Chess MADE EPIC – Things Made Epic

-Pickled fish.
-Demonic alarm clock! -This is really random.
-(yelling) Pickles! -You know what else is random?
-(screaming) Urine! -Chess.
(Epic intro music) (Epic intro music ends) -Initiate awesomeness enhancement!
(Epic music begins) (Mechanical whoosh) (Heavy heartbeats) (Deep breathing) (Battle cry) (Boom) (Growling) -Argh! -(epically) Yes! (Explosion) (Deep, distorted roars) (Kaboom) (Sword slash) (Big boom) (Explosion. Yes, I like loud booms) (Energy ball whirring, eyes glowing sharply) (Explosive whooshes) (Deep whoosh) (More explosive whooshes) -(angrily) What the?! -Checkmate! (Heart beats and epic music slowly fade out) (Epic outro music) Subscribe. It is very much epic. If you are reading this, leave a comment saying Rainbow PIGS! (I love you!) (Epic outro music ends)

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