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  1. What kind of device are you using to connect with bluetooth? USB bluetooth dongle? Or do you have a original pre-market C-Module from Millennium?

  2. Wonderful apps. I am looking for an app to be used with my USB DGT eBoard for so long.
    Thanks alot for creating this app.
    1 question though, can I use this app to play with other human player instead of the engine?
    Thanks in advance.

  3. You can also adjust the strenght of the engine!!! This is really the best chess app for android that i've seen!! I can't wait to buy the millennium chess computer!

  4. Hi I have a DGT smartboard with USB-C port . My android samsung tab A also has a USB-C port. I can buy a USB-C to USB-adapter to be able to connect the USB DGT board to my android tablet. Will this work? Is it possible to play online on lichess.org or chess.com on my USB DGT smartboard this way? It should be possible with www.chessguard.com but the site is down. Maybe it is possible with the combination Chess for Android, Acid Ape Chess and the android app lichess? I should have bought the bluetooth version DGT board in stead than it would be possible Acid Ape Chess to play on lichess with a DGT board. I hope you can give me advice to make it work.

  5. Hello, can you please tell what kind of board you're using ? It looks like the Revelation II, I haven't seen other DGT boards with LED's on the squares. Thanks

  6. Good evening aart bik and all. I have a problem that I want to solve. I want to be able to use my dht dgt USB (wired) with the android application on smartphone '' chess for android ''. I have the error message '' no usb devices found ''. I can not connect my dgt usb board with the smartphone I yet select "dgt usb" in the menu.
    Should it install additional drivers in the applications, do other manipulations …. I am lost.
    It annoys me well. I am a passionate and crazy player of this game. I am also a trainer and animator. Please help me solve my problem. see you soon

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