Chess Opening Trick to Fool Your Opponent: Secret Strategy, Gambit Trap & Moves to Win Fast + Puzzle

Chess Opening Trick to Fool Your Opponent: Secret Strategy, Gambit Trap & Moves to Win Fast + Puzzle

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click the bell icon to get instant updates from chess talk. Hello Chess Friends and welcome to Chess Talk. Today I am going to share with you a secret
Chess opening trick to trap and mate your opponent in 7 moves only. This trick can be played by black against
the famous Italian opening. In this video, I am going to show you the
exact strategy and moves to fool your opponent and win the game as fast as possible. I am also going to show you the solution to
the puzzle I had asked in my previous video along with your comments and correct answers. Plus, there is another interesting puzzle
for you all. Let’s see if you can solve that. So stay tuned till the end and while watching
this video, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments section
below. I will be happy to answer and help you out. I am Jeetendra Advani. You are watching Chess Talk. Let’s get started. The trick I am going to show you now is popularly
called the Blackburne Shilling gambit. This is the Italian game so We start with
the king’s pawn opening. White plays pawn e4, then black plays pawn
e5. Then knight f3, knight c6 and Bishop c4. This is the initial setup of the Italian game. This is a very common opening that you will
see in most games. You are playing as black & it’s your turn. Let’s throw a surprise now. You will play knight to d4. This looks like a crazy move. I say this because of 2 reasons. Firstly, you are violating one of the most
important opening principles by moving your piece twice in the beginning and secondly,
you have left your e5 pawn unprotected. I am sure White will be licking his lips after
seeing this blunder made by you. If your opponent has not seen this trap before
and he tries to be greedy, he will take no time and capture your pawn with his knight. Great, that’s just what you wanted. Your opponent just got trapped. Now it’s time to unleash your next surprise. You bring out your queen to g5, double attacking
this knight and the pawn on g2. This seems like another blunder because White
can easily save his knight by capturing the f7 pawn to double attack the queen and rook. If he plays this move, then he is gone. You will now capture the pawn and play queen
to g2. White now has only one good move here. He has to prevent his rook from being captured
by playing it to f1. Now it’s time to finish off things. Black plays queen e4 check. The king can’t move and If he blocks with
his queen, then it will be captured by your knight. So the only move left for white is to block
with his bishop. And now comes the killer move. Can you spot it? Yes, Black plays knight to f3 and says Thank
you very much because that’s a beautiful checkmate. Amazing. Isn’t it? Now Let me just go back & show you another
common variation that you might see. Let’s say in this position, white instead
of saving his rook, captures your rook with his knight. Then from here, you can take the rook with
your queen and give check. The king can’t move so the only move white
can play is to block with his bishop. Now your queen captures the pawn on e4 and
gives check. White cannot block with his queen because
of your knight so again he will have to block with his bishop. Now knight f3 won’t be checkmate because he
can move his king. So instead you bring out your bishop to c5. Now no matter what move white plays, you can
easily checkmate in the next 3 moves. Say, for example, white plays pawn to d3. Then you will play knight f3 check. Black has only one move, that is, king f1. Now you will play the killer move queen h4. I call this killer because you are threatening
mate in 2 ways. Firstly, queen to f2 is checkmate and secondly
queen h3 is also checkmate. White can try playing king g2. But then after queen f2, if white plays king
h1, then queen h2 is mate and if he plays king h3, then pawn d6 makes it checkmate by
the bishop. That’s Awesome, right? So that’s how this gambit works.Now the most
important question. How do you save yourself from this trap? Well, the best way to counter this is to play
the correct move here, right in this position. When black plays knight to d4, I would suggest
white should castle. This makes it a real good position for white
because his king is now safe. His piece development is better and plus he
has better control of the center. So that’s how white should play. So that was all about this opening trick – the
Blackburne Shilling Gambit. Now quickly, let me just show you the solution
to my last video’s puzzle. I had asked you to find the best move for
Black in this position. Well, the best move is rook to h1. Many of you got it right. Correct answers with perfect explanations
are on screen. I will be posting your names on my Facebook
page as well. Do check it out and like our page for more
such chess puzzles. So Coming back to the game now. After this, white will have to capture the
rook. Then black can promote to a queen and give
check. And after a few more checks, black can fork
the rook and king and capture the rook to gain a match winning advantage. Okay, so Now its time for today’s chess puzzle. As you can see in this endgame, white is looking
to promote his pawn and black is also looking to do the same. The black pawn has no obstructions whereas
the white pawn can be easily captured by this bishop. This looks like an easy win for black but
white can draw this if he plays correctly. It is White’s turn now. There is a beautiful sequence of moves that
white can play to draw this game. Can you find the best move here? Let’s see if you can. Comment with your answers. I wanna see how many of you get it right. So That’s it guys, Hope you enjoyed this video! Don’t forget to like this video if you find
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  6. For first white plays pawn to e7, So black would stop this pawn with either bishop to b5 or h5, so now white moves his king near to pawn through dark squares as the opponent as light square bishop so he can't check our king and thus by the following pawn we could capture it and if he tries to save it with bishop we promote our pawn to queen and thus either we give checks and repeat moves or capture black's pawn and bishop through dark squares.

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  8. I see holes all over the place leaving both sides damaged but I would play it out on black on white if I had the chance good format. But I will say the first chance white has to use queen as a blocker I would tade piece for piece heck yeah and white will have a knight ready to pounce on the rook and be safe while trapping a bishop then ots time to move my queen side pieces up to get a set up with the knight but i will say if the the white rook at h1 is taken the block with the bishop for white playing blacks next move theres no need to pull out black bishopjust move knight to f3 it forces king to f1 the queen is trapping bishop so the king has to move to f1 then its queen to h1 and its mate simple

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