Chess Match: Carmeliaz (832) vs jrobi (831)

Hello everybody we are going to go through
another game here and debrief it. I am jrobi and I am black. And it was a good game, it
has a nice castle attack on there. And we will go through that and see what happened.
So the opening is pretty standard here. Four Knights come out. Puts pressure onto my Knight,
so I put pressure onto his Knight. Symmetrical setup here. He takes the opportunity to castle.
I do not castle right now, I want to put some pressure and get things going in the middle
here. So a series of takes take place. And I am lined up to the Bishop here. He sees
that. Now, at this point in the game, what I am trying to do, well what I decided to
do at this point in the game was I wanted to do a castle attack with the Queen and the
Bishop. So I move my Queen up here. And he pushes down the pawn. And I followed the Queen
back into the position I want her to be in for the eventual attack with the Bishop. He
moves his Knight here, and I wasn’t too happy about that because it is blocking the Queen.
But I took the opportunity to castle. And he put his Rook into position here. I wasn’t
too worried about this pawn, it is isolated a little bit but it is being protected. So
I just moved the Bishop down for attack on the Knight. He pulls his Knight back, even
though the Knight was protected by his Bishop, he does pull the Knight back. This Bishop
was a concern of mine too, by the way. But that opened up the attack for my Bishop here,
and the Queen here. So this would be checkmate if he doesn’t do anything about it, but he
pushes the pawn up. And I start to bring my pawn up to take care of this pawn. Now, at
this point in time my opponent, as I looked through the game, is trying to clear this
rank here. Which would be I think the 6th rank here he is trying to open up. So he pushes
his pawn forward, and I push my pawn up to attack. Now this pawn is pinned so I can’t
do anything. He clears the middle part of his rank, and I take. Now, at this point in
time here, he takes my Knight. Now I am not exactly sure, I think that what possibly he
might of been thinking was if he could pull his Knight back, or maybe onto this rank here,
he would open up the Bishop to protect in front of the King if need be. However, with
the check that came with the pawn, he doesn’t have the opportunity to do that. Now the pawn
obviously is not protected, and the King really doesn’t have another choice but to take this
pawn. Basically he could slide into this corner here, but that would be checkmate next move,
with the Queen moving to here. So the only option really is to take, so he does so. And,
check with the Rook! He moves the King over. Check. Moves his King, and there goes the
Queen, in case you were wondering why I didn’t take that Rook when I had the opportunity.
Check. Check. Queen. And from here, basically cleaning up the remainder of the position.
So you will remember he brought his Bishop down to take out my Knight, but was put into
a series of checks after that so really couldn’t do much here. So he loses that Bishop. Puts
his Rook into position here, now I could take his Rook with my Bishop, but what I opted
to do instead was I wanted to keep the pressure up on the King. So I move my Rook. Rook then
comes in down to protect, and check. King’s out of position. I take the Knight and basically
offer the trade on the Rook. He accepts, I take the Rook. And from here, just assault
the back rank. Doesn’t have many options at this point, so he has just got to move his
King. From here he tries to push up some pawns. And now we just go into a standard Rook Queen
checkmate. So it was a good game. There was definitely some interesting moves that happened
from both sides, and I look forward to your comments and video comments if you want to
take the time to do that too. What could have been done differently, or how things could
have been improved. So take care!

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