4 but then Nc2+ picking up the rook and on the next move b8Q, cuz the bishop cannot prevent the pawn from queening… thanks you all for reading

  18. First rook to c2.if black takes the rook then we can take the bishop with our knight and then we can fork the king and the rook and after king moves we can take the rook.And finally we can promote our pawn to queen.This is the best move for white.

  19. Rc4+, let black bishop (Or rook) takes it (Bxc2) then Nxc2+, no matter how black king move then Nxb4 then we can queen up the pawn later.

    EDIT:If it was Rxc4 we can Nxc4 and pawn still queen next move.

    ALSO EDIT: If Rc4+ and black don't capture (just move his king), we can Rxb4 and now we even defending the pawn…

  20. White. Black.
    1.Rc4. Rxc4
    2.b8=q and white is winning
    If 1.Bxc4… 2.Nc2+ then the king moves & knight captures the rook and the pawn on b7 will be promoted to queen

  21. Hi , another great video once again! Wonderful explanation. Could you make some videos on tips for tournament players? These traps are more for casual chess although the ideas can take root in different positions. My answer to the the puzzle:1. Rc4+ Bxc4 2. Nc2+ and with the black rook gone the pawn is unstoppable. (Note that if 1..Rxc4 the pawn promotes.) Thank you once again for the great video!

  22. 1)rook to c4
    2)black cannot take rook with rook because I can get a queen
    3) he takes from bishop
    4) now Knight to c2
    5) black king can do c5 as defending the rook
    6)do Knight to b4 taking the rook
    7)king takes the Knight
    8) Now promote your pawn to a queen. Check!
    9)king can go anywhere let us take c5
    10)now we can do king to h3
    11)black can open his bishop preparing for the check
    12)we will do pawn to g4
    13) he does bishop to d7
    14)queen to c7
    15)king to b5
    16)queen to d7 taking the bishop and giving a check
    17) king to c5
    18)pawn to g5
    19) pawn to g4 en passant
    20) take the pawn
    21)pawn to g5
    22) our pawn to h5
    23)pawn to f6
    24)pawn to h6
    25) pawn to f5
    26) take the pawn
    27)pawn to g4
    28)pawn to h7
    29)pawn to g3
    30) promote pawn to queen
    31)pawn to g2
    32) queen to c8 check
    33) king to b4 check
    34) king to a4
    35)queen to a8 checkmate

  23. He takes your pawn, he's getting for free so why not. But then we play the crushing move and he's GONE. You're the best!

  24. Best Move :-
    White Rook To C4
    Black Bishop To C4
    White Horse To C2
    Black Will Obviously Move King Bcoz Of Check
    White Horse To B4 Capturing Rook๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  25. RooK to c 4
    Bishop to c4
    Knight to c2 check to balck threaten the rook
    After black moves his king
    Knight b3
    Pawn to b8 exchange to queen now easy to win

  26. 1. rc4 black has only two options either capture with rook or with bishop
    If with rook then :-
    1. rc4,rxc4
    2. b8=q
    And that is perfectly winning
    If black captures with bishop then
    1. rc4,bxc4
    2. nc2,kc5(force move)
    And it is perfectly winning

  27. The best move will be rook to C4 . after a cheak he will have to move his rook attacking the white pawn and after his move to C4 we can make our queen alive

  28. 1. Rc4+ Bxc4 2. Nc2+ Kc5 (Kc3 3. Nxb4 4. Kxb4 b8Q) 3. Nxb4 Kxb4 4. b8Q. If 1. Rxc4 Rxc4 2. b8Q or Nxc4 and 3. b8Q work. Also If 1. Rc4+ Ke5 2. Rxb4 followed by 3. B8Q. The b pawn's queening square is dark and the bishop is light squared and is not currently attacking it so the deflection by Rc4 or breakdown of defense by Nc2+ will win for white.

  29. Rook to c4
    Then blacks reply with โ™ by capturing rook on c4
    Then white โ™ž to c2 giving chek to king and threatening rook
    As king moves then we can capture rook(โ™œ)
    Then in next move promoting our pwan to queen
    After we can win easily

  30. W-Rc8, B-ba6, W-b8=Q, B-Rxb8, W-Rxb8 then white is in profit because white is having 1 rook and 1 knight and black is only having 1 bishop

  31. You are teaching so that there is no place to doubt, rook c4 is the solution we're finding, how amazing I'm speaking English))

  32. Best move for White is:
    White: Rc4
    Black if plays Rxc4
    White: b8(queen)
    Black plays Bxc4
    White: Nc2
    Wheresoever Black moves the King
    White: Nxb4
    Any of the black move
    White: b8(Queen)

  33. 4:17, couldn't black just push forward a pawn, to defend the bishop instead of moving the bishop back??(please reply if i am wrong)(if i am wrong then i problably don't understand something)

  34. Rc4+? I canโ€™t use this trick on my friends because my friends watched this video. Like this trap though.

  35. Move your rook to c4. He should take your rook cause he is on check . Then move pawn from b7 to b8 and the pawn becomes queen

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