Chess Grandmaster Explains — GM Carlsen vs. GM Aronian (Tata ’12)

Chess Grandmaster Explains — GM Carlsen vs. GM Aronian (Tata ’12)

99 thoughts on “Chess Grandmaster Explains — GM Carlsen vs. GM Aronian (Tata ’12)

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  2. I'm getting more and more surprised at the depth of nowadays grandmaster moves. At some points, it really feels like houdini is playing with both colors. Especially with games of Carlsen and Aronian in his current form.

  3. I like how GM Markos says, "He played something like…" about GM Aronian's moves — as if it is all rather hazy what Aronian really played. 😉

  4. I would like to have one rook in end more common that knight and bishop becouse i can't mate with K and B so rook is better for me 😉

  5. After 31..Qxd4+ follows a variation probably miscalculated by Aronian when choosing 29..Qa7. Without it, Black's OK. So:
    White obstructs the check by 32.Be3, also attacks the Queen. 2 tricky details: Be3 depends on Nd5's support (not existing before 31.Nxd5), and simultaneously supports Nd5 by clearing d-file for Rd1, preventing 32..Qxd5.
    So Black is forced to 32..Qxe5, but actually hasn't time for it as ..Rc6 hangs. Thus 33.Ne7+ Qxe7 34.Rxd8+ Qxd8 35.Qxc6 wins White the exchange and the game.

  6. Every player with Elo 2000+ (like me) understands his comments, but it would be better if he shows more variations & give alternatives for black instead of just say "xyz was a bad move" and that's it. Weather one suggests an alternative or don't say this was a bad move. There is no point in this kind of thing.

  7. I think, this is main difference between extra ordinary annotator and average annotator. Average one just shows lot of variations, generated by engine. It is usually boring and useless. Extra ordinary one, shows as low variants as possible, and explains ideas, strategical goals, long term plans. GM Markos is unique teacher, he knows how to make awesome videos valuable for wide group of players, so amateurs and even pros are not bored and want to see it till the end.

  8. after bh6 black plays …Nxd4 attacking the queen then the queen can either leave the f file or go to f2(if Nxd4 is played by white then Qxd4+ and white will gain a lot of activity)
    alternatively if the white queen leaves the f file then black can simply play ..Re8 getting out of the line of attack of the bishop

  9. Check GM Markos Games, those are full of tactics, concrete play and lot of variations. The best GMs are strong, because they do not prefer some style. They have some style, but if they want to be successful, they have to be perfect in both, strategy & tactics. But training videos are something different, the goal is, to make it popular to wide community of users. So that's why there is low amount of variations, but much more ideas, strategy and funny talk.

  10. I totally agree. I think this is the most compelling video about chess I have ever seen. I can't stop watching it; it's fascinating.

  11. Actually, there is a big difference between players with expert strength~ 2000-2200 elo and good masters. The understanding of the game is at a high level for both, but really good masters have an understanding, that these expert players just dont have yet. You can see it in the way, that they explain and analyze their games.

  12. One of the rare chess videos that I didnt get bored and learned something! Nice voice, nice explanation and fluently progressed.

  13. Magnus Carlsen would 'probably' win with a knight and bishop? I thought that was standard endgame knowledge for any player with a title, at least!

  14. good comment but at 32:20 maybe magnus didn't play f8 because the night would be trapped for a long time and not only because is a very calm and positional guy (that is also true)

  15. 13:37 if there's anything to note pawn takes e4, it's that black gives up his center in exchange for having 2 pawn islands versus 3 pawn islands. He might be trying to show compensation for giving up the center in the form of attacking the flanks.

  16. I understand your point, but Kleinmeister has a point, too. For example, Markos says Aronian's a5 is a waste of time, but he doesn't suggest anything better. The fact is that there isn't anything obviously better for black. Perhaps he played a5 before castling short to discourage white from castling long. The few chances black had in the game, though they never materialized, came from the fact that white's king became a little loose on the king side. Maybe a5 was best move in a bad situation

  17. I can understand a high-level player (ELO 2000+) wanting more depth from such a video. But as a lower-level player, I enjoy having a GM explain world-class chess in terms that I can understand. Also, people like me do not have a chess teacher, coach or even a regular real-life partner to play with, so computer-resources are invaluable. I hope GM Markos continues making such videos!

  18. The commentary is extremely one-sided.never did he mention that before the move Qa7 (which is a blunder), though black's position is very difficult and has very little counterplay,but is still only slightly inferior (about half a pawn), even after the blunder Qa7 it required extremely accurate end game play to win… (in fact Aronian should have let Carlsen play it out) His comments sounds like the position is winning where he himself would have trouble winning the position against Aronian.

  19. This is an extremely one-sided commentary.The moves of carlson are always right and those of Aronian seem to be always "funny". If Aronian plays a move you don't understand (he has an ELO of 2805), it does not mean it is a wrong move. This is a kind of explanation everyone can make in hindsight

  20. Excellent commentary. Carlsen's play is often mystifying to average players. I probably would have played Rd1 and e5 sooner, not played Qg2 or b3. Thank you for your insight.

  21. you should really improve in the funny talk if that's one of the goals….watch some max keiser, maybe you'll learn something on that subject

  22. I had no difficulty understanding GM Markos's commentary for strategy or accent. I enjoyed this almost as much as I would have enjoyed sitting with the man and discussing the game in person.

  23. what is, if white tries to play Bh6 to stop blacks 0-0, after exchanging on d3, which you discribed as bad?

  24. Thanks for this nice video. I learned a lot from your explanation of the opening moves and insight into the players' minds.

  25. Even good players make bad moves. He's not saying he's better than Aronian, he's explaining Aronian's mistakes to us. Aronian lost this game because his play was worse than his opponents. If you don't understand those mistakes you should watch the video again. It doesn't matter what the rating is.

  26. If you point out moves you think are inferior, it helps to point out a superior move. Tactics decided this game.

  27. I also think commentary is one-sided. Fair enough, Aronian made some peculiar moves but denouncing every plan he took as 'funny' or 'dubious' is exaggeration. For instance
    Bh4 was not so bad since it caused g2-g3 which commentator observed is not something that players do voluntarily. Seems like fanboyism is present in chess after all.

  28. You are just right. For example, Gary Kasparov, former World Champion, known to be one of the strongest players on the queen's gambit as black, sugests that you should play 3. … Be7 to avoid the early pin over the knight and devolping faster to the center…

  29. Only one m ove by Aronian was properly criticized and caled funny (the other was described as funny at first, but its purpose was then explained, demonstrating that it wasn't so bad). Now one move is far from every move, and anyway, this move was bad, as explained by the grnadmaster commentating in this video). So what is your point, your comment is as stupid as it is useless

  30. He goes fishing in mud but maybe he can still catch a goldfish!! Lol. That's great. What wonderful commentary 🙂

  31. Thank you for making this. One of the best explanations of a game I've seen. Please don't change your commentary style at all. It was very instructive. I'm going to watch your other videos now as well!

  32. Before i leave this video because i just realize i already watch this video but i agree with thomas271104. This is an extremely one-sided commentary. Its like this guy wants magnus carlsens dick. Also this guys has an horrible accent and he stutters too much making his video boring to watch. Just wanted to vent since the girl i liked broke my heart. sorry.

  33. Great commentary. Some mindbogglingly stupid comments below (as usual for youtube), especially the ones about the commentary being "one-sided". One could joke and say that there were three sides … Carlsen's, and Aronian's two flanks. The commentary made clear how those flank pawn moves weakened black and how Carlsen took advantage of those weaknesses.

  34. This game was not one of your better explanations.  Too long, too many variations and not enough focus on the basic movement of the game. Moves are skipped or assumed…and suddenly the board is in another position without seeing the moves which are skipped over hastily.

  35. Why did he not promote to a knight, any answers appreciated thanks, when bishop takes knight takes check again then take g6 pawn?!

  36. didn't levon play an early a5 to discourage white casteling long ? if white had castled long then black would be even worse I think 

  37. I don't mean to be too demanding, but if you criticize the move …a5 so vehemently, you should provide some suggestions or improvements.

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