Chess Match: Zaphodbln (1056) vs jrobi (817)

Chess Match: Zaphodbln (1056)  vs jrobi (817)

Alright, hello everybody. I am just going
to walk you through one of my games here that I had on the Free Internet Chess Server. We
are going to go through move by move. You are definitely going to see some
mistakes, but there was some good play to be had here as I am basically trying to
get better at the game as we go. So, I am black, jrobi. And standard opening
here. Usually what I do is I try to get these pieces in play to if need be
replace the center pawns. I like to try and hold the center. Here’s where I
felt at this point I was starting to lose some tempo here. Had to retreat my
Knight. Now generally I am not a big fan of doing this, I don’t like to have
this here. It blocks my Bishop, and just basically tightens things up. I would
say right now, positionally, I am behind. So basically my thoughts here is I
need to start breaking some pieces out. And I am trying to do something with
this pawn here as the game progresses. As you see my opponent just castled and I
can’t do that. So he is putting pressure on my Bishop here. I opt to just take
the Knight and relieve the pressure off of the area here. He is putting pressure
on my Knight there. And I put him in check there. Now, basically I was just
trading for the Bishop. We are getting some play here. This pawn is still a
problem. Trying to flex things out a little bit here. Put some pressure on his
Queen. Obviously he moves it. Now he’s letting my jiggle the bottom pieces
around a little bit here. And he goes for a Queen trade, and I graciously
accept. And he comes a little bit ahead of material there. Now it starts to get
a little bit interesting around this point in the game here. I still believe I
am quite a bit behind in terms of position. And now you can see he has got some
very tangible threats on my King, who has never been able to castle this game.
So, but … thankfully I had this little pawn here so I put his King into check
and take his Rook for a pawn. Evens things out a little bit. There is still a
lot of pressure going on here. I want to get that Knight moving a little bit.
Put my King there. Now here he makes an interesting move. He moves his pawn up
one. To me, this is crucial move that helped turn the game around for me. I am
just going to trade the Rooks because I will be one Rook ahead. A Rook against
Knight, I have a better pawn structure, you can tell that the pawns are blocked
here. And this Knight is not much of a threat, he would have to position him a
few moves to get him any kind of real thing going with him, and that is what you
will see him try to do here. But my pawn structure over here is quite a bit
superior, and with a Rook it just makes for a fairly straight forward game here.
I take. He takes. Move up. He moves down. Up. King moves over. Slide the
Rook over. Take the pawn. And march the pawn up to become a Queen. As you can
see he is trying to get his Knight into a better position here, but it is too
late. He concedes at this point. So this is the first video I am putting here
on YouTube of my chess games. I am rated, well, 817 right now as of this video
for blitz and I think something for standard. Just starting to get really
serious about the game and just trying to learn and do some reading and things
like that. So I hope you enjoy the videos as they come and I definitely welcome
any feedback, positive or negative. I could definitely use help.

51 thoughts on “Chess Match: Zaphodbln (1056) vs jrobi (817)

  1. Thanks – it really drove home for me the power of pawns for holding positions, was definitely feeling tied in for awhile there.

  2. Thanks and definitely keep adding your thoughts – it's always helpful to look at things from a different angle.

  3. At 2:22 Ne6 loses the knight to the pawn, does it not? I wish I had a board so I could actually make a full analysis, but from what I can see, it's a lost knight.

  4. Yes you're correct – the knight could have been lost to the pawn there. My opponent might have overlooked that focusing hard on the knight's line of attack on the queen possibly. A blunder nonetheless though.

  5. Really good points – I am going to go through them with the match PGN and check them out. Thanks for posting.

  6. That definitely would have been a tougher position to play from with the weak pawn structure. Thanks for checking out the video Rex!

  7. Thanks Phreakoutaston! It's really fun working on things. I have a really good end-game book on the way – from Sillman (hope I spelled that right) so I am looking forward to working through that with my son.

  8. This was the video when I first started out. My rating improved over time and it's kind of tracked in my videos (at least the match ones) the other vids like the openings and tactics should help you out too – thanks for checking out the vid PinkClimax!

  9. Hi Nomind570 – you should be able to get the pieces in the babbas client – try playing around with the different piece sets it includes in your options interface. Thanks for checking out the vid!

  10. Thanks brahamella I appreciate the comment. This was my first video for YouTube and got me started in the whole chess videos thing to help get better. Looking forward to more of your comments and feedback!

  11. Thanks for the comment king – I will definitely be doing some more openings. Thanks for checking out the vid!

  12. great vid and great performance. to be honest i would've made way more mistakes especially in a blitz game, i prefer to play at least 15 minutes.

  13. Thanks for checking out the vid and posting your thoughts Hippo! F3 definitely helped get things started.

  14. This channel is awesome for people who are just starting to pick up the game– myself included. Your matches, and reviews of openings of provide a great deal of insight and are really appreciated.

  15. Thanks kemelex – this was my first vid when I just started exploring the game. Glad to hear you are getting into the world of chess – it's definitely a great investment of time and energy!

  16. in the end game his knight is traped! 34: ra2 and whatever he do your playing ra7 and the game is completly over

  17. at 2:59 you shouldve moved your rook over one to the left,and attacked his pawn!That's what was holdin you back the whole time dude!then you could've gotten your bishop outta there,in front of where the opponent's pawn was,and then move your rook dead in front of the king.!Well that would've been my thought process!.Good job tho

  18. i think there is nise attack/trap in the opening by white as f7-f6 could lead black to big problems. after white knight is chased to b-4. then black can capture centre pawn with night folowed by queen check gaining very strong attack or trapin rook if check blocked by g7-g6

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