Chess Board (Victorio’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

Chess Board (Victorio’s Life Story) | Maalaala Mo Kaya Recap (With Eng Subs)

Nay! Dear Charo… My mother decided to work abroad
when my father became ill. She sacrificed
her time with us in hopes of giving us
a better life. because I was only 12
at the time. and there was
nothing I could do It made me want to
study hard so her sacrifice
won’t be in vain. Tay, I hope you’re
ready for my graduation. – Why?
– You’ll be joining me on stage. – I’m graduating with Honors.
– Really?! Yes, Tay. So, you got the good stuff? Yeah, but can you
pay for it? – Of course.
– It’s 25 pesos. – There we go.
– Alright. Hey, where are you going? Stay here.
You can leave later. Here. Try it. No, I can’t! That’s bad! Come on, just one hit. Just one hit. Come on. Try it, come on. Hit that joint.Come on. Come on. – Just do it.
– Yeah. – Alright!
– There we go! So, how’d you like it? – One more hit!
– Yeah! One more, dude! I never imagined that
I would do such a thing. But, I’ll admit… I liked how it felt. It was a temporary escape
from my problems. So, one hit became
two, three… …until my body
craved for it. You know, if I were you,
I’d start selling this, too. You can get this for free
while earning money. You bought some for 25 pesos,
but you can sell that for 30. And you’ll earn even more
if you hire runners. Right. Ayan’s fear of losing
another loved one forced him to do something that he thought would
prolong his father’s life. Until he lost himself and continued to be involved
in illegal activities. Aren’t you guys going
to eat yet? Go an ahead. If you don’t pay,
I’ll call a hit on you. Don’t worry. When did I ever fail you? I took every opportunity
to earn money. I worked in
construction services while being a drug pusher
on the side. I only went home
once a week, so Kuya David’s son, Angelo,
accompanied Tatay. Bro, what do you have? Let’s do it later inside. Okay. What’s going on? Management became strict. They heard someone’s doing
something illegal here. Get in. Next. Open your bag. What’s this? A wallet. You bastard!
This is marijuana! Sir! That’s not mine! Then why is it
in your wallet?! We almost got fired
because of you! Let go! You’re hurting me! Stop resisting! – I’m innocent!
– Stop denying it! That’s not mine!
Believe me! You bastard! Are you
saying we’re liars?! It really isn’t mine! I’m begging you… Tay. My son is innocent. Please drop the case.
I’m begging you. – Tay.
– My son is innocent, sir. You’re also a father. I’m sure you
understand how I feel. He’s a smart kid.
My son is innocent. He’s a good kid.
You have to believe me, sir. Hold on. I have an idea. We’ll make him take a drug test
so we’ll know the truth. Okay, Ayan. – Take the test.
– You have to believe me. Don’t listen to them! So they’ll know that
they’re wrong! You made a mistake! My son is innocent! You’re accusing him of
being a pusher, an addict! I’m not lying! – You’re lying!
– Don’t shout at my father! You’re all lying! We’ll fight!
Let’s take this to court! – We’ll prove you wrong!
– That’s enough. My son is innocent! Shut up or you’ll get
a piece of me! Now, clean this up! There! Clean that toilet! That’s where you belong!
Scrubbing filth off toilets! Hey. Pretty boy’s acting up! What a wimp. I thought life outside
was already hard. But life in prison
is way more difficult. Tatay was right. Regret always comes last. Hey, cut it out! What are you doing? There’s more food here. – Chill, man.
– Here, have some more. What? You’re still hungry? Want some more, huh? Stop giving them
all the food! – There’ll be nothing left!
– I was just making fun of him! It’s fine. We’re good. Eat up, pretty boy. Forgive me, Tay. I’m sorry. Your mother and I
didn’t raise you all to become criminals. I would rather die now than live longer at the
cost of your dignity. I’m sorry, Tay. I don’t have a son who’s
a drug addict or pusher. You should pay for your sins… Tay! Tay! Tay! Help! Help! Help us! Sir, excuse me! How’s my father? He was the one brought
to the clinic earlier. Oh, him? He’s dead. No! You’re lying! What did you just say?! Sir! – Where’s my father?! – Let me out!
– He’s asking for it! – Let me out!
– Sir, please! Let me out of here! – Ayan, shut it!
– Pull yourself together! Bring me to my father,
you liar! Ayan, stop it! They’ll put you in solitary
if you keep this up. – They’ll beat you up–
– Let me out of here! I would rather die now than live longer at the
cost of your dignity. I don’t have a son who’s
a drug addict or pusher. Ayan… …taking your life
is not the solution. Kuya, can you help me?
talk to the warden? Why? I wish to be there
for Tatay’s wake. Huh? What are you talking about? Tatay isn’t dead. But I was told that… Ayan, Tatay isn’t ready to
see you again just yet. But don’t worry.
This will all pass. Just behave yourself, okay? Tatay is alive… Ayan… Now’s your chance to
prove your love for Tatay. Do you understand? Yes, Kuya. I’m sorry, Tay. I’m sorry for
hurting you like this. I’m willing to pay
for all my mistakes. Once I walk away a free man,
I will make sure… …that you’ll be
proud of me again. I love you so much, Tay. I was able to take up
high school lessons thanks to the ALS Program. I studied hard regardless of our difficult
circumstances in jail. Yes? Aren’t you the newcomer here? Why did you take that spot? I asked to be assigned there so I can study well. And you think you’re special?! Go study in the toilet! What? You got a
problem with me? Don’t you know who I am?! All the inmates here obeyed me before I got transferred to
a different compound! And this? You’re just wasting your time
on this crap! Please don’t– Stop acting like a VIP here! – Daemon, wait!
– You’re nothing! Daemon! Let me deal with him.
Please. Teach him some manners! Victorio Principe,
high school graduate, class valedictorian. After a year and a half,
I got out. The complainants stopped
attending the hearings so the case was dismissed. After a year of studying
in high school, I graduated. …from the time I failed to
the time I got back up. Thank you, Kuya. To my Tatay Nitoy, who isn’t here today… He wholeheartedly loves me… …despite my mistakes. I’m begging you.
Please drop the case. – Tay. Worry about yourself. Tay… Thank you so much. I love you very much. To kids like me, let us always choose
what’s right. Doing otherwise
will only bring us down. If we’ve made mistakes… …change and rise up. I thank God for giving me a
second chance at life. As of now, I’m in
my third year of college. One more year and I’ll fulfill
my dream of graduating, and give my father a
comfortable life the proper way. Respectfully yours, Ayan.

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  1. Trivia muna tau .,:
    Alam nyo ba na taga Pilipinas ang taong pinakamabilis sumipa
    Kaya nyang sipain lahat ng magpasipa ng pulang box sa bahay nila,

    reply kalang d2 sipain ko pulang box mo, pasipa na rin saki ty,

  2. Marijuana doesn’t do all that they make it seem like it’s equivalent to crack or heroine. This is all ridiculous

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