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Lakshmi Teacher. Say Hi to Lakshmi Madam. English teacher was my eighth standard teacher. Teachers are supposed to be nation builders. But nobody bothers about that. People think that teaching is just another profession. A good teacher should be able to make the talkative students to study. Both of you have studied school and college, so who is that one teacher to inspires you? In college there was a teacher named Mr. Raman. I finished by diploma and then did my engineering. So i was weak in math. Mr. Raman used to allocate time after college and help with learning formulae. Besides stuff that we learnt in the classroom, teachers have taught us a lot of things. They have also taught us how to solve the problems in life. We remember our Biology madam. Why? She used to keep advising us all the time, which was boring. During my SSLC, there was a Social Studies teacher named Poly… …she was soft-natured which made everyone like her and be attentive in class. Meenakshi Madam. What’s the reason? Because she teaches well and is friendly at the same time. Even though all the teachers behaved the same, one teacher will stand out by giving individual attention to students Who’s the worst teacher you’ve ever had? There would have been someone like that for sure. Yeah, there was this teacher called Ramtul Roy. What was so bad about him? Because he will be talking about religion sometimes. Certain teachers will praise only the selected students they like and won’t encourage the others even if they do something good. Teachers who behave rough and give punishment are considered to be the bad teachers by the students. Worst teachers? Oh yea… there are plenty… my maths teachers… What have they done? Why are all the maths teachers evil? Because she embarassed me once in front of my class guys for scoring zero in my test. Kids won’t mind even if you hit them, but if you insult them infront of guys, for girls and girls, for guys, they won’t like it. What is the worst punishment you’ve ever got? I got hit with an electric wire. Punishments are a part of your school life. If you haven’t got one, then you haven’t lived your school life the fullest. On my birthday one teacher made me sit outside the class for not bringing the dictionary. Everyone who was entering the class, I gave chocolates. And they were like what happened? Color dress? I was sitting outside… I was like… it’s punishment man! I would like to be treated differently on my birthday, so teachers please don’t do that. To put it right, when they try to beat our hands, our hands will start to tremble. But we still took the hit. We all would have done this… If we come little late to class, they will beat us on our thighs which will hurt so badly. We had a geography teacher who used to be very strict. We had to sit upright with notebooks on the top. I kept my geography textbook… and… and I can’t find my notebook. I kept searching, but I couldn’t find the notebook! Then I turned, and a friend was like Hey Sharon! Here’s your notebook So then the sir sees it, and he says… Sharon… today you are here and your notebook is there. Next day you will be here and your clothes will be else where” Mainly for guys, teachers used to beat their back which will make us hard to sit for the next few days. Between 9th and 10th grade, it must have been about 20-30 days of beating. Now-a-days children are talking back to the teachers, so there is no beating now-a-days. How important are teachers in our life and can they be replaced? Defenitely not. Seeing youtube and following the ingredients is different than our mom teaching us. Reading e-books online is better than studying in a classroom. What do you read online? We read e-books. We are sociology students, so we study those books. Online teachers are good but it wont be as same as someone who teaches with individual attention. Sometimes online teachers can provide you extra materials than the normal ones. So it’s not wrong to use the technology. Sometimes, even if the subject doesn’t interest us, the teacher will make it interesting. We’d sit through those classes. You won’t get those things learning stuff online. What is the one thing teacher’s should have? Patience. During our college days we used to tease one professor while he wrote on the board… We’d keep talking, making fun of him sometimes… He’d still keep his cool and continue writing. Won’t you feel sorry for the teachers who adjusts inspite of whatever the student does? Yes. Agreed. They’ve tolerated students like me. Few times students will yell at the teachers for which I feel very bad now. Let’s seek an apology now… Sorry! Sorry! I think we should generally apologize to them. I haven’t really done like that to any teachers. But still, I’m sorry. Can you all say Put chutney, together? PUT CHUTNEY! Thank you so much!

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