Chess Candidates 2014 – Break Day – Player Analysis and Commentary

Chess Candidates 2014 – Break Day – Player Analysis and Commentary

Hello everybody, it’s jrobi. We are on our
first break day of Candidates Chess 2014 and I thought it would be a good opportunity to
take a look at some of the competitors in more detail leading up to Day 4 of competition.
This information is available to the public on and I recommend the site to explore
all your favorite players in the chess world. We are going to be working our way from the
bottom of the standings to the top and looking at rating performance leading up to the event,
as well as overall game statistics. And first up we have Mr. Mamedyarov, currently ranked
13th in the world of all active players here. Let’s take a look at his rating performance.
It looks like he has been doing very well leading up to the event, his rating has been
improving over the past few years and is quite consistent. For game statistics now let’s
just take a look at that. It looks like he has done quite well as well with the white
pieces, winning 41% of the time and losing only 13%. For black looks like he is a bit
more even, with 33% wins and 22% losses. He did not have a great game yesterday versus
Anand, but we are only in 3 days of competition. The competition is 14 rounds, so he has time
to improve but it’s not looking too good for him at this point as he is currently in last
position with only .5 points, so he just had one draw. The rest have been losses. The next
player, working our way up from the bottom, is Mr. Karjakin. Mr. Karjakin is currently
ranked 9th in the world of active players. Let’s go over now and take a look at his rating
performance and statistics. It looks like Mr. Karjakin has had some huge improvements
in his performance since around 2000 here, and there hasn’t been any big gaps in his
play. Coming into the competition he was rated 2766 which is very strong. Let’s check his
game statistics. It looks like he has very impressive results with the white pieces,
winning 42% of his games and losing only 11%. His performance with the black pieces is 28%
wins versus 18% losses. Mr. Karjakin is currently tied for 4th place in the tournament, which
is a solid position to be in with 11 rounds still to go as he has secured a full point
and the leader is at 2.5 points. Yeah, so some key wins can really turn things around
for Mr. Karjakin here! Next up we have Mr. Andreikin who is also tied for 4th place at
1 full point. Mr. Andreikin is currently ranked 42nd in the world rankings, so that’s quite
a bit lower than the other competitors. But he does have a 2709 standard rating. Let’s
take a look at his rating progress here. Similar to Mr. Karjakin, shows impressive improvement
over time. It doesn’t look like he has had any large dips in his performance, and he
is showing a very consistent level of play. Let’s take a look at his game statistics now.
His overall game statistics are actually quite impressive, he has a healthy win % with white
at 45% wins versus 10% losses, and his black performance is very good as well with 35%
wins, only 15% losses – so that’s definitely solid. With 11 rounds to go, we will need
to keep an eye on Mr. Andreikin for sure! Next up we have Mr. Topalov. I enjoy covering
his games, and I had a great time doing the 2010 World Chess Championship series in which
Mr. Topalov squared off against Mr. Anand. If you haven’t seen that you can go check
that out. It is quite a number of videos. I did a video for each game for that one.
He is currently ranked 4th in the world. Let’s take a look at his rating history. It looks
like he has had some ups and downs here over the past few years. I wonder if there’s a
correlation between World Chess Championship competition and ratings as Topalov did compete
in 2010 competition and lost, and it looks like his rating took a dip after. This happened
to Anand as well after losing against Carlsen. It would be interesting to take a look at
this with other World Chess Championship players. If you want to take a look at that and post
in the comments please do so. I would definitely be curious about how that looks for other
players. Let’s see here. Now while he did dip in performance he is on the rise again,
and definitely looking consistent. His rating is quite high now, and so far in the competition
he is tied for 3rd, so well within striking range here. His game statistics, now let’s
take a look at that. Definitely show a preference for winning with the white pieces at a healthy
43% win versus only 10% loss. His black performance is almost dead equal with 26% win versus 25%
loss, so we will need to keep an eye on his performance when playing on the black side
of the board, it looks like this is maybe one of his weaker performance traits. Overall
though he’s definitely still in the running! Next up we have Mr. Aronian, Mr. Aronian one
of the favored competitors to win this competition. Currently he is ranked 2nd in the world and
has a very impressive rating of 2830. Let’s take a look at his rating history here. Wow!
This is definitely impressive. A steady increase over time and extremely consistent performance.
Currently Mr. Aronian is tied for 3rd with Mr. Topalov in the tournament and is most
definitely still in the running to win the competition with 11 rounds remaining. For
his game statistics, let’s go take a look at that now. Much like Topalov, we see a much
healthier white performance with 40% wins versus 10% losses compared to 22% wins with
black versus 17% losses. It will be interesting to see how both Topalov and Aronian perform
moving forward with the black pieces in this competition. Next up we have Mr. Kramnik,
let’s get him up here. He is currently ranked 3rd in the world with a strong 2787 rating
and tied for second place in the tournament. Let’s take a look at his history. Wow, okay!
So we definitely see some peaks and valleys here over the years. However, it looks like
since 2011 there has been some substantial positive movement in his game play. A slight
dip here in August of 2013, but that looks to be short lived. This guy is definitely
going to be in the running, but I wonder if consistency will be an issue. Let’s take a
look at his game statistics here. Yeah it definitely looks like he is very, very strong
on the white side of the board with 41% wins and only 7% losses. That is extremely impressive!
The black side, however, isn’t as nice looking with more losses than wins. Wow, that’s surprising
actually. He wins 13% of the time with black, and unfortunately loses more with 18%. I wonder
if he is struggling to find a good comfortable defense to current opening play at the top
level because it shouldn’t be the case that he loses more than he wins, you know at his
level for sure. Especially with his rock solid rating and performance with the white pieces.
We will need to keep an eye on his performance with the black pieces moving forward to see
if he can overcome this challenge in the remainder of the tournament, but he has been doing very
well so far you know, securing 2nd place after 3 days of play. So let’s move on now. Next
up we have Mr. Svidler, currently tied for 2nd place with Mr. Kramnik. Mr. Svidler is
currently ranked 11th in the world, and has an impressive 2758 rating. For rating progress,
let’s take a look at that now. There’s a few ups and downs over the past few years, but
he has definitely seemed to improve in consistency since 2012! This looks like it really sets
the stage for a great performance from him here in the competition! His game statistics,
let’s go take a look at that now. Okay, that’s interesting. We have a healthy win percentage
as white, with 39% wins versus only 8% losses – that’s awesome! His performance with the
black pieces is very close wins to losses, with 20% versus 18%, so he is still winning
more than he is losing. I am pretty excited to see how he continues on the competition
actually. And, well — let’s take a look at him now! Mr. Anand, the Assassin Anand! Mr.
Anand has done very well in competition so far, sure the last win was due to a big set
of errors from his opponent, but I thought he really set the stage and shined in his
win versus Aronian! I thought he just really, really outplayed him and I thought that was
a really good example of just how strong Anand is! Currently Anand is sitting in 8th place
in the world, and while he is currently the leader in the tournament. Looks like he — ahh
— you know, let’s be honest! He has had a rough time since his loss to Carlsen, and
let’s take a look at his rating history here. So, we have a big dip in performance staring
in 2011, and he was definitely on the decline leading up to this competition, but I think
we are seeing a rebound for him here, like a rebirth! I am very excited to see how Anand
performs in the upcoming rounds! Let’s go over to his game statistics now. Wow, take
a look at that! Here is a player with healthy win percentages versus loss percentages on
both sides of the table! With white he boasts a 26% win and only 10% loss and with black
pieces he has a very healthy 19% win versus a 11% loss. There’s really no doubt that this
former World Chess Champion is in the running here in Chess Candidates 2014! Well, you know
I am excited about the upcoming rounds. Feel free to post your thoughts on the players
here and what you think will happen as the tournament evolves! So take care, thanks for
watching the video, and we will see you next time!

7 thoughts on “Chess Candidates 2014 – Break Day – Player Analysis and Commentary

  1. Great rundown. Kramnik's Win/Loss/Draw ratio with the black pieces seems about right. He seems content to want to draw with black rather than fight for a win. 

  2. You should look at the y-axis, many of the "Big" dips in performance are coming from having a smaller index between the line on y-axis.

  3. Raw wins/losses are less informative than some kind of statistic that takes into account the strength of the opponent. Otherwise there's the chance of selection bias in a player who only picks on weaker players.

  4. I wonder if at that level of play ,experience is not more important than Elo rating …
    A nice bevy of players indeed 🙂

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