Chess @ Kennedy Center – Rehearsal compilation

Chess @ Kennedy Center – Rehearsal compilation

In five different languages Here we go, the Times You thrive on unpleasantness Le Monde: “Freddie Trumper, la honte des écheques.” I don’t believe that they can’t see my game I’m like that tennis player — what’s his name? They love to hate me and for us That’s dollars Der Stern: “Der große Skandal im Schach” Hey look, here’s a piece that some idiot’s done on you Check it out “Florence Vassy, striking, Hungarian-born” “His gentle companion” – Heh, if they only knew What do you mean, I’m always gentle with you, Freddie “She stands by her champion” I like this “Whose demands are so infantile” Fuck ’em If you don’t like it, then it’s up to you They like the Russian, they could like you too Commie newspapers Of course the bastards all support Anatoly But Sergievsky seems a sweet opponent So why do you abuse him all the time? Guess you’re where you want to be and who you want to be And doing what you always said you would And yet you know you haven’t won at all Running for your life and never looking back In case there’s someone right behind to shoot you down and say they always knew you’d fall When the crazy wheel slows down…. And the appeal, partner
of this deal, partner Is we all stand to win You and me, the lady also Don’t break her heart, partner Just be smart, partner Throw the game Show your love is as pure as snow in Moscow Thank God we’re so civilised and our word can be our bond We can turn this into friendship for life And beyond Who’d ever think it, such a squalid little ending Watching him descending just as far as he can go I’m learning things I didn’t want to know Who’d ever guess that this would be the situation One more complication should be neither here nor there I wish I had it in me not to care Let him spill out his hate Till he knows he’s deserted There’s no point wasting time preaching to the perverted Who’d ever guess it, no one makes the moves intended Till the game is ended Then they say “I told you so” I’m learning things I didn’t want to know It can all be different now, Florence Please, come back to me Everybody’s playing the game But nobody’s rules are the same Nobody’s on nobody’s side Never be the last to leave
Everybody’s playing the game But nobody’s rules are the same Nobody’s on nobody’s side Listen to them shout They saw you do it, in their minds no doubt that you’ve been through it Suffered for your art, but in the end a winner We have never heard such an ovation Who should not be stirred? Such dedication, skill and guts A model for the young beginner They’re completely enchanted But they don’t take apologies for granted It isn’t very often that the critics soften Nonetheless, you’ve won their hearts How can we begin to appreciate the work that you’ve put into your calling through the years The blood, the sweat, the tears, the late late nights, the early starts There they go again Your deeds inflame them Drive them wild, but then who wants to tame them? If they want a part of you, who’d really blame them? And so you’re letting me know – You’re the only one who’s never suffered anything at all – how you’ve hated my success Well, I won’t crawl and you can slink back to your pawns and to your tarts And every poisoned word shows that you never understood Liar! Never! – Liar! Never! Nothing you have said is revelation Take my blues as read My consolation: Finding out that I’m my only obligation Is there no one in my life who will not claim the right to steal my work, my name my success, my fame and my freedom?

32 thoughts on “Chess @ Kennedy Center – Rehearsal compilation

  1. Why do I always feel that Karen Olivio always looks like even though she never met me she ants to beat the crap out of me?

  2. 😱 Sh** down my throat!! Ramin is absolutely incredible, I’ve seen him perform live twice already so if this ever gets to Broadway I’m there 👍

  3. Saw the final performance on Sunday. Raul had a bad throat infection but his acting was phenomenal and he compensated for the notes he couldn't hit. Ramin was perfection on stage and brought tears to my eyes when he sang Anthem. Bryce struck the perfect balance as the arbiter offering some comedic relief but also driving the story so well. Karen Olivio has an amazing voice and I liked her as Florence better than Idina Menzel (though her mic was off). Ruthie was also great and she added a real complexity to the role. I really wish they had made a cast recording of this…I would have bought it in a heartbeat.

  4. I keep the hope for a video with Bradley Dean as Molokov. He was awesome, AAAAWEEEEESOOOOOOMEEEEEE. I mean, we already knew that Raúl and Ramin and Karen are awesome, but for not-too-much Broadway fans the rest of the cast was "new" for us.

  5. I have much respect for Ramin, but this really feels like one of those miscast concerts in NYC. Nearly everyone in this production is wrong for their role. The best Chess in concert was the AEA benefit in 2003 with Julia Murney, Sutton Foster and Adam Pascal.

  6. The worst Freddy Trumper and Svetlana; their voices are so out of tone; it was the same or even worse when I saw them in the concert.

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