CHESS HUSTLER Gets COCKY After Being a Piece Up!

CHESS HUSTLER Gets COCKY After Being a Piece Up!


100 thoughts on “CHESS HUSTLER Gets COCKY After Being a Piece Up!

  1. At 4:55 white could just capture the knight with the rook , black being in check it has to take the rook and then being white turn .. white can take the queen

  2. What in the name of God did I just watch? You CANNOT capture a King in Chess! This is the most amateur shit I have ever watched in my life! It is not ILLEGAL to move a king INTO check… it is a NON-MOVE! He has to remove that piece. The fact that somebody (TWO somebodies) don't know that… is a profound indictment of their chess knowledge! WOW!

  3. Why couldn't the white king take the black king at 2:11? Did he just not want to? Is there a rule I don't know?

  4. Lol. He's in check, moves king to a square he's still in check, you capture the king…. That's the funniest ending I've seen in a while.

    Needless to say, he can't move there lol. Mate in 2 nonetheless, but still hilarious.

  5. You guys should put a HUGE banner up before the video explaining what rules both players have agreed to play by…oh, wait…you did.

  6. I have a question for a chess expert: Player 1 puts Player 2 in check. Player 2 makes a move that leaves his King in check (an illegal move, right?). Player 2 then pushes the clock to start Player 1's time. Can Player 1 push the clock right back, and say "your King is still in check?"

  7. at 4:50 white rook takes knight check then queen takes queen.
    if black king doesn't capture white rook, then rook back to position at 4:50

  8. Intersting video guys!!! Let me make a question: If in 4:28 Black play Ke8 what is the best move for white ? I am from Braziiiil and, again, your channel is incredible

  9. Nice checkmate. Not mate in two. Queen cannot recapture the rook or interpose between the rook and king because of the pin. King has no legal moves and cannot escape check.

  10. a surprising missed discovery , I thought even a 1200 to 1400 player would see , I saw it immediately , I thought that was why the rook was lined up with night in the first place

  11. There was something about the game ,?that I really enjoyed. I NO,THE music. thank you. good game.🙋‍♂️👍🙃

  12. Whatever you guys do, do not do what that asshole did when he sat on the table next to the players. I mean, have basic manners you scumbag.

  13. Pretty bad players at the time of this recording. These were basic moves and many tactics missed. A few blunders too

  14. That was cocky????? Era so soft nice game overall didn't see no cocky shit and p.s not ever old dude that plays chess is a hustler smh

  15. If i look, not involved, at any position, it works better. It is so hard to fight it on a real board, face to face with an opponent and a ticking clock. I can't remember all my stupid mistakes. But it sucks aftermath every one, as i see, how blind i was in the game. Chess is a really stressfull game and sometime you get litarally blind.

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