“Chess for Beginners” by Niranjan Matharishva

Hello! You are really lucky 🙂 Why? Because you will learn how to play chess. Chess is a really old game, almost 2000 years old. Chess is a game where two players play against each other on a chess
board made of 64 squares, an 8 x 8 grid. Each player gets a bunch of teams [pieces], grids on
board. try to get after other players game When you get the other sides King. Its called CHECKMATE!!!You are Right ! Right, today I am going to teach you about the different pieces
how they move and how to checkmate. Each six of the team, just only the knight jumps over people(other pieces) They dont share a square and that’s how you capture the enemies The King is the most powerful(important) piece, because
losing him means end of the game. But very often he needs his friends to protect him. The king can move one step forward, backward, sideways or diagonally. But there is no losing on purpose Can a white king move here
No Can it move here? Yes
And here? Nope.. i think you got it so lets keep going when another piece threatens to capture the King its called CHECK when there is no where the King can go from check its called CHECKMATE The Queen is the most powerful piece. It can move forward, forward, backward, sideways or diagonally. But unlike the King, the queen is really speedy and she can go fast as she likes. The Rook – It is also sometimes called the Castle Some of my friends like to call it a “Tower of Power” Rooks look like the tower or castle and they are pretty strong too. The Rook moves forward, backward and on to the sides. Can he go up top of the board in one move? yes Can he go there? Yes.
Can he capture this piece? How long it takes to get to the other side of the board ? Excellent. Thats it.. Bishop is the other half of the queen. It can go as far as you want but only diagonally. My friends like to stack a Bishop on top of the Rook and make an extra Queen The Bishop, you will notice, only moving diagonally, each Bishop is stuck on the colored square that it starts on. Next … I am going to teach you how the Knight moves. The Knight can move one step two step (front) to the forward one step to the right/left (side) There is a Pawn on the way? Rook on the way?
No problem People often say that Knights hop, with their special ability to hop over other pieces. Now the Pawn.
Lets meet the Pawn. This is a Pawn. This is also a Pawn This is a Pawn. This is a Pond. Not a Pawn. Pawn is spelled P A W N The Pawn can move forward. After when they capture, they move diagonally. Even they can move forward two steps [when they start of] or one Now, We have already met the whole team. The pawn is the only piece that could get blocked by other pieces. It cant pass or capture those pieces either. If the Pawn reaches the other side of the board, it can become any other chess piece except the Pawn or King. This is called the promotion. A Pawn is promoted to a queen because she is the most powerful piece. Now you have met the whole team. Lets go through Check and Checkmate again real quick. Then we will do lot more about it in later lessons. Bye!

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