Chess Clock Jenga

Chess Clock Jenga

– Go. – Hi, I’m Matt. This is Tom. And we’re playing Chess Clock Jenga. Chess Clock Jenga is a massive improvement
on — how did you do that that fast?! Chess Clock Jenga is a massive improvement
on regular Jenga. You lose if… aah! …if your timer runs out on your clock on
the chess clock. Or if you knock the tower over. Now, chess clocks work — for those who don’t
know — by having two separate clocks that only count down on your own turn. So currently… we’re pretty much exactly
tied. ‘Cos I had a couple of difficult moves, Matt had a couple of difficult moves,. but right now his clock is counting down — 40
seconds — and mine isn’t. So I’ve got a little bit of
breathing space, a little bit of time! But… that doesn’t mean I can’t still lose
if I do something like that. And the trouble is, Matt is very good at finding
that block that is just not ‘in there’ with the rest
of the tower. And having said that, Matt, you’re still ten
seconds behind me. Oh… oh, of course you got that one. Right,
wonderful. Can I take the… yes! Yes, I can take that
one. So you can’t take from the top two levels,
same with regular Jenga, but — there we go… But other than that, any block is fine. Matt, you are still ten seconds… uh-oh. God, I’m loads behind. Tom, you’ve got 25
seconds on… I’m fine(!) 17 for you. It’s absolutely fine. 13 seconds, Matt. So all Tom needs to do is not make the tower
fall over and my timer will run out quickly. Oh, assuming I can find a block to move… Aah! Aaaah! 15 seconds, Tom. Okay. No, I’m fine. I’m fine, I’m fine, I’m
fine… 12 seconds, Matt. 10 seconds, Tom. Aah! No! It’s good, it’s good, it’s good,
I’m fine… Five… four… Five! Four! Three! Two! Ah, come on! And that is Chess Clock Jenga. So much better than the original. [Translating this video? Add your name here if you’d like credit!]

100 thoughts on “Chess Clock Jenga

  1. my favourite was always the no stacking rules, where you can put the blocks on top in any position or orientation you want. Optionally, you gain points if you knock blocks off the top and the player with the least points when the tower falls wins (whoever toppled it loses anyway)

  2. I have an addition. Add one of those electric, muscle flexing, massagers on your wrist at a random pulse rate.

  3. The chess clock is a good idea but if you run out of time you shouldn't instantly loose. I would support a 5 to 10 second clock were if the clock ends on you, you simply have to remove 2 instead of 1. (with unlimited time where the next turn would began a new time)

  4. If you want a good Chess Clock app, check out this:

  5. That was so much fun to watch haha. I never played Jenga but now that I've seen this, this is the only way I plan to play it.

  6. Come on Matt, you scumbag, you used your left hand to hit the timer on the very last move! Speed Chess you have to use the same hand to move the piece and stop the clock. You were both keeping to that rule right up to the end where Matt breaks it. Could have been gamechanging! I call this result null and demand to see a rematch

  7. Matt kicks ass ! Also, great idea ! I find chess clocks annoying in chess. But in Jenga, they really add something, don't they ?

  8. I honestly agree, this is a massive improvement.
    Also, apparently I saw this video about a year ago, since I commented on it. I have no memory of this.

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