Chess Grandmaster turns hedge fund manager seeded by Peter Thiel

Chess Grandmaster turns hedge fund manager seeded by Peter Thiel

From Silicon Valley dot-com insider to hedge fund manager.
Starting a new investment management firm in a turbulent 2011 environment.
A “4 Parts Warren Buffett – 1 part Peter Thiel” philosophy. “Fortress USA”: Global macro risk makes betting on US companies safer.
Observations on the history of emerging market growth data.
China’s next decade will be fundamentally different. Why globalization is likely to slow down or possibly even reverse.
The impact of China’s potential recession on emerging markets. Taking advantage of global macro uncertainty.
Picking the right global “sandbox” where to invest. China’s uphill battle to adjust to consumption-driven.
Translating chess brilliance to investment management.

8 thoughts on “Chess Grandmaster turns hedge fund manager seeded by Peter Thiel

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  2. Wow… I didn't think there were any fund managers left that think like this guy… "the US is economically sound"… LOL… talk about optimism bias

  3. A respectable opinion formed through disciplined analysis is not founded on optimism – but rather, conviction. Though convictions can in turn justify optimism…or pessimism.

  4. Very informative. You don't see many global macro managers today applying their investment thesis and keeping their conviction given the dislocations that have happened. So it's refreshing to see somebody who still has the guts to try to pick winners at the level of the global economy. I have my doubts whether performance can be sustained – but if he is right about "picking the right sandbox to play in" that much alone could make the difference.

  5. so there has been too much narrative bias and postdictions in historical writings to tell whether or not there have been large macroeconomic imbalances in the past?…. wow ok

  6. what a big ego……who calls their hedgefund "grandmaster"…the guy says the right things and has the most common sense rationale. BUT AS WE ALL KNOW INVESTING IS NOT THAT STARIGHT FORWARD.

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