Ro: Hey guys it’s Ro! Welcome to another
Nerdy Nummies! Ro: Today I have a very special guest, Kurt! Kurt: What is up guys!?! Ro: Kurt is awesome, he has an awesome music
channel, and he writes music, Ro: composes music, plays like, every instrument.
Since I’ve known you you’re Ro: like, oh I can play piano and harp
and guitar and, like, everything. Ro: He’s pretty boss sauce! Kurt: I try,
I’m not good a cooking though, so… Kurt: Uh, gotta rely on her though. Ro: He’s
pretty cute though, you’re welcome! Ro: So today we are gonna be making a chess
cake, and I thought to invite him because Ro: what is your experience with chess? Kurt: I played chess competitively for a really
long time. Ro: Nerd! Kurt: A lot of people… Definitely, definitely
a nerd! Uh, a lot of people don’t know Kurt: I was a chess master at the age of 15
and, uh, but then I stopped playing Kurt: when I got into college and wanted to
do more music and now that’s what I’m doin! Ro: Awesome, it’s time to bake! Both: Pew-pew-pew-pew-pew! Ro: What you’ll need is: Pam Baking spray,
a square baking pan, Ro: this is a 12 inch by 12 inch, 1 pink spatula,
2 cups of water, 2 sticks of butter. Kurt: And what you’ll also need is a nest
of Dinosaur eggs, and if you can’t find Kurt: those, then maybe 6 normal eggs will
work for you as well! Ro: Maybe they will, maybe they will. Kurt:
Ah-da-da-da-da-da-da! Kurt: 2 butter box cakes, and a big bowl to
throw it all in. Ro: Big bowl! Let’s put it all together!
Kurt: Let’s do it! Ro: Yeah! Ro: OK, now we’re gonna put everything together,
starting with the 2 box cakes. Kurt: Alright. Ro: And box cakes, they just
save a lot of time, because they’re Ro: already pre-mixed flour, sugar and baking
soda, but you can use your favorite Ro: cake recipe if you don’t want to use
a box cake. Kurt; I think even I can do this. Ro: Yeah
you can! Dump it in there! Kurt: I got it! Ro: Dump it in there! Oh,
yeah, here. Kurt: Ahm-nam-nam-nam. Ro: Ahm-nam-nam-nam. Ro: Next you’re gonna add 2 cups of water,
wahhhhhp! And then 6 eggs. Kurt: No! Not my eggs! Ro: It’s OK honey,
we’ll make some more! Ro: OK, I’m gonna teach you a pro egg crack,
are you ready for this? Kurt: Sweet, I’m ready! Ro: OK, just a 1 handed crack, you’re gonna
crack, twist. Kurt: What? What is this magic? Ro: Can you
do that? OK, your turn. Crack, twist. Kurt: OK… Ro: With your hand. Kurt: Are you sure you want me to do this
over this bowl. Ro: Yeah, yeah! Ro: Crack, twist… Whoa! That was pretty
good for your first one! Kurt: That was not good! Ro: Now you’re gonna add 2/3 of butter,
so we’re gonna cut right here. Ro: And I’ll let you put that in there. Kurt: Awesome. Ro: Minus the paper… Pro tip. Kurt: I figured, I figured as much. Ro: You’re like a genius, I probably don’t
need to tell you that. Kurt: Paper probably doesn’t taste as good. Ro: You’re a math major huh? Kurt: I was.
Ro: This will come in handy when we’re Ro: making all the chess pieces, I’m gonna
make you do the math on it. Kurt: Awesome, I’m ready. Ro: I’m just
gonna sit back, let you do the work. Ro: Perfect, I love having guests! Here you
go! Bake that! Ro: Last step is greasing this big pan. Remember
this is a 12×12 but you can Ro: also use a 10×10 if you’d like. Alright,
here’s the pam baking spray, open that Ro: up just like hairspray and spray it in
there. I’m gonna hide behind it a little Ro: bit because I don’t want to, you know.
Kurt: Defend yourself! Ro: OK, oh-ho-ho! Ro: Now it’s time to mix it all up! Ro: Now we’re gonna pour all of the batter
once it’s all mixed into the pan. Ro: OK, you grab the bowl. Kurt: Let’s do
it! Ro: And I’ll get the pink spatula. Kurt: Does it not work if it isn’t pink?
Ro: It does not work if your spatula Ro: isn’t pink. Kurt: Didn’t know that. Ro: Now we’re just gonna flatten it like
this. And then I’m gonna have you pick it Ro: up and kinda go like this… Pound it
on the table, just… Kurt: Like actually hit it on the table? Ro:
No, yeah, actually hit it. Ro: That lets it settle, brings all the air
bubbles up. And now, we’re gonna Ro: throw this in the oven. We’re gonna
put it in the oven at 350 and bake Ro: for about 40 minutes. Ro: While the cake is baking, we are gonna
make all the little decoration pieces Ro: for the chess cake, with chocolate. Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum! Ro: To decorate, we’re gonna be using these
candy molds, they’re chess candy molds, Ro: I’ll put a link down below so you can
buy these online if you’d like. Ro: They were really hard to find, I went
to like 4 different cake stores Ro: to buy these things. Kurt: They look awesome! Ro: You’ll also need this square candy mold,
and these are an inch and a 1/2 squares Ro: And they’ll fit perfectly on top of
the 12×12 cake. Ro: So Kurt, math question. Kurt; Mmmhmm,
yeah. Ro: Ready? How many squares Ro: Are we gonna need for our chess board? Kurt: Well, you’re gonna need 64 squares
for your chess board, 32 black and 32 white. Ro: You passed. Kurt: Awesome, great! Ro:
He’s smart, he passes. Kurt: I’m glad I get your approval. Ro: OK, and you’ll also need dark and white
chocolate, so right here we have white Ro: candy melts and dark chocolate candy melts,
and we put them in these Ro: microwaveable safe plastic swerk bottle…
Plastic squirt bottles! Kurt: Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah! Ro: Blah,
blah, blah, blah, blah! Ro: I cannot talk today! And you’re just
gonna microwave these and then we’re gonna Ro: squirt them into all the
trays. Kurt: I made more eggs. Ro: Oh my gosh they
smell so good! Kurt: They look different this time. Both:
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom! Kurt: Oh! Dom, nom, nom, nom, nom, nom! Ro:
Nom, nom, nom, nom, nom! Ro: Oooooooh! Ohp! Kurt: Ohhhh no! Ro: Pfft! Both: Hahahaha! Ro: Pfft! Ro: We’re super mature! Ro: When we play chess, I want to play the
white and you play the dark. Kurt: Sounds good. Ro: Are you gonna play
me? On our cake? Kurt: I’ll play you blindfolded. Ro: Blindfolded?
Kurt: Yeah I’ll play blindfolded. Ro: You heard it, we’re gonna play chess
blindfolded… He’s gonna be blindfolded. Ro: First we’re gonna make the chocolate
squares, and I’ll show you how to do 1 Ro: and then I’ll let you do it. Kurt: Awesome. Ro: OK, so we melted our chocolate and you’re just
gonna go, like, around the corners and then Ro: go zig-zag. And then we’ll fill him
in later with a toothpick. So just go Ro: around the corners, zig-zag! Ro: With these little square molds, you don’t
want to fill them all the way to Ro: the top, it’s actually better to under
fill them because they’ll lay flatter Ro: on the cake. So that’s why
we’re leaving some space. Ro: So, when you’re looking at this, how
there’s little holes everywhere. Kurt: Mmmhmm. Ro: That’s fine! Because what
we’re gonna do is take a little Ro: toothpick. You grab
1 and I’ll grab 1. Kurt: Awesome. Kurt: Ro’s gonna fix all my mistakes. Ro:
And you just push it in the corner and Ro: tap, tap-tap-tap-tap-tap! Ro: Now we’re gonna put these in the freezer
for about 10 minutes and we’re gonna Ro: make all of our little chess pieces. Kurt:
Let’s do it! Ro: Yeah! Ro: Now you’re gonna take your melted chocolates,
and they’re in these Ro: microwaveable safe squeeze bottles and you’re
just gonna fill in the chess pieces Ro: and again you’re gonna want to under
fill them just a little bit. And then Ro: we’ll stick them together after they
come out of the freezer. Ro: Kurt those look so good. Kurt: Thank you!
Ro: Look it, they’re perfectly Ro: Flat, that’s how you want them to look,
really really flat, because after… Ro: We’re gonna make 2 of the white, 2 of
the dark, and then stick them together Ro: with a little bit of hot chocolate. So
we’re gonna put these in the freezer again Ro: for 10 minutes. Ro: Once your chess pieces are all done in
the freezer, what you’re gonna do is Ro: just take a flat piece of anything, it
can be cardboard, a plate, whatever. Ro: Flip ‘em over and just kinda tap ‘em
out. Most of ‘em should just come Ro: out easy. Oh that was perfect! Oh 1 more,
1 more! Kurt: This 1 does not want to go. Ro: Oh yeah! Ro: And then you’re gonna take your squirt
bottle, then you’re just gonna Ro: squeeze on a little bit of hot chocolate
onto each side. Kurt: Glue them together with chocolate. Ro:
Yeah, glue them together with chocolate! Kurt: How much should I put on? Ro: That’s
good! Kurt: That’s good? Ro: Just a little bit. Kurt: On both sides?
Ro: Yeah! And then you’re just gonna Ro: put them together. Oh they’re gonna
make out! And then just hold them into Ro: place for about 10 seconds. And there
you have it! Chess pieces. Ro: And then you’re gonna do this to all
of your little chess pieces. Kurt: 1 down. Ro: 1 down! How many more to
go? Kurt: 31. Ro: 31 more to go, I knew that. Kurt: You got that 1.
Ro: I knew that. Ro: Here are all of our pieces, they’re
all made, we made all of the chess Ro: pieces, and all of our little squares.
And Kurt found out something really funny. Kurt: I’m pretty sure this dinosaur was
made the same way we made these chess pieces. Ro: Awww! Kurt: There’s a huge line running
down the middle, it was most definitely Kurt: assembled from 2 halves. Ro: Look at
this, they probably just glued him Ro: together with chocolate. Ro: Now we’re gonna put it all together and… Kurt: Play Chess! Ro: play some chess, where I will win! Kurt: I don’t think so… Ro: Once your cake comes out of the oven,
make sure it’s had plenty of time to cool, Ro: and what we did is we leveled off the
cake using a cake leveler, and Ro: we just took a little bit off the top,
you don’t need to do a lot. Ro: And then I took a huge bag of dark chocolate,
put it in this zip lock bag, just Ro: put any kind of a tip on it because we’re
just using it to distribute, Ro: and here we go! Kurt’s gonna help turn
it, but I’m just gonna put it on the top Ro: of the cake, and then we’ll smooth it
all out. Ro: Then you’re just gonna take a big mustache-uler
and lightly smoothen like this. Kurt: Is that the technical name for it? Ro:
Yeah that’s the technical name for it! Ro: So the reason we put so much frosting
on the top of the cake is because we want Ro: a lot of room to play with. Kurt: And
because we really like frosting! Ro: And because it’s really, really good! Ro: When we’re placing all the squares on
top, it will help us determine how deep Ro: we want to push in every little square.
So, just having a little bit of excess wiggle Ro: room is really helpful. Ro: Once your cake is all done and it’s
all frosted, we’re gonna put it into the Ro: freezer to let it chill for about 10 minutes,
and then we’re gonna put Ro: all of our little pieces on! Ro: We just took the cake out of the freezer
and it’s nice and chilled, Ro: and we’re gonna take this weird triangular,
rigid, looks like teeth or something Ro: like Domo Kun’s teeth. And we’re just
gonna run it along all the sides Ro: of the cake to give it a little texture
look. Kurt: Cake looks amazing. Ro: Yes! Kurt: We’re
gonna put the squares on the board. Ro: Mmmhmmm. Kurt: And they alternate. Ro:
Should I just start in a corner? Kurt: Why not? Ro: Line it up… Ro: Da-dew! Kurt: Psssh! Ro: We just finished
putting all the little chocolate Ro: squares on the cake, and it looks awesome!
It looks like marbled! Kurt: It looks… Are you ready for some chess?
Ro: Oh yeah. Kurt: It’s ready for some chess playing.
Ro: It’s ready! Ro: But before we play, I just need to put
a little more frosting around the edges to Ro: do a little fancy edging, and then put
all the little chess pieces on top! Ro: Ta-da! We got all of our fancy
edging all around the cake so it looks Ro: super cool. Kurt: Elite cake skills.
Ro: And now Kurt’s gonna teach me, yeah, Ro: yeah! How to put all these little pieces
on. And what were you saying about Ro: the corner, if we’re facing each other
this way, you want to play each other. Kurt: Yeah, so when you set up the board,
make sure the white square is in the Kurt: lower right. Ro: Right square… OK.
Kurt; You don’t want to set up like this Kurt: where you have a black square in the
lower right, so just always the white Kurt: square in the lower right. And then
you set it up pawns all here and then in Kurt: the corner you got your rooks, your knights,
your bishops, and your queen Kurt: and king, and the queen always goes
on her color, so if you’re playing white Kurt: queen goes on the white square, if you’re
playing black, queen goes on Kurt: a black square. Ro: Huh, really!?! So
she would go right here, on a white Ro: square? Kurt: Yeah, that’s right. Ro:
Perfect! OK. Kurt: Let’s do it! Ro: Now we’re gonna put on all these little
pieces! Ro: Ta-da! Our cake turned out, it looks so
cool! I love it! Kurt: It looks awesome, the pieces look really
good! Ro: Yeah, they turned out Ro: so good! I cannot wait to play, so after
this video at the end credits, we Ro: are gonna play a game of chess. Ro: And thank you Kurt for being here on Nerdy
Nummies! Kurt: Thanks so much for having me! I’m
glad I didn’t ruin it too much! Ro: No, you did a good job! I’ll put his
links down below so you can go check Ro: out his music and subscribe, it is amazing!
And, if you have any other ideas Ro: for any other Nerdy Nummies, please let
me know, leave me a comment down below Ro: and I will do my best to make it happen! Ro: OK, bye-bye you guys! Kurt: Bye! Ro: Are you ready? Kurt: Yes! Ro: It’s ON! Ro: OK, we are about to do speed chess we
got the champ right here, Ro: And I’m gonna blindfold him with my
fancy scarf that I got at the gap, OK, so… Kurt: Gonna play blindfolded. Ro: Are you
ready? Kurt: Yeah, let’s do it! Ro: Can you see? Kurt: Nope. Ro: Is it over
your eyes? Kurt: It is. Ro: And Jared is gonna be moving the pieces
for him. Go, go go! Ro: And I’ll go on this side. Ro: OK, do I go first or do you go first?
Kurt: Uh, white always goes first in chess. Kurt: So, you got it. Ro: Ladies go first!
OK, ready, set, go! Jared: Pawn to A4. Kurt: Cool, pawn on E7
to E5. Jared: E7 to E5… Jared: So, uh. Ro: B… 3 Jared: B2 to B3,
pawn. Kurt: Bishop on F8 to C5 Ro: This feels like Wizard’s Chess! Jared: Alright, so pawn from D2 to D3… Oh no
sorry, C1 to C2… C2 to C3, sorry. Kurt: All good, all good. Mmmmm, queen on
D8 to F6. Jared: Uh, so Pawn from H2 to H3. Kurt: Hmmm, well, let’s see, Queen on F6
takes F2. Jared: Takes F2 Kurt: Checkmate… Jared: Yep, alright. Ro: Is that checkmate? Jared: Yeah, that’s
checkmate. Kurt: It is. Ro: Oh my gosh, Kurt come look at this. Background: Did we set it up right at least? Jared: Yeah. Kurt: Oh, OK, that’s checkmate too, but
I was saying queen takes, but yeah. Jared: Oh well either way. Kurt: It doesn’t
actually matter which pieces you take Kurt: but… Hah! Ro: Welp, there it is, speed
chess! Hahaha! Jared: So you could have checkmated her with
2 different moves! Ro: Yeah! Ro: Kurt like, annihilated me! Oh my god,
Kurt, you beat me in 4 moves… 4! Kurt: Yup. Ro: He’s amazing! And super smart.
Don’t play chess with him. Kurt: No, what’s even more amazing is that
this actually looks like a real chess set! Kurt: And it’s all chocolate! Well I can
make the cakes, you can play the game, Ro: good god! Oh yeah, well, I make my own
rules! And, checkmate! Kurt: Until I eat it! Ro: OK, I’m gonna play until I beat you.
Kurt: we’re gonna be here awhile. Ro: OK, ready? Ro: Can he go here? Kurt: Bishop’s defending
it actually. Background: Yeah you can’t do that Ro. Ro: Oh I can’t do that? I can’t do that,
I can’t do that! OK, here! Ro: That’s my… That’s my… Kurt: It
was, it was your queen. Ro: Haha, I got a horsey! Background: Uh oh, the Queen’s on the move! Oh, this isn’t good! Ro: Can I? Background: No, only diagonally, move your
pawn up 1, maybe that will do something… Nope. Kurt: Check, no you’re in check. Ro: Ohhhh! Background: No you’re not done, you’re not over yet! Ro: Oh no, I can’t do that either! Kurt: Check. Ro:: Oh no I just delayed it! Background: Move your king up 1! Ro: Hmm, hmm, hmm, hmm,hmm! Kurt: Oh, ohp! The fallen king! Kurt: Hmmm, let’s see, I’ll just do this.
It’s really easy to drop pieces Kurt: off the edge of the board. Kurt: Check. Ro: Gah! Background: Well at least kill the queen,
at least kill the queen, yes! Background: And you lose to him anyway Ro: Oh I lost to a pawn! Ro: That was amazing! Ro: Alright, good game. Kurt: Good game. Ro: You, I can’t do this anymore! Kurt: Goog game.

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