Chess Chest! Play Chess in Minecraft!

Chess Chest! Play Chess in Minecraft!

Hey everyone, Chronohawk here. And with me
today is Recabilly! R: What’s up? Today we are playing what game? C: We are playing Chess Chest! R: Yes, this is a nice little invention that
dear Mr Chronohawk came up with. C: Yeah, I thought I’d share this with Recabilly
because we could play this and it’d be interesting. So yeah, how this works is pretty simple.
We’ve got two chests here, they’re normal chests and all you need to do is use the setblock
command to put one in the centre as Recabilly will do right now. Now what this does is it
makes a triple chest and triple chests are rare and majestic and beautiful. And what
you do is you put blocks around the edge here and this gives us an exactly 8×8 grid, with
which we can play chess! Uh, so yeah, let’s put all the pieces in. R: It’s so simple! C: It is so simple. R: But pretty awesome. I like it. C: So, yep, we’re going to have a game and we’ll
see you in a bit. R: Alright, you go ahead and go first! R: Okay, just go. C: I’ll take your piece and I’ll put it in my
inventory. Well, I can take you. R: Oh, shoot! This guy, where can he go? He can go all the
way over there. C: Yeah, he can, well spotted. Uh, but I can
take him! R: Oh, shoot! I didn’t see that! Okay… C: Ah, clevers. Very clevers. Check! R: That’s safe. C: Yeah, it is. But I can take your Queen! R: Oh, no! Shoot! Okay. C: Oh, it’s a stalemate! R: It’s a stalemate? C: There’s no way I can win, and there’s no way
you can win. Because my bishop is on the wrong set of squares. R: Right… C: So he can’t take you! R: That’s true, yeah! C: Okay, guys, so we played our match through
and we ended up at a stalemate. Which says a lot about chess. But yeah, the way this
game works is insanely simple, all we did was rename some blocks and put them in this
triple chest. Yeah, do you have anything to say about this, Rec? R: Well, I think it was a very well done game,
good work, nice idea, I really enjoyed it. C: The only downside to this is that you get
that annoying off-grid kind of look but if you can stand that because pieces are generally
there all the time anyway, then this is a great and simple way to play chess. R: Right. C: Anyway, see you guys later, hope you enjoyed,
and take it easy!

7 thoughts on “Chess Chest! Play Chess in Minecraft!

  1. this is great, how did you came up with this idea, it's genius!!!
    One day I will challenge you to a game of chest chess.

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